Late Night at Lund's

by BethLyons

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Book 1 - Late Night at Lund's is available for sale on Amazon. 

Book 2: The Lockwood Quest continues the story! 

A dental hygienist walks into a bar.....

Dental hygienist Isa Chamberlin thought the biggest challenge in her life was getting over a messy breakup, but when she pops into a new neighborhood bar, she finds herself in a different world, one filled with wizards, spells, and monsters. Join Isa as she explores unfamiliar surroundings, uncovers new skills, and learns to level. Magic and monsters, allies and enemies, romance and danger, all of it just on the other side of a simple door. 

"Wear these bracers with pride.” the half-orc slid first one bracer and then the other over Isa’s forearms. “Fight with your heart,” he said as he pulled the laces tight. “And come back with a story to tell. That is what an adventurer does.” .......


Thank you for reading, and if you like the story, please rate and review. Isa and I would both like to level up!

This story uses the 5th Edition Open Gaming License for game mechanics. I roll dice for combat outcomes and all skill checks.... which is sometimes surprising!

 One side note - I don't have a "sexual content" tag on - this is more romance than romp. But that might change! 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Late Night at Lund’s ago
Chapter Two: The Noob Lands ago
Chapter Three: The Quest Economy ago
Chapter Four: Fedru's House ago
Chapter Five: Meeting Mery ago
Chapter Six: Leveling Up ago
Chapter Seven: The Fighter ago
Chapter Eight: Morgan's Tannery ago
Chapter Nine: The Temple of Fazar ago
Chapter Ten: Gimble's Second Hand ago
Chapter Eleven: Traveler's Rest ago
Chapter Twelve: Bandits on the High Road ago
Chapter Thirteen: The Big City, Part 1 ago
Chapter Fourteen: The Big City, Part 2 ago
Chapter Fifteen: At the Sign of The Silver Buckle ago
Chapter Sixteen: The Surgical Fighter ago
Chapter Seventeen: Hushed Voices ago
Chapter Eighteen: Feldspicer's ago
Chapter Nineteen: Beggar’s Lane ago
Chapter Twenty: Beware the Bards ago
Chapter Twenty One: The Sneak-Stab, Part 1 ago
Chapter Twenty Two: The Sneak-Stab, Part 2 ago
Chapter Twenty Three: The Heart of Valor ago
Chapter Twenty Four: The Friend Economy ago
Chapter Twenty Five: Ignorance is Not Bliss ago
Chapter Twenty Six: Tinero’s Treatise on Conjuration ago
Chapter Twenty Seven: The Quest Economy Revisited ago
Interlude 1: Lund ago
Chapter Twenty Eight: Whetstone ago
Chapter Twenty Nine: Rescue, Part 1 ago
Chapter Thirty: Rescue, Part 2 ago
Interlude 2: Mery's Character Sheet ago
Chapter Thirty One: One Man’s Treasure…. ago
Chapter Thirty Two: ….Is Another Man’s Loot ago
Chapter Thirty Three: Religion 101 ago
Chapter Thirty Four: The Messenger ago
Chapter Thirty Five: The Message ago
Chapter Thirty Six: More Magic ago
Chapter Thirty Seven: Blade Dancer ago
Chapter Thirty Eight: The Book of You ago
Chapter Thirty Nine: Wat ago
Interlude 3: Wat's Character Sheet ago
Chapter Forty: The Road to Bywater ago
Chapter Forty One: Tinero’s Workbook ago
Chapter Forty Two: Arcane Traditions ago
Chapter Forty Three: Isa’s Performance Check ago
Chapter Forty Four: Parlor Tricks and Other Falsehoods ago
Chapter Forty Five: Gerry Tinero’s Third Spellbook ago
Chapter Forty Six: Spell Scrolls ago
Chapter Forty Seven: Revelations ago
Chapter Forty Eight: Going to Tinero’s Cottage ago
Interlude 4: Joth's Character Sheet ago
Chapter Forty Nine: The Gig Economy ago
Chapter Fifty: Random Encounter ago
Interlude 5: Behind the Combat ago
Chapter Fifty One: The Cottage ago
Chapter Fifty Two: Random Loot ago
Chapter Fifty Three: Sword for Hire ago
Chapter Fifty Four: Go by Tree ago
Chapter Fifty Five: The Loot Economy ago
Chapter Fifty Six: Cooper’s Rooms ago
Chapter Fifty Seven: Casing the Warehouse ago
