Just before exiting the Bi-Frost, a pop-up appeared before Torga.

You have arrived at your destination; Planet Ushillon: Territory of Urosh, The Snake-Man King


Find and Slay Urosh



Snake-Man Form

Become 'King' of the Snake-Men

"A snake-man?" Torga wondered.

Though he'd traveled across a fair portion of Yggdrasil, Torga had never encountered a Snake-man personally. They were apparently quite rare, as even Fenris and Lena had only encountered a handful in their lifetimes. Because of this, Torga was eager to see what they were like and could hardly wait to find them.

The portal opened and Torga was temporarily blinded by the bright light that followed, so he clamped his eyes shut and waited for it to finish before he opened his eyes.

A deep musty smell assaulted Torga's senses as he was released from the portal. The air was incredibly humid and Torga could feel his lungs struggling to keep him sufficiently supplied with oxygen.

Then came the feeling of constantly being dragged down. The gravity on this world was making it slightly more difficult to move, which made Torga thankful for his natural strength because if he were any weaker, then he may not have been able to move at all.

The area Torga found himself in, was something of a tropical rainforest; Tall trees approaching two-hundred feet in height with a deep blue bark, and massive, drooping leaves spread out as far as the eye could see. Flying reptiles dotted the sky as they flew in groups both large and small. And in the distance, Torga could just make out a medium-sized stone structure carved into the side of a mountain.

"I might as well start there." Torga decided.

Because Torga wasn't sure how powerful these 'Snake-men' were, he decided a stealthier approach was the best course of action, so to help maintain his cover, Torga further shrunk himself from his four-hundred-foot size to just over a hundred, then he started moving.

Along the way, he passed by several watering holes used by the local wildlife and grabbed a few 'snacks' for the road; A twenty-foot-long purple reptile with four short legs that kept it close to the ground, a long spiked tail, and two large, white horns on either side of its head was the first to be eaten.

Horned Croc Tier 5

It was followed by several ten-feet tall, brown lizards that walked around on their hind legs. They had a large, yellow frill around their necks, two eyes on either side of its 'nose, and if Torga's observation was correct, they could shoot acid out of the mounds on their shoulders... However, this failed to help them once Torga had them wrapped up and was crushing the life out of them.

Acid Cannon Lizard Tier 4

"The creatures on this planet are a little weird." Torga thought as he swallowed his latest 'Cannon Lizard' snack. "They taste pretty good, though. The acid gives it a nice spicy flavoring, and they have enough meat on them to satisfy me for a little while."


While moving through the forest, Torga noticed that as he drew closer to his target the size of the creatures decreased, while the tier increased.

Spring bat Tier 6

A small, red reptile with a six-foot wingspan and eight short tentacles that helped it bounce from tree to tree before opening its wings and gliding through the sky. These creatures were also very aggressive and Torga was attacked several times by 'swarms' of them. The way they attacked was also interesting, as they would use the little spikes that covered the inside of their tentacles to find purchase in the 'soft' meat of their prey, then they would use their tiny, clawed hands to rip out chunks of flesh.

However, as Torga's scales were so tough, the bats simply had no way of holding on and a quick blast of wind would slam into them, throwing them to the ground and allowing Torga to do as he wished.

"It's almost like an all you can eat bat buffet~" Torga thought with a happy bob to his head.

Armored Gecko Tier 6

A four-foot long dark green lizard with a single eye on a two-foot stalk. This creature would climb high into the treetops and wait for something to pass beneath it, its eye would retract into its body, then it would shift into an incredibly dense metal and freefall into its target, killing or at the very least, severely wounding them. However, If its prey managed to survive the initial impact or somehow dodge, the Gecko was more than happy to leave them alone... Unless they passed beneath them again.

One of these Geckos had the misfortune of landing on Torga's head, so it was quickly smashed and devoured.

 However, the creature that most surprised Torga was actually another serpent.

Cursed King Serpent Tier 8

This two-foot long, blood-red serpent had nine eyes that completely surrounded its hooded head, an oval-shaped mouth that it used to latch onto its prey and quite literally suck the life out of them.

But the thing that made even Torga shy away from touching it was the effect it had on the ground it passed over; The ground would turn pitch-black and dissolve into nothing just seconds after the tiny serpent passed by.

Though Torga vowed to give it a wide berth, lest he be tempted into eating it. He was forced to imprison one of them in a stone cage after it attempted to latch onto him, but of course, it couldn't be that simple because not ten seconds later it was free and wandering around again.

"Creepy little things." Torga shivered, then quickly left the area.

A little over an hour after arrival, Torga arrived at the base of the mountain and quickly began to scout out the area. He searched in, and around the base for any entry points he could make use of, but despite his efforts, he found nothing of the sort. The only way up that he could see was a carved staircase that went up the side of the mountain and to the face of the building, which severely limited his options for sneaking in.

