Early the next morning, Torga and the group arrived at the branch and settled in for breakfast. Lena also wanted to use the free time to formally introduce Torga to the newcomers, but... Torga wasn't making it easy.

"Will you calm down already!?" Lena yelled.

"No," Torga replied while staring into the portal.

"Torga, I know you're eager to meet the kid, but if you don't calm down you're likely to do something you'll regret."

"Doubt it," 

Lena growled in frustration and used her magic to raise the land around her until she was staring Torga in the eye.

"You're acting like a child." 

"Am not," Torga glanced at her, then refocused on the portal. 

Lena screamed in frustration, hopped down from her perch, and had just begun to storm off when she heard Torga ask. 

"Did Uriel manage to acquire a jewel for me?" 

"Oh, so now you want to listen to me?" She sneered.

"Look... I apologize for being difficult. Truly, I do. Torga sighed. "It's just... I'm... I'm...-

 "You're, what?"

"I'm Hungry! It's been ten years since I had a good meal and all of you smell so Damn Delicious, It's driving me crazy!!" Torga yelled and slammed his head into the ground.

His words caused everyone to stop what they were doing and stare at him in wide-eyed bewilderment. 

"Oh... Oh! Why didn't you say anything!?" Lena screamed.

"What exactly am I going to say? 'Hey, guys? Mind if I eat a few of you?' Oh yeah, I'm sure that would've gone over soo~ Well~" Torga snarked.

"Well, no. But you could've stopped to eat something, at the very least!"

Torga was quiet for several minutes as his eyes moved from person to person, until...

"Alright, new plan. Everyone out! Get your asses over to the other planet!" 

His words invoked an immediate response from Lena and Ayla, but they were both quieted by his next words.

"Anyone... And I do mean, anyone, still here in thirty seconds is getting eaten!"

"Torga, you can't just- Lena began, but she was quickly cut off.

"Twenty-five seconds!"

"Hey Fatass, don't you threaten my- Fenris yelled, but even he was interrupted.


The group stood around in shock for another ten seconds before they saw the venom/drool dripping from his mouth and they realized... Torga wasn't kidding around. He was truly so starved, that he would eat them if they stayed.

Once this realization hit them, they left behind their equipment and all but Findral practically dove into the portal.

"Master, do you remember which planet we're going to!?" She asked while slowly backing towards the portal.

"Azgun, Six-Seconds!"

"Okay, just checking!!" After hearing his confirmation, she dove into the portal and Torga was left alone.

"Finally..." He sighed, "I can finally let go-" 

 It started out small, a leaf here, a blade of grass there. But eventually, the full weight of Torga's hunger made itself known. The monster buried just beneath his scales, always so close, yet kept at bay by his will, was finally set free...

Like a man dying of thirst, the monster began to rapidly pull the surrounding magic towards him and gulped it down again and again. 

Not five minutes into this cycle of consumption and the surrounding forest was completely drained of magic; The plants had lost their previous bright green color and were now a sinister black.

Not even the animals were saved from this fate as they too were quickly drained of their life-giving magic, and were left as mere husks of their former selves. Their bodies exsanguinated from the loss of magic, not even the strongest among them lived for more than a few seconds under the assault of the monster's insatiable appetite. 

Soon the destruction spread beyond its immediate surroundings and spread further into the forest, where more and more plants and animals were drained of their magic until they too died. 

The monster continued to feed for thirty-minutes and in that time, over ten miles of forest was drained completely dry. The plants killed and the animals turned into husks. Death permeated the area long before the monster receded and Torga returned to his right mind... And was forced to bear witness to just what he was truly capable of.

Torga opened his eyes after what felt like only a moment, but was in fact thirty-minutes, to see the destruction he'd caused to his surroundings. 

Trees were felled under their own weight; their leaves missing or turned black, the grass and other such plants were also reduced to shriveled black husks. As he was turning his head towards the portal, something caught his eye. It was all that was left of a deer after all of its magic was sucked out; Its fur had fallen off leaving it bare, its eyes missing, and its bones were showing through its skin. 

Torga's jaw tightened and he began to scan the area for a sign... any sign of life. But he was sorely disappointed to find that none remained.

After scanning the area for a few minutes and seeing exactly what he'd done, Torga slowly shook his head and let out a defeated sigh.

"Damn it... If I hadn't forced them all to leave when I did, that would've been them laying on the ground instead of a deer." 

He gazed at his surroundings for a few minutes more, then his eyes narrowed.

"Let's see if I remember how to do this." He mumbled.

He closed his eyes and thought back to all the times Lena had tried to teach him to use his 'Magic Manipulation' skill, he could almost hear her say...

"Focus, Torga. Bring forth that colossal amount of energy inside you and push it into your surroundings.

Bend it to your will, you are the master of your energy, not the other way around." Lena said.

"What about the magic that's around me; the magic I don't create?" 

"In that case, you need only to push your will outside yourself. Then the magic in the air will be yours to command as well."

"Outside myself? But that doesn't make any sense!"

Lena shrugged, "It didn't make sense to me at first either, but you'll understand it eventually... Probably."

Torga opened his eyes and did exactly as Lena said. He reached deep within himself and pulled his magic to the surface... or at least he tried too.

What actually happened was he accidentally tapped into a slightly different skill... His third eye turned a dark brown color and the ground beneath him began to violently shake as he used the 'Elemental manipulation' skill to reach deep into the planet and pull the earth towards him.

The result was Torga being bodily thrown into the air by a massive pillar of stone and sent flying. 

Upon crashing into the ground, Torga slowly rolled over and lifted his head into the air. Then he glared at the pillar, his third eye turned a bright red color and released a blast of energy that easily disintegrated it.

"Stupid Magic..." He grumbled, then tried again.

This time, however, he was prepared and directed the earth to flip over the deadland; so fresh soil was exposed and the deadlands were buried deep beneath the ground, where they would serve as nutrients for new plants to grow.

Torga released a grunt of satisfaction and nodded his head. "That should do it.

Now, to get out of here. I've wasted enough time on this planet as it is."

He lowered his head to the portal and allowed it to suck him in.

"Azgun and little bastard... Here I come!"    

A note from Kenaren

Thanks for reading everyone!

For those wondering 'If Torga eats magic with every breath, then why didn't this happen earlier?"

It's the difference between breathing and drinking.

Though Torga eats a small amount of magic with every breath, it's such a minute amount as to be negligible.

But when he starts drinking in Magic? Well, you read the chapter.

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