A Snake's Rise

by Kenaren

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Mythos Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Ten years…. For ten years, I traveled throughout Yggdrasil with my friends, both old and new. We explored massive catacombs, underground rivers, and kingdoms made entirely of gold. But that time of peaceful exploration has come to an end and the time for action is upon us. 

We know what we have to do and for the most part, we accept it. However, recently, a divide has appeared inside our close-knit group. Though not serious enough to cause true issues, it has caused unnecessary tension among the elves.The goblins and I, on the other hand, we know and accept what we have to do to make this world safer for the next generation. 

Each monster race has its own royal family and it’s this family that we must either recruit… or assimilate by force, if necessary. For our dream of a peaceful future, where true war doesn’t exist, where children no longer need to be orphaned from monster attacks, and where my wife can live out her days happily…. Even if I won’t be there to ensure her safety.

I know our chances aren’t great and I’ve come to accept that I will probably die long before I see the benefits of our work, but that won’t stop me… Us, it won’t stop us.

The goblins and l will  rise to the top and bring the monster races together under one banner, while the elves do the same for the ‘civilized’ races and at the end, if we do it right, the only thing that could stand between us and true peace, is the antagonistic gods and their followers. 

If they leave us alone and allow us to live out our lives in peace, then I’ve decided to leave them and theirs alone… However, should they stand in our way or harm any of the people I care about, then even if I have to consume Yggdrasil itself, I. Will. Kill. Them.

My name is Torga and this is the second part of my story

(Cover is the creature Torga's body was based on.)

(Link to the first story-- http://www.royalroadl.com/fiction/13297

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I like everything about this book except for one thing; what started off as a guy who has 300 years to become strong enough to protect his wife has turned into a guy who wants to protect his family and kinda does whatever he feels like. The original goal was he'll kill anyone who gets in his way of growing stronger and protecting her, but now it feels like he's completely forgotten about it. Why does he care about a bunch of 20 year olds? I mean, maybe he likes them, but he calls one of them his daughter? What?

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My new drugs have arrived

As an avid fan of the first part, i instanyly bookmarked and favourite. Look forward to another epic journey

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I don’t like the characters. They’ve turned too bland. The interactions are pretty bad, a snake wouldn’t ‘scream internally’, wouldn’t misplace his words and the characters wouldn’t point it out so blatantly. The girls are like anime figurines, I can literally here them saying “Kyaa!” Every second phrase. I’ve got no issue with the whole marriage thing since we need some direction to head in, but the deliveries are sloppy. And a really big issue of mine is the entire way you’re handling the snake. He’s a dude who’s 100 years old. He wouldn’t put with the shit of a buch of 20 year old girls, he wouldn’t have a soft spot for anyone other than his Sarah who he lived he’s entire life with and it wouldn’t be out of character to wake up and just leave them. 

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Worse than the first book

You basically took the worse point of your first book and ditched the best to make a second book with those.

The only redeeming quality of your story was the world building and the well done LitRPG and evolution aspects, wich are either non present here or badly done.

And for whatever reason you decided to make the single worse point of your first book, namely the interaction between the one sided robots that you call "characters" take 90% of all chapters up to date (Chapter 11)

You can't do conversation between characters that feel genuine. Everything feels like they are reading off a script in a badly written school theather piece. I can barely keep myself from cringing everytime someone speaks, and i'm usually really tolerant on shit dialogue/characters.

And don't get me started on how uninteresting your characters are, mostly because in your writting style their interactions define them. Did i mention those were absolutely horrible ?

Unless you take time to adress this issue this story is a waste of time.

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For Any one wondering, this is the continuation of A Snakes Life, and holy crap its gonna be good. Only the first chapter is out but im already stoked as hell. The authors good and this upcoming book looks like its gonna be crazy good, huge time skip with lots of interesting things that happened during it, overall its going to be great!

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The Second Book we all needed

This is the continuation of the story A Snakes Life and like the previous book Torga is just getting bigger and bigger~. Currently only 2 chapters are out as of writing this review so I cannot comment on the story so far but I hope the story quality stays consistent with Book 1. Grammar is excellent, the story is coherent and with likable characters this book is a must read. 

Lord Of Mild Interest
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It's the sequel to the other snake book by the snake Ken.

Its good shut up and read it.

I know this review is shit but.

Fuck I just really bloody enjoy this book mainly because Torga, the MC, is fucking awesome.

So yeah fuck it have a 5 Ken and get back to the dungeon  and give me chapter 8 

~Love From Lord <3

Aight so I just realised this book has shit individual scores since some people have apparently not read legit one star stories so Ima just buff up these scores due to the fact that they are all a 4 at minimum.

Since there is a difference between not liking a story and a story being bad, and this is definitely not the latter.

So again shut up and read it.

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I loved the first part, and was waiting with impatience the start of the second. And the first chapter was awesome, keep going, and this summary made me shiver with joy. Go Torga, only one planet will not be enough for calming your hunger.

The Otaku Dragon
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A snake’s rise is the sequel to a previous novel, a snakes life, the first part was enrapturing (hope i used this word correctly...) and fascinating, looking forwart to bug things from its continuation!

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The story comes from a new perspective with a lead that doesn't share the classical beliefs. This is a story about a snake pursuing power in order to protect his wife and will stop at nothing in order to reach the pinnacle. This is unique and interesting and try as i might but i cant stop reading it. The only downside i can really think of is that the update is infrequent but other than that its a good story