"Of course, I could just blast the door down and be done with it." he tilted his head from side to side as he weighed the pros and cons of each choice. "No, if I'm going to do this, then it's going to be done the right way." He finally decided.

"Have you seen any sign of them?" a raspy voice asked.

"If I had, don't you think I would've said something by now?" A higher pitched voice asked sarcastically.

Torga slowly turned his head in the direction of the voice and saw two, half-naked snake-men walking past him. 

"So that's a snake-man, eh?" Torga mumbled.

The two were incredibly tall and skinny, with long limbs, thin scales covered the visible parts of their body, and from their upper lip, two long fangs could be seen peaking out.

The two had different color scales; one being a deep red, the other a pale green, and while the red snake-man was completely bald, the other had thin spikes on his head that gave him the appearance of having short hair.

"Well, looks like I found my way in." Torga 'smirked' and moved to follow deeper into the jungle.

Torga followed them for a few minutes while they headed away from the building and just as they were going to double back on themselves, Torga struck.

Three stone spears pierced through the green snake-man's body; one in the left knee, one in the stomach, and one through the throat. However, it didn't immediately die from the ambush and was able to warn the red snake-man before Torga could attack again.

 'Red' quickly spun around and pulled the wooden short bow off his back, nocked an arrow, and let it loose in the span of a second.

Torga had just barely managed to move his head out of the arrows path when three more came in rapid succession and each arrow flew straight towards the 'weak' points on Torga; namely his eyes and the 'pits' of his nose. 

He managed to protect himself by forming a slight wind-wall just before his nose, so the arrows curved away from his face and into the surrounding trees. Any tree hit by the arrows were pierced as if they were a sheet of paper, barely slowing them down as they flew.

"Getting hit by those might actually hurt." Torga thought as he continued to use wind to re-direct arrows away from him. Before he could get too comfortable, however, 'Red' nocked three arrows simultaneously and fired; one arrow curved around the wind-wall to the right and just barely pierced into Torga's side before falling down, another curved to the left and did the same, while the last arrow pierced through the wind-wall and bounced off Torga's nose.

"I got you now." 'Red' said confidently as he nocked five arrows this time.

"Yeah- about that." 

Hundreds of pounds of stone shot up and coiled around him, keeping him from firing and preventing him from fleeing.

"That's my line."

 After possessing 'Red', allowing his body to adjust to the new form, and eating 'Green' Torga read through the new pop-ups.

Name Torga
Race Elemental Snake-Man (Possession)
Classification Tier 7
Skills Major Stealth, Heat detection, Absolute Durability up, Absolute Strength up, Petrifying/Killing Gaze, Detect concealment, Energy Store/Release, Supreme Elemental Resistance, Fly, Multi Puppet maker, Body possession, Magic Enhancement, Elemental Manipulation
Traits Gluttonous +10, Growth +20, Venomous, Aquatic, Strong Willed, Immunity to mind control, Magic Manipulator, Magic Eater, Three-eyed, Immunity to Magic

 "Good, it appears I didn't lose anything aside from my tail during the possession." Torga nodded, then waved away the pop-up. 

Snake-Man Tier 4

"Hmm- So the snake-men are the fourth tier without their classes? That, at least partially, explains how 'Green' managed to survive long enough after having his body pierced, to alert 'Red' to my presence.

... Guess I'll have to remember to hit them harder next time." Torga crossed his arms over his wide chest and looked down at himself.

He was much wider than either 'Red' or 'Green' and taller too, though not by much. Dark emerald scales covered him from head to foot and thin, dark spikes gave him the appearance of having short hair. 

"Not bad." He admitted.

Torga picked up 'Green's' loincloth from where he dropped it and tied it around his waist, then headed for the building.

 After reaching the top of the staircase and entering the building, Torga found himself in a sea of snake-people; Men and women of all shapes, sizes, and colors sat in chairs that lined the inside of the 'Mountain' and spiraled up the walls of a circular room with a diameter of several hundred feet. 

It reminded Torga of the stadiums he'd seen on some of the human worlds.

"A stadium inside an inactive volcano... How 'evil overlord' of him." Torga thought sarcastically, after glancing up and seeing the sky through the massive hole in the ceiling.

In the center of the 'Stadium', Torga saw a short, thin Snake-man with pure white scales and purple lines crisscrossing his body, and a large, oval garnet sat in the center of his forehead. The only clothing he wore was a pair of thin cloth pants and a too-baggy shirt.

The snake-man was sitting on a raised throne made of snow white bones and appeared to be patiently waiting for something.

"I'm guessing that's Urosh... Did he get the idea for this place out of some evil overlord's handbook?" Torga wondered after seeing the throne, the 'Stadium', and his appearance. 

"The intruder is here." Urosh suddenly said in a slow drawl. 

His words caused an uproar as the several thousand snake-men, after realizing they couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, eyed up their neighbors as potential 'intruders'.

