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This is a repost of the last chapter in a snake's life!

Somewhere outside of Yggdrasil's branches.

A ball of white flame the size of a star floated. With only empty space surrounding it, it was a wonder it managed to exist at all, let alone grow to such proportions. But this was no ordinary flame, oh no. These flames were the remains of a goddess of life.

Her body and followers destroyed by the one she called brother. This goddess laid dormant while her body healed. At least, that was her original plan. At some point during the healing process, her mind also began to heal from the scars of the past.

Without the pressures of being a goddess weighing down on her. At long last, she was able to grieve for all that she'd lost— in peace. But with the peace of mind, her isolation granted her, came the guilt of her actions.

The murder of Innocents, the betrayals of those she considered friends and the way she treated her brother. The guilt of these actions slammed into her damaged mind with the weight of a black hole.

"So, the princess finally decided to pull her head out of her ass. Eh?"

A swirling mass of gray light began to form in front of the flame. From this light, a skeletal hand holding a long black cane emerged. Immediately after a tall skeleton in a red tuxedo stepped out.

"Amaar— what do you want?A tired feminine voice echoed from within the flame. 

The skeleton's teeth twitched upwards and his pitch black eyes showed a clear sign of humor within them.

"What? Can't an old Skeleton come see his favorite pigeon without cause?"  He asked with false hurt in his voice.

A deep sigh drifted out of the flame, "Amaar, I'm in no mood for your games. Just tell me what you want, then begone."

Amaar reached up and pulled his top hat off. "Hmm—No." he slicked back his hair and twirled his mustache, then placed the top hat back on his head.

"You've been on your high horse for a bit too long, Chickenhead. And this just so happens to be the best time to knock you the fuck off." The cane was slammed into the gray light Amaar was standing on. This caused a dome of gray to expand and cover the entirety of the star-sized flame.

"What're you doing?!" The feminine voice yelled. The shock of being enclosed within Amaar's power blew away any remaining trace of exhaustion from her voice.

"What I should've done when I first noticed your fall from grace and were it not for my sister—your Patron's request. I would have." The gray sphere began to rapidly shrink, causing the flame to shrink with it."

"No! I've learned my lesson— it won't happen again!!" The voice shrilled.

"Oh, I'm aware," Amaar said in a dull monotone.

"Then why do this!?"

A skeletal hand reached up and pulled the top hat down over Amaar's forehead, casting an ominous shadow over his already intimidating eyes as a faint red light shined within them.

"Because my dear. Regardless of your current emotional or mental state, you made one Very. Big. Mistake."

"Tell me and I'll fix it. I swear!" The voice begged.

"You disturbed my nap with that explosion a few years ago," Amaar said in a completely serious voice.


The gray sphere immediately shrunk to the size of a marble and flew into Amaar's hand. He held it up to his eye and stared at it for a few seconds while a tiny voice raged from within.

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?" 

He rolled it around a few times, then drew back his arm.

"What do you think, Turkey? Pinball, Pool, or bowling?" He asked with a 'smile'.

"None of the abo—" The tiny voice started.

"Pinball it is!" Amaar snapped his arm forward and sent the marble flying at speeds much faster than that of light. 

The gray sphere protected the planets and stars from the impacts while the marble bounced back and forth across the known galaxy. Until finally, after two years of bouncing it slammed into the forehead of a young elf. The impact propelled the elf into the ground and resulted in a quick, painless death.

The Goddess, who'd been long since been knocked unconscious, was sent even further into unconsciousness while the gray sphere pushed her flame into the girls head.

"I think it's about time the 'Mortal Gods' remembered what it was like to be mortal. Don't you, Forna?" Amaar's voice echoed through the girl's body as her soul was pushed out by Forna's.

Amaar turned to the tiny soul floating next to him and gently pulled it towards his face.

"I'm sorry you had to suffer through that, my dear." Amaar sincerely said.

"I won't hurt anymore?" The spirit asked.

"No, the sickness is gone."

"Would I have died soon anyway?"

Amaar nodded his head. "Unfortunately,"

The spirit was quite for a while, then a tiny giggle escaped from it. "It's alright, I forgive you!" it chirped.

Amaar smiled at the tiny soul. "Go on, then." 

He pushed the soul into the sky and used his power to guide her into the 'cycle'. The afterlife for the people of Yggdrasil.

Minutes after the soul departed Amaar turned his attention back to Forna.

"Well Poly, have a nice life!" Amaar laughed before vanishing in a swirl of gray, leaving Forna lying unconscious in a puddle of the girl's excrement.

Meanwhile, inside of Torga's evolutionary shell.

"I've kept you all waiting, Huh?" 

A loud laugh followed Torga's question.

"Yes, you have, You fatass Snake! Now get your ass out here!"

"Gladly!" Torga fired a beam of energy into the sky; destroying his shell and revealing his new body to the world.

Jade green scales covered him from head to tail, while a dark gray line traveled the length of his stomach.

Massive fangs poked out of his mouth; dripping with venom and acid.

Bright red eyes with dark slitted pupils stared in wonder at the world around them, while a third eye; in place of the red jewel stared blankly at the tiny creatures below.

"Uh— please tell me you guys shrunk since I last saw you," Torga asked with a pitiful voice.

"Nope, you just got a lot~ bigger, Master." A sultry voice said from directly beside his head. 

"Damn it..." Torga sighed as he lay his massive head down to better see his companions.

"This is going to be a pain in my tail. I just know it."


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