Torga's POV

Twenty minutes later, Torga found himself inside the royal throne room before the true ruler of Asgarn. Queen Friga was calmly sitting on her throne, while King Oden listed his grievances towards Torga. 

"This Creature dared to lay hands on me!"

The queen looked from Oden to Torga, "Is this true?" she asked.

Torga looked down at his sides and even made sure to look at his back, then he met the queen's eyes.

"Since I don't seem to possess 'hands', I'm gonna have to say, no."

Friga shrugged then turned to Oden.

"It would appear our guest is correct, Oden. Mayhaps you imagined the whole thing?"

"It was a figure of speech and you know it, Friga! This foul creature assaulted me!" Oden roared.

"And you insulted him. You insulted a guest in. my. castle. Oden." Her glare made Oden falter and he stepped away from the throne.

"My apologies." He bowed his head.

"We'll discuss this later. For now, leave us."

"Yes, my 'queen'" The king sneered, then walked down the marble steps, shot one final glare at Torga, and walked past the 'spectators'; Namely Ayla, Lokir, and the Goblins. The elves would have also come by to show their support, but they knew Torga would be fine regardless, so they opted to prepare for departure the next day. 

 After Oden left the throne room, Friga met Torga's eyes and slightly bowed her head.

"I apologize for my husband's words. Although he means well, he's brash and hot-headed, much like our sons."

"Really? I hadn't noticed."

Friga narrowed her eyes, "Please refrain from making provoking comments within my presence. I have pardoned you once because you were insulted. However, should you continue to do so, I will ask you to leave."

"Very well. I suppose you have earned some respect." Torga sighed.

Though Friga clearly expected more, she didn't voice her words and instead glanced at Lokir.

"Lokir, would you mind formally introducing us?"

"Yes, mom-" Her glare stopped him cold. He coughed into his hand and tried again, "Yes, your majesty."

She smirked at him, then waved her hand, "Proceed."

Lokir walked around the room and introduced everyone one by one, starting with Ayla and ending with Torga.

Friga met Torga's gaze and seemed to think something over before she slightly nodded her head and spoke, "You are quite powerful, yes?"

"Depends on what you're asking me to do-" Torga paused for a second, then added "Your Highness."

"Ever since first Prince Skjor slew the first prince of Xalasia, our countries have been at odds. They have been raiding our outlying territories and killing our citizens, so We let it slide because we knew the grief the royal family must've felt to lose their only son. 

However, the attempted murder of Lokir pushed things too far and we've received even graver news since your return."

"What is it? What's happening?" 

"Scouts around the capital saw strange men coming and going from one of the nearby villages. Upon further investigation, they discovered a large spell sigil engraved throughout the entire town. Which, the Grand Magnus believes to be a switching spell, the size, and scope of which, he'd never seen before."

"What's a switching spell?"

"Well, a normal switching spell is used in production facilities as a means of quickly transporting tools, animals, and even people from one place to another."

"Yes, a normal switching spell is a very small scale thing and anyone with magic can use it. But this particular spell covers an area of five-square-miles. 

"Surely the scouts are mistaken!? That's enough to transport their entire military with room to spare!" 

"Is it truly that impressive?"

Lokir spun around to glare at Torga.

"No matter how arrogant you are, surely you don't think this a small feat!? To switch that much land would require enough magic to supply Asgarn for a hundred years!"

"Okay... And? I fail to see how this involves me."

"The Grand Magnus believes them to be preparing to use the spell as we speak and should they get through unchecked, they'll slaughter thousands of our citizens before we can get the army there."

"Why not send them now, before they even use the spell? Cut them off at the gate?"

"Despite the force we've displayed here, most of our army is on the opposite side of the country fighting to hold off the approach of the dragons."

That caught Torga's attention, "There are dragons here!? How many!? What kind!?"

Though taken aback by Torga's outburst, Friga answered him nonetheless.

