A few hours later

Torga, now shrunk down to just over one-hundred feet after leaving the snake-man's body, was hunting for more food in the jungle when he came across a small stream.

"Hmm... I guess it couldn't hurt to see what I look like, at least." He thought as he moved closer to the water and activated his newly acquired 'Transformation' skill, then he allowed his magic to handle the rest.

Once activated, the skill covered his body with a translucent skin of magic that soon began to reshape him into the new form; Like being submerged in warm water, Torga felt his body involuntarily relax as he slowly shrank even further until he was barely ten feet tall, his tail split in two, forming legs, two arms grew from just below his 'neck', his 'chest' and 'shoulders' expanded until he was almost five-feet wide, fingers and toes appeared on his new limbs, then his face appeared to melt as it shrunk, and re-formed, into a more 'human' like visage.

All of this happened in the span of only ten seconds, though it felt much longer to Torga and once his body was finished re-shaping itself, Torga collapsed to his knees in exhaustion; His magic depleted and his new muscles aching. Torga crawled over to the water and stared at his reflection.

"Is that... me?" He wondered.

Slowly he reached up and gently slid his fingers over his face; His rough scales stood out the most, as their dark emerald and gray colors appeared much smoother in this new form.

Next, he inspected his eyes; His 'normal' eyes were slightly slanted, a deep red in color, and had a thin slit for a pupil.

The last thing to stand out was vicious looking teeth and the four abnormally large fangs that peeked out from his upper and lower lips; They were several inches in length, sharp as a knife, and were half as thick as a man's finger.

After inspecting himself for a few minutes more, Torga shakily climbed to his feet and began inspecting the rest of his body; His arms, legs, and chest were all heavily muscled, with tiny white blotches of scar tissue from his many severe injuries scattered around them.

However, Torga was slightly disappointed when he looked at his stomach; The solid muscle was buried beneath a slightly soft and round belly, emphasizing his dietary habits.

"I should've known..." Torga sighed.

He used one finger to poke the soft, gray, scaled area and watched as it slightly jiggled.

"Oh well, not like I'm going to change my eating habits just because I'm fat." Torga shrugged.

Then, something just below his stomach caught his eye, so he slightly bent over and looked.

"Hey, you're outside again."

 The next day.

Torga, back to his full-sized serpent form, 'stood' before the branch and was debating whether or not he was really ready to begin the climb.

"Might as well get this over with." He sighed.

Torga's body slowly lifted off the ground and floated to the branch. 

The closer he got, the more he noticed the falling temperature, as frost began to accumulate on his scales and tried to invade his body.

"This is going to be a pain in my ass, isn't it?" 

His third eye turned red as he created a thin bubble of warm air around his body, then he angled his body up and quickly accelerated to top speed as he flew alongside the branch.

Foot after foot and mile after mile, Torga never wavered as he flew. Eventually passing through the atmosphere and into the vast emptiness of space... Where he encountered another problem.

Aside from a ten-foot 'bubble' of breathable air around the branch, nothing out here supported life of any kind... Which meant no oxygen, no water, and most importantly for Torga, it meant there was nothing to eat.

"Nope... I don't like this!" He internally yelled.

He activated his 'Magic enhancement' skill and amped his speed to the absolute max his body could handle. Though this did make him go much faster, it also burned through his magic at an astounding rate. 

Like a beacon in the emptiness of space, Torga's fire bubble burned brightly as he raced along the branch like a shooting star in the night sky. 

However, after almost nine hours of flying, Torga had again grown hungry... So he did something he probably shouldn't. Without much thought to the consequences of his actions, he ripped off a piece of Yggdrasil and swallowed it. The power that flowed through him shortly after was... addicting, to say the least. So he tore off another piece, then another, and another, until he shifted into his snake-man form so he could more easily rip off chunks while he flew.

"Not like I'll ever be able to eat the whole thing, anyway." Torga thought as he began to fly circles around the branch and with every pass, the distance he had to fly increased as the branch grew wider and wider until, eventually, it was so large Torga could no longer tell which side he was on.

"Oh well, I suppose it doesn't really matter anyway."

The 'Neutral' zone.

The frozen wasteland known as the 'Neutral zone' began to shake as the pillar engraved with Urosh's name began to glow with a faint, violet light. Soon after, the pillar cracked down the center and shattered into a billion purple particles that slowly rotated in place, forming a three-foot high hurricane of magic that sunk into the ground soon after.

"So, Urosh has finally met his end?" A hissing voice echoed across the land; It was an oily, venomous sound that would've made even the bravest hero pause.

"Good!" The voice laughed. 

"Yes~ Kill my 'royals' and free me from this prison!" The voice yelled, which caused the ground to shake and the sky to vibrate and from the spot, Urosh's pillar had vanished, miles of frozen soil were dyed a deep purple.

"Soon, I will remind those so-called 'gods' why I am king, and you, my little helper, will be the first on the chopping block." The voice chuckled, then slowly faded away as the ground and sky stopped trembling, revealing the outline of an enormous serpent that was staring at the remaining pillars.

A note from Kenaren

Thanks for reading everyone!

This was a much shorter chapter than usual because this is setting up the next few chapters... And because my job is running me ragged lately, so I ran out of time, haha...

Also, for those having trouble picturing Torga, just picture this guy

Spoiler: Spoiler

 With Torga's features and you're pretty close.


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