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It's soo good to be back!! You have no idea how much I've missed this.

But... I've kept you all waiting for far too long as it is, so without further adieu...Here we go, everyone... Thanks for reading!

Torga's three eyes moved in almost perfect unison as he calmly observed his friends. Though most of them were old friends he'd known for years, a few were 'new'... To him, at least.

When he'd finally left the Elf puppet body he'd been inhabiting for eight years and returned to his real body, He'd requested they not just wait for him to wake up, and would continue exploring the various planets of Yggdrasil. Though he had a few reasons for asking this of them, the most urgent was because he'd had a pop-up appear before him that made him more than a little nervous...

Because of your fusion with the dragon, you have unlocked one of his traits.
Magic Eater

With every breath you take, you passively consume the ambient magic in the air.

*Warning!* Due to the Gluttonous trait, this trait can prove fatal to those around you, as you will literally suck the magic out of them. *Warning!*

"Why does this thrice-damned gluttonous trait always come back to bite me in the ass!?" Torga internally screamed after reading through the pop-up.

It was only a few days later, that Torga decided to leave and return to his body. Even In spite of the protests a select few of his companions decided to bombard him with after learning of his plan.

"What!?" Hali and Ayla, the youngest females of the group yelled their question in such a way, most would be forgiven for thinking they'd practiced it.

"You heard me. I've spent long enough in this body, so it's high time I return to my own."

Findral, the ever-loyal Flame Empress stepped forward to express her opinion on the matter.

"Master? It has only been eight years, four months, and twenty-seven days since you entered your evolutionary state. Even if you return to your body, you won't be able to accomplish anything aside from falling asleep... So what's the rush?"

 "The 'Rush' Findral, is currently none of your concern," Torga growled for a few seconds, before releasing a sigh after seeing the blank look the three young women were giving him.

"Fine, you win." Torga dropped to the ground and allowed his head to hang low. Because of this, he never saw the smirks that flitted across their faces and the slight tightening of their fists.

Of course... They didn't see his smirk either.

"A gorgeous woman is waiting for me in my dreams, and I, unfortunately, can't sleep in this body. So~" He jumped to his feet, kissed Ayla and Hali on the forehead, gave Findral a quick pat on the head and said.

"I'll see you girls in a few years! And don't worry, I've already said my goodbyes to the others!" 

With that said, Torga closed his eyes and allowed his body to turn to ash.

 A few seconds after laying his head down, the long-awaited evolution pop-up appeared in front of him.

Name Torga
Race Elemental Serpentine Dragon
Classification Tier 7
Skills Minor Stealth, Heat detection, Supreme Durability up, Supreme Strength up, Petrifying Gaze, Detect concealment, Energy Store/Release, Superior Elemental Resistance, Fly, Puppet maker, Body possession, Magic Enhancement, Elemental Manipulation
Traits Gluttonous +5, Growth +10, Venomous, Aquatic, Strong Willed, Winged, Immunity to mind control, Magic Manipulator, Magic Eater, Three-pronged tail, Three-eyed

 "I expected this... But it's still pretty annoying to see the growth trait so. damn. high..." Torga quietly sighed as he read over the rest of the screen.

While Torga was otherwise occupied. His body was secretly being checked out by three curious twenty-year-olds...

"Um... Master certainly has gotten bigger, hasn't he?" Findral asked the two young women standing next to her.

"That's... A bit of an understatement, Findral." Ayla; the taller and thinner of the two, said absentmindedly as she played with her long braid. Like findral, and most of the other women, Ayla had taken to wearing a purple robe beneath a set of dark leather armor. This allowed them to have the most protection, whilst keeping their freedom of movement.

Hali, the shorter of the two released an unladylike snort as she stared up at the colossal creature conversing with the elders of the group. Unlike when she'd previously seen him as a child. Torga's previously odd, but charming appearance had shifted into something.... far more intimidating.  

His body was so long now, she could barely recognize it as a serpent's body anymore. To her, Torga looked like a great emerald mountain... Or a God.

"Ayla's right... I didn't think it was possible for a living creature to get this large." Hali finally admitted.

Findral looked over her shoulder at the two, before returning her eyes to Torga's new form. 