"They're three minor dragons and an Adult dragon; presumably a mother and her hatchlings. We suspect the father is nearby, though they've yet to show themselves."

"Are they of different breeds?"

"As far as we know, Dragons are the only creatures whose children are very rarely the same breeds as the parents so... Most likely?"

Torga's tongue darted out and licked the air in front of him as he tried to picture the Dragons; The tasty, mouth-wateringly delicious dragons.

"You let me have the dragons, and I'll handle the army."

Friga's eyes widened and her mouth slightly opened, "I'm sorry?" She asked. "What do you mean, 'have the dragons'?"

"The dragons, they are mine. You tell your army to stay the hell away from them, and I'll take care of Xalasia for you."

"Wow, So you're not just arrogant, you're insane!? You actually think you can take down a tier eight beast!?"

Torga's head snapped to the side and he glared at Lokir.

"Your God-Damned right I do! I've been starving for ten fucking years, you ignorant little shit!" Torga's eye drained of color as it turned pitch black, allowing Lokir and Friga to see just what was in front of them... The Devourer.

"I'm not only going to kill them, I'm going to eat them."

The next morning: Torga POV

Torga, Friga, Ayla, Lokir, and the goblins were on the roof of the castle awaiting the moment Torga was sufficiently large enough to carry all but Friga into battle.

"It's not too late to back out, you know?"

"Have you ever starved, Lokir?" Torga suddenly asked.

"What? No, I... I can't say that I have."

"Then shut up before I do something I'll regret."

Friga cleared her throat to get their attention, which prompted them all to look at her.

"According to our estimations, if you leave now, you should arrive just as the army appears."

"How much do you care for collateral damage?"

"I'm sorry?"

"How many innocent deaths do you consider acceptable?"

"How can you even ask that!?"

"Silence, Lokir!"


"No.. He's right to ask." She sighed, "Most, if not all of our citizens in the village are either already dead, or are in captivity already. As such, consider anyone in the area a necessary casualty, if it stops the Xalasians."


Torga motioned for everyone to climb onto his back so he could depart. However, Findral grabbed Lokir by the arm and pulled him close enough for her to whisper something into his ear, then she pushed him away with a smirk on her face.

"Everyone's ready to go, Master!"

Torga's two-hundred-foot-long body slowly lifted into the air and turned in the direction of the village.

"If can do what you claim, then we'll adequately reward you for your service." Friga said just before Torga began to move.

"I'll hold you to that."

Torga accelerated with enough speed to send dust and debris flying and only three seconds later, he was flying through the sky at full speed. 

Army of Xalasia's POV

King Richard of Xalasia stood in front of his army. For months they'd been planning this assault on the kingdom of Asgarn, and finally, after all this time, they would avenge their prince.

"Soldiers, who are we!?" he asked the army.

"Xalasia!" They yelled.

"What will we do!?"

"Avenge the Prince!

"Damn straight!" Richard laughed. 

His army consisted of thirty-thousand-foot soldiers; from the lowest infantryman to the elite mages of his kingdom. All had a fire in their hearts and rage in their minds.

Aside from the soldiers, the army had ten-thousand golems, one-thousand dire wolves, three-hundred ballistae, twenty drakes, and standing in the front was a six-hundred-foot tall colossus in the form of a minotaur.

 Richard, after the loss of his son, the only heir to the throne, desired revenge over all else. So when he gave the seven-hundred mages the order that would cost them their lives, it was with very little remorse.

"Let's get a move on!" He yelled from his position atop the minotaur's shoulder.

The mages began to chant and a gigantic blue sigil floated up from the ground to just above the minotaur's head, where it then split into two-hundred smaller pieces to better cover everyone.

"For Glory- And FOR THE PRINCE!"

"Hoo-Rah!" They yelled as the magic activated and the entire army was blinded by a flash of blue light.

When the blue light cleared the king was surprised to note that it appeared to be nighttime.

