I Came Back In Order To See You

by Lararion

1980, a new land appeared in the Pacific Ocean, alongside specials abilities. Humans capable of creating fire with only a simple thought, or others with senses greatly enhanced.

40 years later, a student from this new land disappeared from the surface of earth. After working in another worlds for 50 years and gained colossal powers, she finally came back in order to see the one that she longed for the most. However, only 10 days passed in her world. 


*Will NOT contain : rape, attempt of rape, NTR      WILL contain : Yuri (Girls Love)*

**English is not my native language, so I might make mistakes. I will try my best on this point**

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue : After 10 days/50 years ago
1-1 : Home and a lie ago
1-2 : Sanya Cliff ago
1-3 : The situation at school ago
1-4 : A question ago
1-5 : A noisy lunch ago
1-6 : Inside the Chamber ago
1-7 : Outside and inside ago
1-8 : An invitation ago
1-9 : One must respect a day off ago
1-10 : The start of the explanation ago
1-11 : No matter who you are ago
1-12 : This is magic ago
1-13 : Even stronger than this ago
1-14 : Finally ago
1-15 : Her answer ago
1-16 : A strange situation ago
1-17 : An uninvited guest ago
1-18 : The one called Lord ago
1-19 : A warning ago
1-20 : End of the day ago
1-21 : Embarrassing ago
1-22 : A good way to start a day ago
1-23 : The proper way to eat a candy ago
1-24 : Countdown ago
1-25 : Union Center ago
1-26 : The meeting ago
1-27 : The world strongest man ago
1-28 : The confrontation ago
1-29 : The end of the fight ago
1-30 : The role of a Protector ago
1-31 : The truth ago
1-32 : The Devourer ago
1-33 : The death of a Seraphin ago
1-34 : Sometimes one is better than two ago
1-35 : One can not be perfect at everything ago
1-36 : On the way home ago
1-37 : The arrival of the clumsy headmaster and the small transfer student ago
1-38 : A sweet bait ago
1-39 : Inside the Chamber, once again ago
1-40 : The mystery around Talia's Sword and the Radiant Bell ago
1-41 : The answer to Akim's demand ago
1-42 : One hellish training ago
1-43 : Healing a breakdown ago
1-44 : A good break ago
1-45 : She forgot ago
1-46 : A shift at Sun Bread ago
1-47 : One tall and three small ago
1-48 : Airhead ago
1-49 : Up there ago
1-50 : It once again moved ago
1-51 : The promised day ago
1-52 : When sweet becomes sugar ago
1-53 : Here from the beginning ago
2-1 : A new week ago
2-2 : Courage to not fall down ago
2-3 : More than just a barrier ago
2-4 : Leashed tiger ago
2-5 : Hydration is important ago
2-6 : The importance of training ago
2-7 : Will the cat take the bait ago
2-8 : Attagirl ago
2-9 : A sweet bribe ago
2-10 : A certain ability user Rachel ago

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Title: I Came Back In Order to See You

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Yuri
Protagonist: A girl that is strong enough to destroy a continent.
Setting: A sci-fi world with superpowers
Tension Level: Low

Basic Premise: the mc has just came back after 50 years of training and saving worlds, and she would finally meet her best friend again...

Chapter Content: still in the prologue (kinda). about the effect of the mc coming back, like dueling someone who used to bully her, planned meeting with goverment, Q&A session with the best friend.

Chapter Reached: 1-21
Personal Opinion: I like yuri, and I like OP MC, so I like this fiction


A story for OP MC lovers

Reviewed at: 2-9 : A sweet bribe

Plot: Some Esper power appeared on earth. The story is about a weak and bullied high school girl that got picked up by some sci-fi allien. She stayed and trained with them for 50 years. She came back to Earth extremelly powerful but only 10 days passed on earth (so she will stay young and continue her daily life but with OP power in addition). She will meet again her old friends, face the people that bullied her, etc...

This story include (very minor spoil here):
- Very OP mc (physical strenght, speed, endurance, wisdom, magic, math/physics knowledge, OP equipment).
- A bit of  yuri but not a harem
- The MC will get involved with politics (in a good ways)
- We get some POV of others characters trying to find out "WHO IS THIS GIRL???!!"
- 3rd person narrator but it explains the thought of the characters
- Some grammar mistake here and there but not really a problem to understand the story
- The MC is NOT dense
- The world building is well done and thought ahead (some mystery from chapter 1 get resolved only at chapter 50+)
- The MC will train others characters

If you like light-hearted story with OP mc and don't mind if there is not that many action or tension, then you will like this story like I do! The story is more about interaction between our OP mc and the others characters, the MC can just one-shot anyone anyway if she is serious XD


You overexplain everything turning it into a bore to read. The "old show don't tell" is a perfect example of how to do it right.


I'm Loving It, please keep writing!

 Thanks for the chapters, Author.

I'm totally in for some yuri love <3


Eh. A fine time waster and nothing more. The style reminds me of essays I wrote in middle school, right up to strong strength and powerful power; verbs, nouns, and adjectives are regularly switching places (For all that is unholy, appearance and apparition are not the same thing). Characters are flat, but cute. Story's rather basic, not standing out in any way - good or bad. It all boils down to one thing: if cute girls doing cute girls is worth it for you on its own, might as well give it a shot without high expectations.