Chapter Fifty Eight: The Last King of the Halflings ago
Chapter Fifty Nine: Warehouse Raid, Part 1 ago
Chapter Sixty: Warehouse Raid, Part 2 ago
Interlude 6: Boss Fight! Warehouse Combat ago
Chapter Sixty One: Think of the Children ago
Chapter Sixty Two: Goodbyes ago
Chapter Sixty Three: Clothing Optional ago
Chapter Sixty Four: Breakfast, Beer, and Quests ago
Chapter Sixty Five: Downsizing ago
Chapter Sixty Six: Morning Glory Afternoon ago
Chapter Sixty Seven: Zileek’s Curse ago
Chapter Sixty Eight: The Last Quest, Part 1 ago
Chapter Sixty Nine: The Last Quest, Part 2 ago
Interlude 6: The End of Book 1 ago
Interlude 1a: Introducing Book 2 - The Lockwood Quest ago
Lockwood Chapter 1: The Campaign ago
Lockwood Chapter 2: The Evil Wizard ago
Lockwood Chapter 3: Oaks Bottom ago
Lockwood Chapter 4: Portals ago
Lockwood Chapter 5: Cleric of Lockwood ago
Lockwood Chapter 6: Battle Ready ago
Lockwood Chapter 7: Hal-ghit Hal, Part 1 ago
Lockwood Chapter 8: Hal-ghit Hal, Part 2 ago
Interlude 2a Combat Notes for Hal-ghit Hal ago
Lockwood Chapter 9: Adequate Wisdom ago
Lockwood Chapter 10: Notebooks ago
Lockwood Chapter 11: Plans ago
Lockwood Chapter 12: Riverside Encounter ago
Lockwood Chapter 13: Dinner at Lund’s Tavern ago
Lockwood Chapter 14: Find Familiar and Other Spells ago
Lockwood Chapter 15: Wyvern & Friends ago
Lockwood Chapter 16: The Lockwood Pack ago
Lockwood Chapter 17: Meeting Mery ago
Lockwood Chapter 18: Lund’s to Lockwood ago
Lockwood Chapter 19: The Last Inn ago
Lockwood Chapter 20: Secondhand Luck ago
Interlude 3a: The Bugbear Encounter ago
Lockwood Chapter 21: Mapmakers and Other Oddities ago
Lockwood Chapter 22: The Northern Lights ago
Lockwood Chapter 23: Old Wounds ago
Lockwood Chapter 24: Many Fish River ago
Lockwood Chapter 25: The Ruins ago
Lockwood Chapter 26: Investigation Check ago
Lockwood Chapter 27: Dulrak Gingerfist ago
Lockwood Chapter 28: Bandits! ago
Lockwood Chapter 29: Side Quest: King Menesia’s Tomb ago
Lockwood Chapter 30: The Debate ago
Interlude 4a: Alice's Level 4 Character Sheet ago
Lockwood Chapter 31: The Tomb Entrance ago
Interlude 5a: Dulrak Gingerfist 8th Level Druid ago
Lockwood Chapter 32: Bone and Stone ago
Lockwood Chapter 33: Bardic Inspiration ago
Lockwood Chapter 34: Always Check for Traps ago
Lockwood Chapter 35: Ascension ago
Lockwood Chapter 36: Haunted Tomb ago
Lockwood Chapter 37: Menesia, The Mummy King ago
Interlude 5a: The Mummy King's Tomb Combat ago
Lockwood Chapter 38: Just Business ago
Lockwood Chapter 39: Loot! ago
Lockwood Chapter 40: Unexpected Visitor ago
Interlude 6a: Zombie Bandit Captain Combat ago
Lockwood Chapter 41: Return of the Mummy ago
Interlude 7a Mummy King Combat #2 ago
Lockwood Chapter 42: The Heart of the Tomb, Part 1 ago
Lockwood Chapter 43: Never Split the Party ago
Lockwood Chapter 44: Cultists ago
Lockwood Chapter 45: Guard Duty ago
Lockwood Chapter 46: The Heart of the Tomb, Part 2 ago
Interlude 8a: The Heart Fight ago
Lockwood Chapter 47: Afterglow ago
Lockwood Chapter 48: Secrets in the Tunnel ago
Lockwood Chapter 49: Surfacing ago
Lockwood Chapter 50: The White Feather ago
Lockwood Chapter 51: Notebooks ago
Lockwood Chapter 52: You’re Only as Old as You Feel ago
Lockwood Chapter 53: Old Acquaintance ago
Lockwood Interlude 9a: Isa's Level 6 Character Sheet ago
Lockwood Chapter 54: In Search of a Cleric ago
Lockwood Chapter 55: Mimay Surefoot, Cleric of Bywick ago
Lockwood Chapter 56: The Spy Life ago
Lockwood Chapter 57: Bodies in Motion ago
Lockwood Chapter 58: From a Distance ago
Lockwood Chapter 59: Setting Sail ago
Lockwood Chapter 60: Toward Onyx Hills ago
Lockwood Chapter 61: Spyglass ago
Lockwood Chapter 62: When Threeps Attack ago
Lockwood Chapter 63: Mending Party ago
Lockwood Chapter 64: Weapon Bond ago
Lockwood Chapter 65: Creatures Great and Small ago
Lockwood Chapter 66: The Ranger’s Art ago
Lockwood Chapter 67: Dark Dwarves ago