Massive black spikes; each over thirty feet long, ran down both sides of his back before coming to an end approximately fifty feet from his head. Where rows of smaller spikes curved upwards and peeked just above the top of his skull.

Three reptilian eyes sat in a triangle shape on his head. Two smaller red eyes sat in their normal places and were watching the elders, while a massive third eye sat directly in the center of his forehead. The third eye seemed to be completely independent of the other two, as it flits around looking at everything it could. However, it couldn't seem to settle on any one color, as it would frequently shift from red to another color, and back again.

Four massive fangs; Two on top and two on the bottom, stretched up to almost meet in the center of his mouth. Findral estimated them to be at least twenty-five feet long... And that was a low estimate. 

While the massive fangs were the first to catch her attention, she didn't fail to see the rows of much smaller fangs lining his mouth from top to bottom that would briefly appear everytime he spoke.

"Maybe... Maybe you shouldn't tell him just yet, Hali." Ayla said with a slight stutter.

"Oh? Why not?" Hali turned to look at Ayla's face while waiting for her response.

"I mean... Who knows how absorbing that dragon effected him? Maybe he-

"Maybe I... What, Ayla?" A deep rumbling voice asked, from directly across the field.

So distracted by his appearance were they, the three woman stopped paying attention to Torga's third eye. As such, they failed to notice when it stopped flitting around and stared directly at them; reading their lips and transmitting everything said, directly into Torga's brain.

"Nothing, Old man! It's not important-"  Ayla began, but was interrupted by Torga.

"I'll decide what's important, child. Now... spit it out." He moved his head closer to her and focused those three large eyes on her.

"Anything that affects you is important to me, Ayla..." He whispered, though his massive voice still allowed everyone to hear him.

"Well, I... Uh..."

"Ayla is getting married, Master~"  Findral chirped.

Her words captured Torga's complete attention and all three eyes shifted to her. This action was accompanied by a loud rumbling sound coming from the back of Torga's throat.

"Is. That. So? And just when was I going to be informed of this... Daughter?" He growled as his third eye turned blood red and turned to Ayla.

"Um... Well... Haha... You did leave me alone for two years, so it's not Really my fault that you don't know." She nervously admitted.

"Hmm, Even so. Where I come from, it's impolite to ask for a woman's hand in marriage without meeting the parents first. So~" Torga's eyes began to flit around again.

"Where is the rude little bastard?" He asked while eyeing the newcomers.

"Ayla refused to bring him along, so he's waiting for us on the other side of the portal~" Hali chimed in with a smirk on her lips.

"Well then, We'd best not keep my future sn...son-in-law waiting. Should we?" Torga turned away from them and returned to talking with the elders, leaving the three alone.

As soon as Torga was no longer paying attention, Ayla slapped Findral and Hali on the back of the head.

"Ow!" "Ouch!" They both yelled.

"What was that for!?" Hali demanded.

"Traitors!" Ayla hissed, then she stormed off.

Findral and Hali looked at each other, then they watched Ayla try to head Torga off before he decided to hunt down her 'fiance'.

"By the way... Did you hear master say-"

"Snack? Yes, I heard that as well." Hali responded with a smile.

"You don't think he'd actually..."

"Eat him?" Findral nodded in response.

"Well, I think that all depends on how far they've gotten... Don't you?" Hali asked, her smile growing wider with every word.

"Knowing Ayla, they probably haven't gone too far... But let's not tell Master that, just yet." Findral replied with a smile of her own.

Knowing they were in complete agreement with each other, the two began walking over to the rest of the group.

"This is going to be so much fun~"  

A note from Kenaren

For those wondering why I swapped from 1st to 3rd person. It's because the entirety of the first story was Torga telling his story to his companions on the boat. (Aside from the parts told in 3rd person.) Now that we are in the present, everything is in 3rd to better explain everything as we go through the story. However, this is still Torga's story, so most of it will still be from his perspective. 

Thanks for reading everyone!

(PS. The chapters will be on the shorter side until I get back into the swing of things.)


30 feet = 9 meters (Spikes)

50 feet = 15 meters

25 feet = 7.6 meters (Fangs)

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