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1-35 : One can not be perfect at everything


‘...What the hell is this?’

“The Ability Regulation Union has a total of 47 branches across the world and each country has to declare the abilities of these population.” one of the afternoon’s lectures was history. The students had already seen the global history of Pacifica in middle school. At the high school, they were seeing a more in-depth view of the situation and the importance of the Union in the world.

Talia was currently sitting listening to the lesson with a blank face. The words were entering her head, but it just sounded like gibberish for her. ‘...Damn, I don’t even remember the simple situation.’

Talia knew the name of the different continents, main countries, languages, and such, but the history of Pacifica and the Union was foreign for her. She looked at the other students inside the room and seemed to be the only in this situation. Even Sanya and Zesty were focused on the lesson. ‘It can’t be helped.’

Talia turned the pages of her notebook until she arrived at the first page. She then browsed through the book, trying to understand the content. After a good period of time, she closed her book. ‘...This is not made for me. Seriously, why so much stuff happened in only 40 years? At least, I have a general view of the situation.’

Talia had mainly studied science during her time at the Stellar Temple because these notions were common senses for some worlds. It was true that time to time she had to study the general history of a world or countries, but it was never too complex. However, what she had just read now was a hurdle to understand.

The Union had been founded forty years ago by all of the most powerful countries at this time. After the simple exploration of Pacifica, it had been decided to make it the land for the headquarters. However, two main problems had submerged before this.

The first one was the transformation of this total wildland to something habitable for humans. The number of resources needed was not a laughing matter. The countries had to plan and work together to make this new land a living place. The Union City was passed by one of the most important rivers. Harbors were also not located too far from the main cities, making the distribution of products easier. The inner lands were relied on by a vast rail net and other highways. There were towns or cities all over the continent. Pacifica was huge, so there were plenty of places for people to live.

The electrical system was powered by numerous power plants located throughout the land. As the supply of fossil fuel would not be limitless in the future, the energies used were mostly renewable. Food had also been a huge problem. As a neutral entity, the Union could not depend too much on a country for supplies. If by some circumstances, a country rejected the rules made about the regulation of the abilities, the Union would have to deal with supplies issues. To prevent this, the Union had developed its own agricultural system.

Talia’s notebook was explaining in details all of this and this was good enough to make her want to close it. However, the thing that mad her feel that the only bad grade that she would have would be history was all the political events centered around the Union and Pacifica.

Pacifica had been discovered thanks to satellites orbiting around the globe. Naturally, the countries that owned those satellites had wanted to claim this new huge land. Meanwhile, the apparition of the abilities had put the world in a mayhem. So, the question over the ownership of Pacifica had been put on hold, even if joint exploration missions had been sent to understand the topology and such.

After it had been decided that the Union had to be created, the difficulties had laid in who would be in control and where would be located the headquarter. At first, the countries that had first discovered Pacifica claimed that it should be founded on Pacifica and that the control should be let to them.

It was only after two full years that it had been decided that Pacifica would really be the founding place of the Union and that those in control would be elected through votes by the nations’ representatives. The construction of the Union had put the exploration of the continent on hold, but due to the possible resources of those dark zones, exploration missions had resumed for more than ten years now.

Throughout the still short history of the Union, several heads of state had been selected, but what was confusing for Talia was that those people were considerate as CEO. The Union had been founded as a group and not a nation. However, it had a land, a population, a government and an army just like a normal country. Even if it was accepted by everyone as a nation, its statue was still the one of a group.

“Ok, that’s it for today. Have a nice day.” The gentle-looking female teacher smiled as she waited for everyone to finish copy what was on the board before erasing.

“Ah.” Talia came to her senses when she heard those words. She didn’t take note of what was on board because she was trying to understand the different dates and events. She smiled bitterly as she was putting her things away.

‘I should have no problem with science, but that would not be the case for the rest. I will probably have to ask Sanya if needed.’

Talia stood up and grabbed her bag. Zesty approached her and Sanya. She was fidgeting with her head lowered. Talia and Sanya just smiled. “Let’s go home.”