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Incredibly good and captivating with minor flaws

Late Night at Lund's (henceforth abbreviated as LNL) is a recent addition to RRL, and one of the works that I binge read within a day.

I'll start with an easy one, Grammar
I'm giving this a 4.5, but a 5 here is easily warranted. There are a few too many sentences that had an error or were disjointed or wrong for a perfect score. Do note that this still leaves LNL incredibly good, and I'm probably even making this up as I've been reading it at 2AM. Case in point, nigh perfect, minor errors, nothing a proofreader couldn't fix in 10 minutes.

This one's a bit of a doozy. The narration sometimes goes all over the place. There is insufficient differentiation between narration, monologue, and thoughts, and it has made a couple of sentences and paragraphs messy where they were mashed together. Perhaps it is just me, or because I'm orienting this based on past experiences and advice I've personally received from other writers, but I found that annoying on more than one occasion.
As for the narration itself, it can suffer from being too wide on one shot and too narrow on the other, but I don't think that's as big of a complaint. The author has decided which things are worth being investigated (heh) more and which fell into the background, and that's alright.

This feels like a D&D campaign, and it should, all things considered. However, some of the dialogue and descriptions were glossed over or hurried through, while some monologue, especially on the morality axis of the things, were repeated throughout. While I agree that the latter is important, some key scenes felt lacking because the dialogue felt rushed, misleading, or just flat-out dropped. While this may, of course, be a part of storytelling where more information could be relevant later, as is the example with the name in the latest chapter (66), it felt lacking at times to have subjects and matters dropped (both into and out) for no apparent reasoning.

The characters should be the driving force of the story, and they feel like they are, with a few blips along the way. They are believable, flawed in their own way, and have their own reasons for being a part of the story (albeit some of those fall under the story fallacy mentioned above).

Perhaps this review is too early to be telling of how LNL turns out, but I'll be reading it nevertheless, and it may change should the need arise.

I'm giving this fiction a 5. Yes, my other scores don't quite add up, but the story itself is greater than the sum of its parts.

B Ellerson

Spend a Little Time at Lund's

   “Why does this never happen to me?”

   That was my four-year-old daughter watching a show where a girl is pulled into a magical world and becomes a fairy. I laughed to myself at the whimsical wishes of youth.

