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Welcome to the world of Fantasiaia, a world full of magic, epic monsters, heroic battles and more! It's the new, cutting edge VRMMORPG world what everyone has dreamed about!

And now welcome Markus Fickus, your average young man in our average and boring world! He was just an ordinary man, until one day, something changed his whole life. As he ate his breakfast on that fateful morning, little did he know that he would choke on his coffee and die—just to be reincarnated in the world of Fantasiaia!

"Wait, what?" Mark said, looking up from his bowl of cereal. He didn't follow the script properly, and forgot to prepare his coffee.

"I thought Fantasiaia was a VRMMO," Mark muttered as he made his way to his coffee machine. "How can someone reincarnate into a game?"

Of course, what Mark didn't know was that logic and reason didn't matter. It was magic! Besides, everyone loves virtual reality stories and reincarnation novels. So why not have both?

Mark shook his head sadly, but prepared his coffee in silence. When he finished, he looked up at the sky—and saw only the dull white ceiling of his apartment. He felt utterly cheated that the last thing he would see in this world was the peeling paint on the wall.

"They are not paying me enough for this," Mark grumbled, then drank up his coffee.

And then he died.

PS: I found the cover picture on THE INTERNET. By no means will I tell you the artist's name or give any credit to them, but I let you know that the image is not mine. Naturally, if the original artist asks me personally, I will remove the picture.

PS PS: New chapters come out every day! At least, until I run out of pre-written chapters. Each chapter will be between 500 and 200000 words long. (Probably closer to 500 than 200000, though.)

PS PS PS: Some authors try to find an appropriate cover image for their novel's title. I found an appropriate title for the cover image!

PS PS PS PS: Let the fun begin!

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Lankadatlan éberség!

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ninja baiano

Dat rick roll deserved a 5/5 by itself kek.


 It's pretty good xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd


This is just like what you would expect from a story with a title that matches the default cover for the sight. I found it ruthlessly helarious and found it echoed many of my thoughts as an amature writer. I love the chapter names. 

It has my seal of aproval. I disliked my own review for the scores.

After reading this I want to break a 4th wall in real life, just in case. I don't know why