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Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings. Will the trials she faces grind her down, or will she emerge out of the whirlwind stronger than ever?

Flow is a web serial written by Kay.L. The story will be updated here with a new chapter every day (except on Sunday). Some of the tags come into play later in the story. Patreons have early access to a number of chapters.


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Was able to make it to the "Alone" arc before having to stop because I'm so frustrated with this story...

If you're into constant misery and deception with little to no release (like, ever!!) then this is perfect for you...

Join the MC as her insanity slowly increases due to grief (to begin with) and constantly messing up her relationship(s) while still managing to get some now and then... 

Spoiler: Spoiler


While the writing style is good and the story flows well (feels like the author had a predetermined direction rather than just winging it) I personally cannot stand stories like this where the entire focus is a single relationship that is messed up so badly yet has a lingering hope that it'll work out only to be fractured again and again with poor decisions, betrayal and outside interference constantly throughout the entire story...

I need to just walk away for a bit... Maybe I'll come back in a year when I've forgotten how much I've hated being strung along with indications of potential resolution...

That being said, if you get off on misery (as the author of this novel surely does) then this is definitely the one for you!!

P.S - Style would have been 5 starts but the "crazy voice" formatting is sometimes hard to read when there is a lot of it at once...


It just isn't my cup of tea

 (Note: This review was made after reading chapter 33, I don't think it has anything to do witht the chapter itself, just wanted to let you know)

TL;DR Try it out if you find the desctiption intriguing enough. Other people seem to like the F/F relationship, so if you're into that it's another plus.

For me, personally, I feel like the novel is just, mediocre, I don't know, I just can't get through the chapters. And I would bet that it's because I don't like how the relatioships are building.

Ever since our MC met the hive and started to talk to Luomi more, I just keep having this feeling, chapter after chapter, of, uncomfortableness, it isn't that big, but it sits in my stumach when I read the story.

I would guess that the story is good, and it's just that something that is having it's toll on me.


A mixed bag with potential

Reviewed at: In Peace.Ch02

Note: I read about 200 chapters so about half of what is offered.


Flow is a rarity in the sense that it's an ambitious work of fiction set in an original world. It mixes some of the very best and worst you can find online, which I will detail here with minimum spoilers and you can judge for yourself.


In order to be sort of neutral I'll sandwich the bad between two slices of good.


Good: the style is nice and flowing but the interesting point here is the intrigue and world building. The world of flow is a middle age society with a distinct noble caste which is effectively distinct from commoners. The struggle is real and we feel for the characters. The world itself is detailed with descriptions, original cities etc and a diverse cast of characters. The battles and action sequences are particularly well done.


Bad: it's related to characters. Without spoiling, a lot of actions or decision are not motivated by rationality and make little sense at the moment. It could be fun once or twice but it occurs so often that I was wondering when the actual adults would show up and how comes some of the characters from all sides of the conflict are not simply executed by their own side for being so damn unreliable. This makes following the story sometimes difficult. If after 50 chapters you are annoyed then don't bother with the rest. 

worst: the romance. The romance is an important part of the story or I suppose it tries to be. Let me be clear. This is the worst romance in fiction I have ever heard the displeasure of reading, watching, or hearing about. Twilight would be better, hell, even the cringy romances on this website are better. Any sort of attachement in the story is based on a hate relationship between toxic insane people with the maturity of a five year old pushing circular arguments for the sake of it. The "tension" is maintained by misunderstandings and stupid decisions. It's awful. I found myself systematically skipping it. Silver lining, since the romance has absolutely no impact on the story, it is entirely possible to skip it to get to the good parts.


the best: if you think Tolkien did a good job creating the elves, the Flow did a good job creating a new species. No spoiler, just know that there is an original species that is as fascinating and complex as it is unique and I honestly am impressed. It has its own culture, society and even biology. Simply incredible. I would recommend trying the book just for that. 

so there I can't more without spoiling. If the bad elements I listed are do not deter you, you will have fun reading this. 


Flow is a unique and underappreciated story about a young peasant woman’s pilgrimage of self-discovery.  It is both tragic and heartbreaking but also strangely cathartic.  Yeah, that, and intelligent plant-bug creatures, a unique magic system consisting of familiar components, action packed battles and duels (magic & physical), and an exploration of love and madness.

Overall, I think the story is very good despite some slow parts.  The author uses a unique formatting style to convey certain emotions; I think it works well but can see why some may not care for it.  There are two other primary characters besides the main POV, but even the large diverse group of supporting cast members are well defined with clear motivations.  No grammar issues whatsoever.


Insane, fun, addicting, sad and fulfilling.

