Today was the second Monday of the May. So, it was the start of a new week. Class started at 8 in the morning. Her family was the type that woke up early, so it was currently 7:00. When she finished her breakfast, she quickly went into her room to take clothes. A warm feeling welled up in her chest as she entered her room. It was exactly like she remembered.


A room of about 15 square meters. There was a simple bed with some cat, bear and penguin plushies. There was a simple desk with a laptop on it. There was also a closet filled with clothes. A board was placed on a wall near the desk. On this board, there were photos of Talia with Sanya.


Talia took a uniform from the closet and went to take a shower. The uniform was a must in the schools in Pacifica. As school was nurturing the abilities of their students, they needed something to show that a student came from their place. It served as advertising if the student was excellent.


Talia attended Seventh Pacifica-West high school. It was a good school with about a thousand students. The uniform was a light blue skirt with a white shirt. When it was cold there was a deep blue cardigan that could be worn. the school’s emblem was sewed on the shirt and the blouse. The emblem was a blue four-pointed star with the number 7 on it.


She finished her shower and directly went out.

Not so far from Talia’s house, at a public place, a group of three, one girl and two boys, were waiting. No, it was more the girl who was waiting, a boy that didn’t know what to do and the other boy that wanted to go. They wore the same uniform as Talia


“Sanya, If Talia returned her family would have called you.” The boy who wanted to go seemed fed up but he still stayed while giving side glances at the girl named Sanya. He was wearing glasses and was the intellectual type.


Arthur, the other boy, was a bit handsome and looked like he was good at sports. He was a bit reluctant at the idea to go but didn’t voice a protest. ‘William is right, but…’


Only the girl, Sanya Cliff, acted like she didn’t hear anything and kept looking at a specific location. Her eyes were burning with expectations. Her height was a bit more than 1m50. She was quite cute with her blond hair that reached past her shoulder and her green eyes. She felt that today will not be like last week.


After a few minutes, the boy with glasses, named Willian, could not take it anymore. As he was about to speak he saw Sanya with her eyes wide open as she was looking at a figure on the horizon. About 200 meters from them there was the person they waited for. Sanya and Talia were looking at each other as they felt a lot of emotions.




Sanya was about to call her when she suddenly saw a shadow in front of her. She could not react as she was drawn into a hug. She felt Talia’s scent as she had her head buried in her neck. She returned the hug as she spoke.


“...I missed you.”


“...Me too, I wanted to see you for so long, so long.” a weak voice answered back. Sanya was delighted when she heard her voice. But something still felt strange. 10 days might be long, but she felt that she meant something else by ‘so long’. But she didn’t ask more. If she wanted to talk, she will listen. She could wait.


They rested in each other's arms as if they were in their own world. They forgot about everything and just wanted to enjoy the moment. However, someone disrupted it.


“Talia, are you alright?!” Arthur approached them with relief in his eyes. Sanya gave him a sideways glance regretting the fact that she will have quit Talia’s embrace. But seconds passed and Talia was still not responding. Sanya looked up at Talia, to see her with a big smile on her face. She had tears at the corner of their eyes. Her gaze was filled with a lot of feelings. Like happiness, affection and even love...


‘!’ Sanya blushed when she saw her face. She wanted to caress her cheek and draw her face closer but she remembered that somebody was watching them. She averted her gaze with difficulty and finally tried to wake up Talia from her world.


“Talia, there is Arthur and William watching.” Her whisper seemed to have worked as she finally looked up at the boy. Arthur became a bit red as his head lowered. Seeing this Talia simply tilted her head with a pondering face.


‘Arthur and William? Who is it? Crap, I nearly forgot everyone besides my family and Sanya. Mmmmmh… If I remember correctly Arthur is the one with a dumb face while William is the lame intellectual type student.’


Talia was normally not someone with a foul mouth but after these 50 years, her personality also underwent a change. Before she was a quiet girl that was easily afraid. Now if someone were to be hurt before her eyes she would still remain expressionless. Unless that someone is dear to her.


“Arthur? What is it?” She asked the boy while still holding Sanya. William who was watching this had his mood turning bad.


“Are you ok? What happened during this week ?” He was relieved that she was safe, but he still wanted to know. Sanya was also curious but she waited for Talia to tell it herself. She still looked up in expectation.


Seeing her gesture, Talia smiled and placed her mouth near her ear. She whispered softly.

“I will tell you the truth after school.”


This action only worsened William’s mood as he frowned. Arthur only saw it as a sign of friendliness between two friends. Sanya blushed like crazy while she was still clueless.


“Let’s talk about it while going to school.” Talia’s smiling face seemed a lot different than a week ago.



On the way to school Talia was telling the story she came up with. She was also holding hand with Sanya on her right side. Arthur and William somehow accepted this explanation, while Sanya was wondering what Talia meant with the ‘truth’. What she just told is a lie? Why does she have to lie? All these questions spun around her head.


‘Nethertheless, she strangely looks cooler and more confident than before.’ The Talia that she remembered was a shy girl that was easily scared. Now she walked with her back straight and confidence pouring out of her.


Sanya was not the only one to notice the changes. William also looked at Talia with suspicious eyes. ‘...Is it really Talia? Her appearance is the same but it’s like her personality completely changed. And more importantly, when did she and Sanya became so intimate ?’


Flames of jealousy burned inside his heart but he tried his best to hide it. However Talia understood that someone was somewhat jealous, but she could not care less. She was sure of her victory the moment Sanya blushed when she saw her face! She just needed one last push and what she longed for 50 years will become true!


Talia was secretly having a smug face.


After 10 minutes of walking, they arrived at school. The four of them were in the same class. There was some time before the teacher came. When they entered the room, everybody’s line of sight converged on them, or rather on Talia. Rumors said that she ran away from home and that she tried to kill herself. She naturally became the hot topic of the moment. Her sudden appearance raised a new series of interrogation. Could it be that these rumors were fake and she was just sick enough to not go to school during an entire week? Nobody knew. Meanwhile, a new problem arose for Talia.


‘...I remember nobody’s name.’ 50 years ago she was still a normal 1st year so she didn’t know a lot of people. She also didn't have enough courage to speak to others. So this is the result. Then the best she could do was to greet everyone.


“Good morning, everyone” while the class was stunned by the greeting of the normally quiet girl, Talia went directly to her seat. The reason why she knew where her seat was or what subjects she had today was not that of her memory, but thanks to a document that she found in one of her notebooks this morning. It was a document gave by the school at the start of the year.


She put her bag on the side of her table and went where Sanya’s desk. She wanted to talk more with her. But as she was walking toward her table a group of three girls blocked her way. The leader had a face filled with arrogance as she glared at Talia.


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