Minutes after Findral's 'disappearance': Findral's POV

Findral, after coming to the conclusion that it was better to risk her Master's anger now by telling him of the potential danger Ayla was in than to be forced to endure his wrath should anything happen to her. So she used her mastery of fire to cloak herself from the enemies sight and fly off into the night to find and warn her Master.

However, upon arriving at Torga's last known location, all she found was a sleeping Uriel and a circle of blackened grass.

"Where are you, Master?" She wondered.

She hurriedly searched the clearing for any sign of her master, but despite her best efforts, he'd seemingly disappeared...

"Oh? You're back already?" A voice from behind her asked.

Findral quickly spun in place and instinctively looked up to see... Nothing. Torga was not where she'd thought him to be and instead, was almost eye level with her. Though he still had the same outward appearance, his body had been shrunk tremendously since she'd last seen him.

"Master? Is that really you?" She asked.

Torga's head twisted to one side in clear amusement, "Were you expecting another giant snake?"

Findral's dark skin flushed with embarrassment, so she quickly cleared her throat to hide it and shook her head.

"No, Master. I just didn't expect you to be so..."

"Small?" He asked.

"Well... Yes."

"It's the jewel fulfilling its purpose. I've finally been returned to a slightly more manageable size."

"Has it affected you in any way?"

"Not to my knowledge."

"That's... Good. I'm happy for you, Master." She smiled.

Torga acknowledged her words with a nod, then he began to look around.

"Say, Findral?"


"Where are the others?"

His words caused Findral's eye to widen and her whole reason for coming to find him slammed back into her mind.

"They're in danger!"

Torga's eyes narrowed and a low hiss came from the back of his throat.

"Tell me everything..."

Findral quickly gave him a brief overview of their travels and what she knew of the current situation, then she waited for his judgment.

To which, Torga's responded by ordering her to lead him to this 'threat' and then to rejoin the others.

"But, Master, what if you need help!? When I left, there was at least thirty enemy combatants!"

Torga responded by baring his teeth and slightly nodding his head.

"Good. It's been far too long since I've tasted combat and I've been itching for a decent meal ever since we got to this world."

Findral, after sensing his eagerness to fight, simply nodded her head in acceptance.

"Very well, Master. Then I will only come to your aid should you need it."

"Lead the way."

Findral quickly blasted herself into the air and took off in the direction she'd come from. Torga, after waiting a few seconds, wound his body up into a spiral and launched himself into the air in pursuit of her and even though he pushed off with such strength that the ground cratered and spiderweb cracked in every direction, Uriel only snorted and rolled onto his side to get comfortable, then he went back to sleep...

Just before Samuel made his appearance: Findral's POV

Findral re-cloaked herself, then landed in a tree close enough to Ayla that she could help if needed, but far enough away that she could still watch Torga... And did she get one hell of a show.

The Priest had just stepped out of the shadows to begin his monologue when Torga barreled into one of the three golems the enemy had summoned.

Each of these 'false' beings looked like a human made entirely of granite. They were between twenty and thirty feet tall and weighed as much as five tonnes, but when Torga's head impacted the golem's chest, the golem fell apart as if it were made of sand.

The destruction of one of their own alerted the other two golems that something was wrong, which also alerted their creators, who sent out an alert to the enemy soldiers.

However, Torga must've heard the priest insult Fenris and Lena, because the wind began to pick up speed and drowned out the alert, so Samuel and those inside the wind could not hear it.

The golem closest to Torga swung its massive fist in a downward arc towards his head, but Torga refused to move. The fist slammed into his head with enough force to cause a loud boom, but judging by the bored look on Torga's face, he wasn't impressed.

He bit down on the Golem's fist and twisted his head around, breaking off the appendage in the process and pulling the golem even closer to him, then he ducked around the golem and coiled his body around it. A few seconds later the magical construct was reduced to dust under the force of Torga's grip.

It was around this time that the humans decided they could no longer wait, so the soldiers charged at Torga while the magic users prepared their spells and the remaining golem attempted to hold Torga in place... A stupid move on its part, as it was instantly ripped in half by the force of Torga bite.

"The golems are one thing but... Should I go help him against the humans?" Before Findral could make up her mind, Torga made her decision for her.

His 'normal' eyes locked onto the rapidly approaching soldiers, whilst his third eye moved in various directions attempting to locate the magic users.

Torga opened his 'eyes' just as the third eye apparently found its targets and caused four large spikes of stone to shoot out of the ground and into the darkness of the forest... Three impacts later and one loud yell of pain let Findral know the spikes had hit their mark, so she turned her head to look at the soldiers just-in-time to see the final one turn to stone.