"What's going on...?" He trailed off as he looked up and saw, without a doubt, the largest creature he'd ever seen; Easily the size of a small mountain range, It was just floating in the air above them. It stared at them with a look of total apathy on its serpentine face and a humungous red ball floating just in front of its mouth. 

"I know you put a lot of thought and effort into this assault, but would you mind doing something for me?"


"I'll take that as a yes. Then please, Die for me, won't you?"  

The serpent pulled its head back and roared; its voice so loud, and the magic it projected was so powerful, the golems were reduced to ash. Its presence so intimidating it appeared to blot out the sun, and once the energy ball was ready, it was shot down as a beam so powerful, none hit by it even felt the pain of their bodies turning to ash. Even the mighty colossus was little more than tissue paper before the strength of the blast.

The ground beneath the army was completely destroyed and Four-square-miles of land was simply gone, and only a hole of such depth, none could see its end remained. 

Of the army, only a few hundred men on the outskirts of the blast managed to survive, if only just; their bodies mangled and their minds broken. It would be these men, who would return to Xalasia with a warning that would soon spread to the corners of the world.

Don't. go to war. With Asgarn.

Lokir's POV

Lokir blankly stared at what used to be the Xalasian army, but now was only a hole in the ground.  His mind had long since stopped trying to make sense of what he'd just witnessed, and he was reduced to little more than a vegetable.

"Search for survivors."  Torga calmly ordered.

"You mean to kill them as well?" Lokir weakly mumbled.

"No, if they managed to survive that blast, then they deserve to live. I want you to ensure this happens."


"As a warning to the other countries. These men will tell of what happened here, and in turn, will help protect both your kingdom and my daughter." Torga paused and rotated his massive head around to look at Lokir. "It also serves to prove to you, once and for all, just what I'll do if anything ever happens to Ayla while under your care."

Lokir imagined the same happening to his kingdom and a chill ran down his spine.


Ayla walked over to Lokir a rubbed his back, "Don't worry so much. Despite Father's power, he won't do anything to harm you if it meant harming me too."

Lokir weakly smiled at her and thought, "That doesn't make me feel any better."

A few minutes later, Torga dropped everyone off and left to go hunt down the dragons, while they started looking for survivors.

Torga POV

While flying through the sky, Torga got a pop-up that required his attention. 

Congratulations! You have successfully destroyed any chance the kingdom of 'Xalasia' has of recovering, as such, you have become known across the planet as the 'Destroyer' and are now feared by the inhabitants.

"That's most likely going to annoy me later, but alright." He closed the window, allowing another to take its place.

You have unlocked the following evolutionary path. Elemental Dragon Would you like to evolve?


Very well, you have passed up the 'Elemental Dragon' evolution. As a result, this path has forever been locked to you. 

All traits and skills have been upgraded to their next possible level.

"Why do I get the feeling that's not necessarily a good thing?" He wondered.

A few seconds later another pop-up appeared. 

Name Torga
Race Elemental Serpentine Dragon
Classification Tier 7
Skills Major Stealth, Heat detection, Absolute Durability up, Absolute Strength up, Petrifying/Killing Gaze, Detect concealment, Energy Store/Release, Supreme Elemental Resistance, Fly, Multi Puppet maker, Body possession, Magic Enhancement, Elemental Manipulation
Traits Gluttonous +10, Growth +20, Venomous, Aquatic, Strong Willed, Immunity to mind control, Magic Manipulator, Magic Eater, Three-pronged tail, Three-eyed

"Sometimes, I really hate being right..." He mumbled as he dove into the earth and began to prepare his trap for the dragons...

Battle POV: The Clash of the Dragons.  

The three 'little' dragons were playing and wrestling with each other; the largest of the children was almost a hundred-feet-long and had bright red scales, with black, bull-like horns on either side of his head and large membrane-covered wings. It was a tier eight fire dragon.