"How did he know I was here?"

The snake-man lifted himself out of his 'throne' and slowly walked down the three steps to the ground, where he began pacing.

"I know you're here, challenger. The gods have warned me of your ability to possess one of my subjects- So come out now, and your death will be quick and mostly painless. However, if you continue to hide, then I will take my time destroying you." 

"Hmm... Let's just see about that, shall we?" 

Torga grabbed a nearby snake-man by the throat and threw him over forty-feet to slam into Urosh's side- well, he would have had Urosh not swung his empty right hand and easily cleaved the snake-man in two.

"There you are." Urosh drawled.

"Here I am." Torga agreed.

"Have you come to surrender?"

"And be killed by the likes of you? No thanks."

"That's a shame." Urosh looked to the snake-men on either side of Torga and simply said, "Kill him." He then walked back to his throne and sat down with a smirk placed firmly on his face.

 Torga glanced his sides and smiled at the men and women standing there.

"Would the women like the chance to leave?" He calmly asked.

"Die!" a high-pitched voice yelled as they smashed a chair over Torga's head.

He spun around and saw a pink snake-woman holding the broken chair- so he shrugged.

"Guess not." A quick backhand removed the snake-woman's head from her shoulders, which was the signal for Torga to be swarmed by the others and with their superior numbers, the snake-men surrounded Torga and attempted to finish him then and there, but of course, it wouldn't be that easy.

"It has been a while since I've let loose... Oh, what the hell? Let's have some fun~" 

With every punch, kick, slam, and throw, Torga blasted apart a body. After a few minutes of indiscriminately killing anyone to come within arms reach, Torga ducked under a high kick from a particularly heavy-set snake-man and grabbed his ankle with one arm.

"Upsie daisy~!"  He twisted his body and began to use the man as a club against the other snake-men. 

Like a cyclone of death, anyone that came within Torga's reach was smashed with his new 'club' and sent flying away, with one woman being hit so hard, she flew out of the stadium.

"She's going-going-gone!" Torga cheered as he saw her clear the lip of the volcano.

He continued to paint the walls of the stadium red until his 'club' was reduced to nothing more than a piece of leg, then he went back to using his hands.

One hour later...

Torga stood in a knee-high pool of blood at the bottom of the 'Stadium' and stared at Urosh, who was also watching him through narrowed eyes.

"You killed my subjects." Urosh drawled.

"Don't worry, I'll kill you too-Umph!" 

Urosh was on him in an instant and hit him in the head hard enough to send him rocketing into the blood. 

Torga bounced off the stone floor, then was kicked from the opposite side hard enough to send him spinning through the air to slam into the far wall, then fall to the ground... But before he could hit the ground, Urosh was there to drop-kick him through the 'Stadium' wall.

Torga flew through tens of feet of stone before he made it outside where he bounced off the ground several times, then slammed into a tree.

Torga fell to his knees and coughed up stomach fluids...

"Okay- That hurt." He internally groaned.

When he looked up, he saw Urosh crouched in front of him with a disappointed look on his face.

"Pity, I hoped you would've lasted longer than this." He said in that same slow drawl.

"You know what? You're right. I should have taken this seriously from the beginning."

"You believe that would've made a difference?"

Torga's third eye turned blood red and glared at Urosh, "Oh, I guarantee it." 


A massive beam of magic hit Urosh in the chest and sent him flying away from Torga at supersonic speeds. 

Urosh flew through the top of the mountain, reducing it to rubble and killing whatever snake-men happened to still be alive inside, then he continued out the other side.

He bounced off the ground several times and was just about to slide to a stop when Torga lifted him into the air by the throat.

Urosh punched and kicked Torga in a failed attempt to make him let go, but even as his hits broke the sound barrier, Torga remained in place.

"Why. are. you. suddenly. so. much. tougher!?" Gone was the slow drawl, now Urosh yelled with every hit.

"Congratulations, you're the first person to make me use the 'Magic Enhancement' skill." Torga's hand squeezed tighter around Urosh's throat, then lifted his other hand to eye level and flattened it.

"You should be proud." 

His hand shot forward and roughly pierced through Urosh's face just below the garnet, making the Snake-man king finally go limp...

You have successfully killed 'Snake-man King Urosh' and taken his title from him.
You have gained the ability to assume the 'Snake-man' form and all snake-men recognize you as their 'Royal'

Please proceed to climb to the next Royal Serpent territory.

"Wait... Climb?"

A bright light pierced the heavens and a branch of Yggdrasil slowly wound its way from the sky to the center of the volcano.

Torga stared at the branch with his mouth open for several minutes, then it finally clicked.

"Are you fucking serious!? I have to climb that thing!?"

A note from Kenaren

Thanks for reading everyone!

P.s for those curious, Torga does look different in his 'Natural' Snake-man form, then he does while he's possessing someone. This will be built upon in the next chapter

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