"I... I guess that's why he said he didn't want my help-" Findral was thinking when she heard the Priest yell.

"Have you all become whores of the Demon Spawn!?"

Torga, who'd just been about to eat his first soldier, snapped his head to the side upon hearing the priest's words and his third eye turned black with rage... Which caused a twister to form around the group as the Priest continued to dig himself an even deeper grave.

Torga wound his way around the stone soldier and stuck his head into the twister to glare at the back of the Priest's head.

"Smite the heretic with your awesome power, Oh mighty God!"

Torga bared his teeth and said...


After the battle: Ayla's POV

Ayla watched as the prince's head tilted back and he started to fall. Instead of trying to catch someone larger than her and potentially hurting herself in the process, Ayla stepped to the side and allowed the prince to land on the ground with a dull thud.

She stared down at him for several seconds, then turned and smiled at Torga.

"Hi, Dad. You're looking well. Have you lost weight?"

Torga's eyes narrowed as he watched her begin to fidget under his scrutinization.

"Don't think you're off the hook, Brat. We will be having a talk after I finish with his highness, Lord Shitstain."

"But, Dad-"

"No, Ayla. You put not only yourself in danger, but those around you as well..." Torga glanced down at the Prince, "And for what? So you could see him a little bit sooner?" He asked.

Ayla frowned, "That's not fair."

"Life's not fair!" Torga instantly hissed.

Ayla took a step back in surprise and opened her mouth to respond... But nothing would come out. She knew what she wanted to say, but the words were caught in her throat.

Torga watched her open and close her mouth for a few seconds, then he turned away from her and headed over to join the rest of the group, leaving Ayla alone.

She sighed and sat down next to the unconscious prince. 

"This is your fault." She internally accused him. "If you hadn't been so damned nice to me when we met, none of this would've happened." 

Suddenly, a hand was placed on Ayla's shoulder causing her to jump in fright and whip her head around to face them.

"Trouble in paradise?" Hali asked.

Ayla snorted and motioned for Hali to join her, "If this is paradise, I'd hate to see what Hel is like."

"That bad, huh?"

Ayla thought it over for a moment, then shrugged. 

"Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But it's still pretty bad."

Hali response was to smirk at her, which prompted Ayla to smirk back.

The two sat in silence for several minutes while they watched the rest of the group inspect the enemy soldiers Torga had reduced to mere statues.

"I envy you, you know?" Hali suddenly said.

"What?" Ayla laughed, as she believed Hali was poking fun at her again.

But when Hali turned to her, the expression on her face instantly told Ayla that this was no joke.

"I'm serious. I honestly do envy you, Ayla."

The smile on Ayla's face fell and was replaced with confusion and concern.

"Why envy me? I'm nothing special."

Hali rolled her eyes, "Believe me when I say that I'm aware of just how 'normal' you are."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Hali shrugged, "You're not beautiful, not smart, definitely not a powerful Druid-"

"Okay, you've made your point." Ayla interrupted.

"You sure?" Hali asked, "I mean, I have a list and everything."

"I'm sure." 

"Suit yourself."

The two sat in silence for a while longer, before Ayla asked.

"If I'm so 'normal', then... Why envy me?"

"Because you have something I want." Hali replied while climbing to her feet and brushing the dirt off of her robe.

"And that is?"

Ayla saw Hali's eyes flicker towards the group... Or, more specifically, towards Torga.

"My dad?"

"Wow... Maybe there is a brain beneath all that hair, after all." Hali smirked, then she turned away from Ayla and started walking towards the group.

"Wait!" Ayla jumped to her feet. "You were serious about that!?"

Hali looked back over her shoulder and winked, "Serious as a dragon attack."

Ayla stared after Hali in shock until she collapsed to the ground.

"I always thought she said that to annoy me... To think she was actually serious." Ayla suddenly shivered as she recalled the conditions of their earlier bet.

"Now I'm really glad I actually managed to win a match against her for a change..."

 Torga POV

"Put your back into it, Holstig! I want those soldiers back to camp before the morning!"

"Yes, Master!" Holstig replied while lifting two 'statues' onto his shoulder with one arm, while the other arm carried two under his pit. 

Torga nodded his head in approval... Until he saw Hogunn just standing off to the side.


Hogunn jumped to attention and yelled, "Yes, Boss!?"

"Are you waiting for a damn invitation!?"

 "No, Boss!" Hogunn quickly replied.

"Then get to work!"

Hogunn jumped into action by lifting two soldiers onto his shoulders and taking off after Holstig, causing Torga to shake his head in exasperation.

"Siofs, make sure they finish their task before the morning."