The middle 'child' was Seventy-three feet long, had pitch black scales and a single white horn on its nose and It lacked wings of any kind. It was a tier seven darkness dragon.

And the last 'child' was twenty-feet long, had purple, spike-like scales and four small wings. It was a tier seven Cursed dragon.

They were all under the careful watch of 'Mother', a dragon of massive proportions; easily over a thousand feet long, with a thin serpentine body, pale blue scales, and massive black spikes covering its back, it was easy to mistake it for a serpentine dragon. However, it was actually a tier eight Water dragon.

These four were trying to find out what had happened to the final 'son' of the Water dragon; an Earth dragon that'd disappeared over a decade ago... Well, they were about to get their wish. 

The mother was the first to sense that something was wrong and though she didn't yet know what it was. She knew it was trouble.

She coiled her long, elegant body around her children and hunkered down in a defensive posture; With only her head exposed and an ocean nearby, she had confidence in her ability to defend them from just about anything. However, a starving monster serpent wasn't something she expected.

Torga burst from the ground directly beneath her and instantly had the smallest dragon in his mouth. He snapped his jaws shut and crushed the little dragon before any of them could react, then his head was pulled back under the ground and Torga was gone.

The little dragons all panicked and desperately tried to run away from the 'monster' beneath the soil. 

Under the direction of 'Mother', the little dragons desperately sprinted for the protection of the ocean. However, before the fire dragon could take even three steps, he was snapped up in Torga's jaws and was eaten whole.

"Oh- Yes~" Torga moaned as his eyes locked onto the mother and the remaining child. 

He dove back under the ground; his magic made it extremely easy for him to simply 'swim' through the earth as he chased after them, but he was just a bit too slow.

The mother dragon and her child made it to the ocean and she caused a massive barrier of water to form between them and Torga.

"Yes~ Fight back!" 

Torga opened his mouth and condensed his magic into a bright red sphere of energy, that he then fired into the water barrier.

The barrier was torn apart and the mother dragon was sent flying deeper into the water, while the last 'child' was simply tossed to the side by the explosion, where he was quickly eaten by Torga.

"And then, There was one~" Torga mumbled.

Torga stared out at the ocean for several minutes with seeing anything, until miles of ocean slowly lifted into the air to reveal an unharmed, and very pissed off 'Mother'.

"You killed my babies, you monster!" She roared.

Magic exploded out of her like a tidal wave and merged with the floating ocean above; This caused the ocean to slowly turn into spears of water and sent flying towards Torga.

Torga's third eye turned bright red as the air around him exploded into intense flames; drastically weakening the effect of the water and temporarily blinding 'Mother', allowing Torga to quickly coil up and launch himself at her.  

She opened her eyes just in time to see all three-thousand-five-hundred feet of Torga flying at her. However, just before Torga could slam into her, his tail was caught by something and he was dragged to the ground.

Torga spun his head around and saw something he really didn't expect... A dragon even larger than he was; Its massively bulky body was easily over a mile long from head to tail, its scales were a light brown, like the color of sand and it was entirely smooth. And just like Torga, it was at home under the dirt. It was a tier eight Sand Dragon.

"You're my dinner now!" It roared as he jerked on Torga's tail with one of its long arms.

"That's my line!" 

Torga opened his mouth and fired the red beam at the dragon's head in hopes of making it let go, but it didn't. Instead, the sand dragon ducked its head and dove into the dirt, dragging Torga along with it. 

"Let. Go!" Torga roared as he flexed his massive bulk and whipped his tail to one side, slamming the dragon into the wall of its tunnel and freeing him from its grasp. 

Torga coiled in on himself and climbed over his body towards the dragon and all the while, he was pinning the Dragon beneath his weight. He brought his face within feet of the dragon's as it struggled to throw him off or at the very least, slip away, but it could do neither while Torga was actively holding it down.

"It would seem, that even though you're far larger than I, I am quite a bit stronger."  