   Now jump a head a few months. I find myself riveted by Beth Lyons Late Night at Lund’s, the story of a young woman who finds herself transported to a fantastical world after having played a session of Dungeons and Dragons. At the age of thirty-five, I find myself thinking, “Why couldn’t this happen to me?!” Evidently, whimsical thoughts are not limited to toddlers.

   That thought is a testament to the unique and refreshing story Beth Lyons has created. Even more astounding is the fact that she has managed to capture what makes D&D so enjoyable, something that doesn’t often translate well into books and movies. She has captured the fun and escapism that makes a successful D&D session so enjoyable.

   That said, Late Night at Lund’s is more than just simple escapism and one need not have played Dungeons and Dragons to appreciate the story that is unfolding. Lyons is adept at creating believable characters that readers are eager to return to with each release. The humor is outstanding and well balanced with issues of love, loss, and finding oneself alone in a foreign land, far outside of comfort zones. The pacing is consistently solid, letting the story unfold as it will and masterfully revealing details and backstories as the chapters progress. This is storytelling at its finest.

   Lyons writes, “A bard is a spellcaster, entertainer, musician poet. She can dazzle you, blind you, move you, hurt you, heal you. She can make you see things that aren’t there, miss things that are. A bard will stab you in the kidney with a blade and in the heart with a song.” If she hasn’t played D&D as a bard, she’s missed her calling.

   For any reader looking for something fresh and entertaining, I can’t recommend Late Night at Lund’s enough. Until this reader slips into a realm of Dungeons and Dragons with my own magical character sheet, I will be returning to Lund’s.


Grammarly solid, insufferable lead

Well written, but the whole experience is ruined by the lead. 

Finding herself in a weird situation, and having the luck of finding someone that can help her and give information, she bitches, moans, and acts like a headless chiken. And she has the gall to consider herself someone that "analyses the situation and likes to ponder".

And this is just an example. 

This is written in a style that suggests she's a real 28 years old person. Noppe. No one is that dense.

Unless she is supposed to be the caricature of an insecure gender study vegan "feelings over thinking" entitled brat. But even then, even as a caricature, she's just insufferable.

Hoping that your main character gets mauled by chapter 4 is not a good sign 


great storytelling and characters.  solid and comforting (to those of us who are long time D&D players)  thanks for this.


The flow and polish of this story stands out from the get go as being beyond what I normally expect.   I eagerly look forward to getting to know the characters, as how this world developes.  The dungeons and dragons angle is interesting as well.  I am hooked enough that I will be reviewing the srd while spamming the refresh button in the hopes of new chapters.  A late night indeed!


BethLyons has a literary goldmine in my humble opinion. The story is very very good so far, good characters, and background, not to mention funny as all get out. Isa is smart and ignorant at the same time, the world she finds herself in is worlds away from what she knows and is coping the best she can. The other characters in this story are great and colorful, helpful and infuriating too. It is very well written and I am looking forward to reading more.  :D CHEERS



I've only read the first book as of writing this review, but I have high hopes for the second after a very enjoyable first book. I found the main character Isa likable and generally enjoyed the tone and atmosphere of the story. While some characters seemed a bit aggressive in their social interactions, I felt it was believable considering possible personal and cultural differences between different planes. Isa felt like a real person and acted realistically, there was also a good mixture of positive and negative interactions with the denizens of Varana. Only some battle encounters seemed farfetched, but that's just normal for D&D campaigns.

As an avid D&D player and DM I didn't find the premise of playing the story out or the protocoll chapters after big fights jarring, though I can see that most readers likely wouldn't enjoy them.

My only real critique would be about some of the chapter transitions. At the end of some chapters (mostly at the beginning of the book) something has happened and the chapter ends. The next chapter starts with Isa waking up the next morning. Nothing happened in between but I missed a finalizing sentence like "She went to bed afterwards." Since my expectations for that were not met I went back to the last chapter a few times because I thought I had skipped a chapter.