"On it, Master." She replied.

Torga left Siofs and the 'goblins' to their work and moved over to Fenris' side, where he had to look up to see his face for the first time in... Well ever.

As the jewel had been doing as promised, and Torga had shrunk at a rate of about a foot a second. Torga was now barely over ten feet long and around ten inches in diameter. A far cry from his previous gargantuan size, but Torga wasn't complaining... Mostly because he was enjoying being 'normal' for a change.

"Sup, Fatass." Fenris said.

"Must you call me that, still?"

"Hey, just because that jewel is making you appear smaller than you are, doesn't mean I don't know what's in front of me."

"What do you mean?"

"That jewel might hide you from the humans... But you'll never fool the instincts of an animal. Even though my eyes are telling me you're smaller than I am. My instincts are still screaming at me to run as far and as fast as I can from you."

"Well, I'll take what I can get. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay this way permanently-" 

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Master Torga." Uriel interrupted as he came walking up to the four of them.

"Look who finally decided to wake up."

"Yeah, Uriel. You missed all the fun."

Uriel yawned into his hand as he waved them off. "Being around you two for more than ten minutes is excitement enough for me, thanks."

"Suit yourself, Old man." 

"Fenris! Can you come help us please!?" Lena called out.

"On my way!" Fenris yelled back. "Later Old man, Fatass. My lady needs me."

As Fenris had left the two standing by themselves, Torga decided to ask Uriel to clarify what he meant earlier.

"I simply meant overtaxing the jewel wouldn't be in anyone's best interest, let alone, yours."

"I don't understand what that means."

Uriel cupped his chin for a few seconds, then he began to explain.

"In simple terms. Because of your rather... 'Unique' body. You are constantly growing larger than you were when the jewel was put into place.

While this normally wouldn't be a problem, especially with a jewel as large as yours. The rate at which you grow is mind-boggling, to say the least. As such, the enchantment is constantly having to draw on more and more magic to keep your size maintained."

"Okay... And?"

"The jewel can only take so much before it begins to crack, Master Torga."

"What happens if it cracks?"

Uriel opened his mouth to reply, then he suddenly shivered.

"Are you okay?"

Uriel nodded, then he explained. 

"The whole reason the jewel works is because your body is converted to pure magic power and stored inside to be released at a later time. 

Now, should something happen to you while your body is in its 'shrunken' state, the jewel will temporarily release the enchantment and restore your mass to its normal state. This is done to prevent overtaxing the jewel, and causing a stress fracture to form."

"While that's all very interesting, you're avoiding the question." Torga interrupted.

Uriel sighed, "Should a crack form and the jewel not be fixed immediately, then... Boom."

"It'll explode?"

"All that magic has to go somewhere once the container can no longer hold it. And if even half of the magic I suspect is currently inside that jewel gets suddenly released, then forget killing just you. The explosion that would follow would easily be able to destroy miles of anything in its way... And that's a low estimate."

"So... It's probably a good thing I had you bury it inside my neck then, huh?"

"That was wise, yes."

"And I should probably avoid getting hit there, if at all possible?"

"That would be best, yes."

Torga hesitantly nodded. 

"Right, so... Don't let the possible nuke inside my neck get damaged... Got it."

"We'll also most likely have to swap out that jewel for another in a few years."

"It'll really wear out that fast?"

Uriel shrugged, "Who knows, but I'd rather be safe than dead. Wouldn't you?"


Torga had been thinking over what Uriel said for a while, when a question stuck out to him.

"So, say I survive the initial explosion of my jewel. Would I eventually get my size back?"

Uriel thought it over for a couple of seconds, then he slowly nodded.

"I think so... Yes, I believe you would eventually regain your size should the jewel be destroyed, as your magic would seek to rejoin the main body. Though it may take a few days... or more, depending on your size at the time."

"Well, that's something, at least-"

"Master!" Findral yelled as she came running over to him.

"What is it?"

"The prince is waking up, master." She replied.

Torga involuntarily smiled as he turned back to Uriel. 

"Excuse me, Uriel. I need to go have a 'talk' with the royal shitstain."

"Have fun." Uriel said while eagerly waving him off.

"Oh... I plan on it."

 Lokir's POV

 When the prince finally opened his eyes after being unconscious for about thirty minutes, the first thing he saw was Torga staring intently at his face.

"Um... Weren't you a lot bigger a few minutes ago?" 

"Weren't you supposed to be a brave warrior who slew a giant?"

The prince's mouth snapped shut and he coughed into his hand.


"Are you going to lay there all day or are you planning to locate your spine and stand up?"

"Right..." The prince slowly climbed to his feet. "Any chance you've seen my dignity around here? I seem to have lost it as well."