I’ve had a hell of a good time reading this novel. It’s well written and interesting with memorable characters and a very interesting insane MC. The only thing I don’t quite liked was the first arc.


Well, it’s more like I feel it was too rushed. I would’ve liked their initial relationship to be more explored, or at least have more time to develop. The first arc feels like Jess throwing herself at Lance all the time and the only real explanation was ‘love at first sight’. I also understand that building a ‘normal’ relationship between then would not work, because then nothing wouldn’t have happened as consequence.


Anyway, the first act feels a bit cringy to read, but if you can brave thru it, it’s an amazing read!

Luna Lupis

I would advise you to skip straight past this and all other reviews, and commence reading immediately, while your expectations of this story are untainted. But if you must know its themes, then carry on.

If you enjoy unstable characters with multi-faceted personalities and a penchant for violence and sex, then this is for you. If you're a lost lady loving lady, looking for that one spark of a queer fantasy that is more than just a romance; this is for you. If you're looking for an epic tale of hate, love, betrayal, war and rebellion, then this is, also, probably for you. If you're interested in an extensive and destructive saga that renders it's characters near unrecognizable, then keep reading.

This isn't a story where the characters do all the right things and make all the right choices. This is a story where they fuck up, again and again, struggle and fight, over and over, for their beliefs, their lives, their hearts, against order, the world and each other. Failing to deal with crippling pain, they break under their suffering, take advantage of each other, but still try to pursue their goals and find their place in the world; to realise their personal justice even if it means carving it in flesh and blood.
I'm charmed by how horrifically mad they are, and invested in the personal relationships that threaten the structure veiling the truth of the world. Every arc feels like a whole different story. The political situation is a solidly realistic construct, in that it is barely more stable than the minds that wish to overthrow it, and while our protagonist is alarmingly graced with the fortune of inadvertently charming those who cross her path and survive, she is even more likely to disagree with them on some point; likely leading to some form of physical altercation. What I mean to say is; she's no mary sue, she's both too ruthless and too volatile, and suffers plenty for her actions. As DC can quite assuredly confirm, insanity walks hand in hand with charisma after all, so it may only be natural for people to gather at the heart of the conspiracy.

I find this story to be very well balanced between its world and characters, perhaps in understanding that the characters are the result and cause of said world; it feels that it has been made as a whole, not as dwellers of a world or a dwelling for the characters, but together - though either half would have been interesting alone.


My favotie works on this site.

This is my most anticipated story on the site. The only story I currently am a Patreon of. It is very well written and covers so many issues. It is also really unpredictable and has some amazing non human species in it. There is heavy emphasis on a f/f romance but it is not the norm. Anything but. Highly recommended.


Flow presents a robust and balanced system of magic with clear and stable rules and complex consequences but also many mysteries still left to uncover.

The story explores paradoxical topics such as casual insanity, slice-of-life violence or strategic extinction.

World-building is overall at a high quality, with intricate geographical, historical, economical and social relations delivered through engaging exposition, exploring issues as they become imminently relevant to the muderously lovable main character.

Characters and their relationships are highly realistic and the author has talent for depicting the daily grind, keeping grandiose delusions balanced with mundane worries.

The style is decent and action is excellent in terms of tempo, but falls short when it comes to static description, though not for lack of trying.

Reinforcements arrive just in time, subterfuge is suitably clever, but don't expect to ever understand the layout of a town square, much less a tunnel system or a battlefield.

This issue then extends to many other areas - for example, the author is not as good an erotica writer as they seem to believe, given the frequency of explicit scenes.

The emotional side is exquisite, but drowned in limb logistics that leave the reader playing twister in their own head. Also, personally, the overuse of archaic terms to refer to genitalia frequently kills the mood.

Still 5/5 though.


One of the best fantasy web serials

Compared to the usual writing found on RRL or other web novel sites, this is a diamond in the rough. The slightly insane MC, good grammar, interesting and very much NOT clichê story and world... all of them combined make Flow a pleasure to read. (If only there were me steamy scenes with my Lady innocent)


Slow start, gets really awesome!

The story starts off quite slows with the Nothing arc introducing the characters and building the world in the mind of the reader. I read the story when I found it until I caught up (around chapter 32), but decided to take a break there for the chapters to build a bit. I was somewhat sceptical off where the story would go from there to be honest and let it lie in my bookmarks for a while.

Then I saw the title of the second arc and I knew it was time to read again. And I am so glad I did. It didn't go like I thought it would, it went so much better than I could have imagined. I read on the authors website, which has several more chapters posted than RRL, let me just say the story is showing a lot of promise and you should read it.

Great story. Great grammar. Chapters starting to get to the action so to speak. Do yourself a favor and read this amazing story.