Zesty was not living near the two girls, but she had a bit of the road that was in common. They had decided to walk home together. The three were walking inside the corridor. Suddenly, a voice stopped them. Well, Talia in particular.

“Excuse me. Are you Talia Chevalier?” Talia turned around to the voice, but she had to raise her head to look at the other person. Her eyes opened wide in shock as she gasped. Meanwhile, Sanya was surprised by the boy in front of them. For some reason, Zesty was covering her eyes with her hands. However, one could see that she was peeking through the gaps.

The boy had definitely not the physique of a high schooler. His broad shoulders were stretching his uniform. His bulging muscles were speaking of his impressive physical strength. His height was a good head taller than Talia and his calm brown eyes were on her. The most catching thing about his appearance was his silver-colored short hair.

“I heard that you had won against a D-ranked ability user. Is this rumor true?” Several seconds passed in silence. The boy was waiting for Talia’s answer, but no sound was coming from her. Sanya turned around wondering what was happening when she frowned in confusion.

“...Talia?” Talia was just looking at the boy’s face in a daze. Her eyes were wide open in shock.

“...Prince Hyl’t? No, there is no way.” She suddenly snapped back. Her shocked face was no longer present, but her eyes were still wavering lightly. She folded her arms before replying.

“Yes, I’m Talia, and it’s also true that I beat that somehow strong ability user. Well, I don’t know if we can call this a match.”

The boy closed his eyes and nodded once. He muttered. “‘can call this a match’...As I thought.”

He then bent his knees and prostrated himself on the floor. His voice was clear but strong. “Please, be my teacher.”

“...” Talia’s face was blank. She failed to respond immediately. It was only after a moment that she asked.

“Why do you need a teacher?”

The boy was still prostrating himself, but he still answered. “I need to become stronger because of family issues. To reach this, I trained this body, but there is a limit to how much an ability-less person can go. But, I heard about your strength so, I came to beg you. Of course, there would be a payment if you accept.”

Talia scratched her head awkwardly. “First of all, raise your head. I don’t want people to start thinking that I bully now.”

A moment of silence passed before the young man replied. “...I can’t.”


“I just realized that if I raise my head, I might be able to see under your skirts because of the angle.” Sanya and Zesty immediately held the hem of their skirt down. Also, Zesty’s face turned a redder shade. Talia did nothing as she was wearing a short under her skirt.

“Then, stand up.”

“Yes. I apologize for making this awkward.” He stood up with an expressionless face. Talia sighed out and pointed to a direction.

“Let’s go talk over there.”

“My name is Akim Aym and I’m a first year in the D class.” The four of them were sitting on a bench near the school lawn. The three girls were looking at the boy. Well, Talia and Sanya were looking at his face, while Zesty was taking peeks at his arms. Talia asked.

“Can you tell me the exact reasons why you need to become stronger.” Akim nodded with a calm face.

“Yes, of course. My family has a strong influence in Pacifica. It is involved in a lot projects around the distribution of the energy throughout the continent. However, my father is also very strict and think very highly of the power of the family head. He is an A-ranked ability user. For him, only someone strong has the right to have the controls over the family. As such, he will not let me take over the company unless I prove my strength.” Talia’s eyes turned sharper as she heard his words.

“Oh. If I understand, you seek strength only to have more strength.” Akim had a bitter smile on his face. He was looking at the hot ground heated by the sun. He touched his silver hair.

“It is not that I want to take over. I have to. In the case that I don’t, all the pressure will go to my little sister. She is still 8 years old. However, she has a fairly strong ability, unlike me. I fear that the pressure would be too much for her. I want her to have a normal life and to leave the difficult parts of the family to her brother.” Talia was speechless for a moment. She was looking at the thin air in front of her.

‘...Really. This boy looks too much like prince Hyl't.’ Talia stood up. The others were looking at her.

“...Let me think of this. I will give you my answer next Friday. Is it ok?” Akim bowed his head in her direction.

“Thank you very much. I will be waiting for your reply.”

Talia nodded once and gestured to the two girls. “Let’s go.”


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