"Hard to lose what you never had in the first place."

The prince's face fell, "I... uh... I'm sensing some hostility here."

"If I was being hostile, you would be dead." Was Torga's quick response.

"You really think you could kill me that easily?" The prince asked with no small amount of amusement in his voice.

Torga's response was to look to his left, which prompted the prince to look that way as well. A few seconds go by when suddenly, a one-hundred-foot-long stone spike with a ten-foot diameter shot out of the ground and destroyed a large swath of forest in the direction they were looking.

The boom of the spike destroying trees caused everyone to jump and quickly turn to face Torga.

"What the hell!? What'd you do that for, Fatass!?"

"To prove a point."

They all nervously look to the prince's back, then went back to work.

Said Prince was currently having a slight panic attack from witnessing the casual display of magic.

"I don't think even the Grand-Magnus could create such an attack alone..." The prince thought while watching Torga out of the corner of his eye.

"Okay, so you're a powerful mage. I still think I could defend myself." The prince shrugged.

"Oh? Do tell."

"Everyone knows once you get close to a mage, they have trouble using their spells. So I'd just have to close the distance before you could get a spell off."

"There's a slight problem with your logic... But I'll humor you." Torga motioned toward the prince's sword.

"Is that a good blade?" he asked.

The prince slowly unsheathed his sword and held it horizontally in front of him; It was about four feet long and three inches wide. The back of the blade was made of a dark metal, while the edge was made of a much lighter metal. A circular guard extended from the bottom edge of the blade to the end of the hilt to cover his hand and the hilt itself was covered in a dark rubber to prevent slippage.

Overall, a very nice blade.

"It is. My father had it crafted for me on my eighteenth birthday. It's enchanted to never dull, never break, and to increase its sharpness upon making contact."

Torga nodded along with the prince's words, then he suddenly said.

 "Then cut me."

The prince froze in surprise for a second... "Um... What?"

"Cut. Me." 

"Uh... Are you sure about this? I've yet to find something this blade can't cut and I'd rather not hurt my fiance's father."

Torga's third eye flashed black for a split second, but the prince never noticed as he was staring at Torga's fangs that were now bared.

"Alright, I'll make you a deal. If you can cut me with that blade, I'll convince Ayla to marry you tomorrow, if you wish."

"... And if I can't?"

"Losing confidence already? I thought you said your blade could 'cut through anything'?"

The prince frowned at Torga, then he slowly brought his blade to his side while drawing his body into a low stance and slightly turning to the side.

"I'll try not to hurt you too much." The prince smirked.

Torga's third eye again turned pitch black for a moment, then it returned to its normal red coloring.

The prince stared down Torga for a few seconds... Then his body sprung into action; His body rotated to ensure maximum speed, his arm was like a whip as the blade sprung forth and headed toward Torga.

Torga was going to stay still and let the prince swing his sword without challenge... But the prince just had to open his damn mouth.

"Maybe you can convince Ayla to give me another kiss too- Umph!" 

Torga's mouth snapped the prince's enchanted sword in two after hearing him say 'kiss', and before he could finish saying 'too' Torga had created a stone pillar to slam into the Prince's groin with enough force to lift him off the ground.

The prince fell to his knees with his now useless sword still clutched in his hand. The pain was so intense, that he honestly couldn't string two words together at the moment... Which is probably what saved his life.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you because of those nuts in your mouth. Wanna try that one more time?"

The prince shakily shook his head.

"Are you sure? I'm sure one of the humans can loan you another sword."

The prince slowly nodded his head, as he finally could no longer keep himself upright and he collapsed onto his stomach.

Torga lowered his head down to the prince's ear and whispered.

"You know, you're lucky. If you'd actually had the balls to have sex with my daughter, that might've hurt more than just your already insignificant pride."  Torga motioned to the pillar.

The prince slowly turned his head to look and the pillar and, before his very eyes, the tip of it shifted into a sinister looking spike.

"Remember one thing going forward, 'your highness'." Torga sneered, "The girl you've chosen is the devil's daughter. And I'll gladly take any pain you inflict on her out on you, your family, and your kingdom. And I'll enjoy Every. Fucking. Second of it."

 The prince's eyes rolled back into his head as he passed out with Torga's words echoing inside his head.

Torga raised himself back up and left the prince laying face down in the dirt, as he headed over to Fenris and Uriel.

"Are you sure he's okay?" Fenris asked after seeing the prince lay completely motionless.

"You mean, aside from passing out like a little bitch for the second time today?" Torga looked back over to the prince just in time to see him slightly twitch.

"Eh, who cares." 

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