"You think so, Huh?" The sand dragon sneered as it rotated its head around one-hundred-eighty-degrees and seemed to melt into the ground.

Torga watched all of this happen with a slightly confused look on his face.

"Well, that's certainly a new trick." He thought, then he 'swam' back to the surface and began looking for his prey. 

As soon as his head broke the surface, he was instantly slammed into the ground by the sand dragon, while the water dragon sent millions of water daggers flying around the dragon and towards him. 

Torga twisted his head around and bit into the sand dragons neck, allowing Torga to pull him in front of the daggers. 

But this didn't work out like Torga had planned because the dragon's body melted into an ocean of sand in-time for the daggers to effortlessly fly through and bounce off Torga's hide.

"Hmm, that almost tickled."  Torga laughed to himself as the water bounced harmlessly away from him.

"I guess the durability and resistance skills improved more than I thought." 

While Torga was distracted by his thoughts, the sand dragon created a cocoon of sand around Torga's body and attempted to crush him... The keyword there is attempted, because. to Torga, who was now inside the dragons 'body', it felt as if the massive creature was trying to hug him to death.

"My turn~" He whispered.

Torga's third eye once again turned bright red as he used his stored energy to create a massive ball of red fire around his body, that slowly began to expand outwards until it touched the sand... At which point, Torga increased the amount of magic he poured into the flame and turned the fire a light blue; which cause the sand to do as all sand does when exposed to such high temperatures; It turned into glass.

The sand dragon; after feeling his body hardening due to the flames, tried to move away from him in order to save himself- But Torga refused to let him.

The ball of fire exploded out and pierced through the sand; heating nearly every grain until it was all foggy, warped glass, that Torga then proceeded to slam his head into and shatter.

From inside the broken sphere of what once was the sand dragon, Torga met the water dragons eyes and 'smiled'.

"Now... Where were we?" 

'Mother' in a desperate attempt to save herself, threw the remainder of her water at Torga and tried to run away. However, her tail was grabbed before she could run. And though she dug her claws into the ground in a last ditch effort to escape. Torga slowly, but surely, coiled around her body and looked her in the eyes.

"Thank you for the meal. It was the best I've had in years~"

After devouring the dragons: Torga POV

Torga had just finished eating the last of the glass shards he could find when he got a pop-up.

You have unlocked the following evolutionary path. Legendary Elemental Dragon Would you like to evolve?

In between bites, he managed to mumble, "Pass." Which prompted another pop-up to appear.

Very well, you have passed up the 'Legendary Elemental Dragon' evolution. As a result, this path has forever been locked to you. 

Please choose your reward.

Immunity to Magic Supreme Magic Control

 After thinking it over for a few minutes, Torga decided he'd rather have another immunity, than an increase in his magic.

"Immunity to Magic." 

His body glowed a deep violet color as it adapted to his new trait, then another pop-up appeared.

Name Torga 
Race Elemental Serpentine Dragon
Classification Tier 7
Skills Major Stealth, Heat detection, Absolute Durability up, Absolute Strength up, Petrifying/Killing Gaze, Detect concealment, Energy Store/Release, Fly, Supreme Elemental Resistance, Multi Puppet maker, Body possession, Magic Enhancement, Elemental Manipulation
Traits Gluttonous +10, Growth +20, Venomous, Aquatic, Strong Willed, Immunity to mind control, Magic Manipulator, Magic Eater, Three-pronged tail, Three-eyed, Immunity to Magic

 Torga sighed in satisfaction after reading through the pop-up.

"Well, I guess it's finally time to get back to work. I've been slacking off for ten years, so, after I return to the kingdom and receive my reward, It'll finally be time to leave this place..." Torga decided.

He used his magic to levitate off the ground, then he blasted off into the sky once again.


A note from Kenaren

Thanks for reading everyone!

For those curious about just how much the 'strength' and 'durability' skills effect Torga. (Basically, stats for nerds Haha)

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