The Only Real Cultivator

by Sudra

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Supernatural Wuxia Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Vincent was relaxing in physics class when he and his entire class were teleported into a vast other world, where everybody called themselves cultivators and fought with magical martial arts.

Vincent gained power over plants, allowing him to turn seeds into all sorts of vegetation. He ventures out into this new world filled with phony cultivators to set the record straight. He can make one declaration with absolute certainty, “I am the only real cultivator!”


You will see an overpowered main character with a cheat ability.  You will see "comedy". You will see a normal guy who gets teleported to another world. You will see classic wuxia elements like Qi cultivation and alchemy.  You will see grammar from a native speaker. You won't see a ruthless MC who kills everybody that offends him. You won't see harem. 

It's essentially everything I like about light novels, web novels, and wuxia all shoved into one story. 

If you’d like an unholy mix of overpowered main character, wuxia, fantasy, and LitRPG - give The Only Real Cultivator a try.

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  • Overall Score

A cultivator who controls plants? While it's an interesting idea I doubt very highly the author sat down and gave this idea rules and tried to understand it fully before implementing it. While 70% of the plants can maybe be said to follow rules, the author will often go silly and include things like tire spinning plants that somehow don't tear themselves apart from twisting too much. Or see through plants. Yeah, plants that can't actually obsorb sunlight... But it sure made a convient window huh?... The main character is easily the biggest problem of this story though. When he as a character isn't being broken to facilitate whatever plot idea is currently in the authors head he's being his normal low IQ and EQ self. If you've ever read a japanese light novel you already know this person. He's that guy, the dumb one who has plot armor woven into the very core of his story.

I really feel like the cultivation plant user concept is the only thing carrying this story, everything else hardly places it at the top of the trending fiction list. Which is where I found this story incidentally...

  • Overall Score

Book 1 was pretty solid and original-ish

Book 1 is pretty great, read it! It isn't the most original Isekai wuxia, but it's definately above average.

I'd wait for book 2 to be more... fleshed out... personally though.

  • Overall Score
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This novel is quite enjoyable, I’m at chapter 24 and find the chapters well written and properly paced.

I recommend this novel if you like an OP MC who uses his brain and doesn’t go around killing all his obstacles in cold blood.

I look forward to future chapters and to read how the MC will handle himself in the new world.

  • Overall Score

The most idiotic fiction

Don’t bother. The MC is the most naive, idiotic person ever written. She tried to crack open my brain? Poor woman, I will leave her with handcuffs I known she can get out of and go have fun in the city. Oh! I’m not a fucking idiot, I told her to stay there! No way an enemy spy wouldn’t follow the direction of her pseudo-jailor.

The natives of this ruthless cultivator world? If they are to be the allies of our MC, they’ve prior to their encounter been infected by the idealistic modern morales syndrom. Sect master, looks, a spy! ‘Oh, we can’t even think about killing her, how about you take care of her, moronic MC?’

  • Overall Score

Keep it please, thanks for the story so far 

  • Overall Score

This story had some promise, but by about chapter 20, I have given up. First, there was just too much stick when it came to the meeting of Jin and Chen Wei about cultivators. I get that not everyone will know no what a cultivator is but Jin admitted to reading light novels within the first couple of chapters, so he had to have come across the term, and he even did the routine with alchemist. Then there is the crisis of conscience when it comes to the spy. It seems like he should have already been adjusting his moral system when he realized he was in a new world. If the author went down a more traditional path of xianxia or xuanhuan, the premise would work so much more. Now it just seems that Jin will stumble into success and those stories are not fun.  

  • Overall Score

So far I'm liking everything you are putting out. I would take some time to go over your earlier chapters, though, because one of your status screens with Fluffpile/Fullfpile has errors in chapter 3. It's right at the top so you can't miss it. I disagree with Monoliith's review also. The difference between a harem and friendship is the romantic tension and there isn't any in your story as far as I can tell. So, good job, good luck, and I'm looking forward to Chapter 41.

5 Stars for entertainment value. -.5 for all of the errors in editing but you are getting there.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A relaxed and easy to read story!

Revised version

Style is one of the stronger points, with a consistent and good layout. Grammar is overall good, but a bit from a perfect score. Story isn't anything grand, but the setting and worldbuilding is excellent. The protagonist is fleshed out, though does have some inconsistencies every now and then. I believe side characters will develop more, as it's still a bit early.

  • Overall Score

thus drug deal- errr... pharmaceuticals have born

after I read to chapter 46 ,there are some of culture thing the mc see are feel very silly and hillarious ,like that "Call me daddy" or the incense that actually "Weed" ,of course they have some legit reason but it still funny as hell,this novel although do have some plot hole or a bit bad writing,but it still good if you just read this for pass time and relaxing 

  • Overall Score

Its somewhat original, good characters, good story, no harem or many cliches.interesting power, not too op but still op.