Am i a goddess? A devil? No i am a lizard

Am i a goddess? A devil? No i am a lizard

by devilpyro

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content



A rotten country has summoned heroes without anyone’s permission like usual.


The three heroes are like any normal heroes - They accept their task to save the world.

However, when the fourth hero appeared...


She got caught in the middle of playing eroge.

This is a story of a girl who does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, to live the way she wants.

Not as a villain or a hero, but as a pervert.

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Word Count (12)
4th Anniversary
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I dont understand much of what is happening in this story. My suggestion is that you plug this into a spelling and grammar checker. Then proof-read this before you submit. Sorry if this sounds harsh. Altogether the plot is pretty good and versitile but please, for the love of god, at least check what you write at least once before you submit.


Not sure why I wrote this review

Reviewed at: Chapter 75

Made it to chapter 74 then... just no. Story diverged too much from the summary and went in multiple, bad directions. This wouldn't necessarily be unfun to watch but it is not a good read. Most of the punchlines rely on sterotypes and cliche interactions, lacking zing.

After season 1 (~ch 25), this becomes a bunch of anime episodes strung together in an almost incoherent fashion. This is some Ulysses level maddness without the artsy langauge or redeeming cultural value. Author seems to get an idea, thinks "hey, that'd be a funny/dramatic scene for character x", then author writes scene regardless of any relevance to the story. You'll find yourself reading scenes from years in the future, the past, side-characters, rando monsters, and most of them are tired tropes. Ok, not really. All of them are tired tropes. These could be a fun method of world building but they come off as filler at best.

After reading through several of the 'filler episodes' (which are multiple chapters long) I gave up. Not worth my time. MC seemed a little interesting and fun at the start, then it just... ugh. The dream a cute pervert wandering the world is never realized. At some point she becomes a crazy, sadistic super-OP killing machine that rants about not dying and revenge. Not sure if her personality stays that way but I'm not gonna find out.

Oh, the rants come in a weird, overly dramatic, almost (but definitely not) poetic style that doesn't help the novel. One clause per line and sometimes less than that with double spaces between lines. It reads like someone did some translation work and didn't clean up by putting the sentences together. The author clearly knows what should be a sentence, looking at the periods. It was OK the first time but it happened over and over again so it got old real quick.

Many reviews complain about the grammar and spelling. It is at the level of a mediocre translation of an isekai novel. I found all chapters to be relatively easy to understand (linguistically; many other things are incomprehensible,) with a few quirks expected of SE Asian first language. The author has an editor now that is going through the back chapters and they look pretty good. They should be run through a word processor and spell checked/grammar checked as there are still minor errors. LibreOffice is free, just sayin'.


Also, when you get to 'Season 2' you'll go "WTF?" Know that it is safe to skip.


tried reading hoping for the mc to conquer through her own perversions but was disappointed. 



If this is 'AFTER' some clearing .... When I imagine how it must have looked like ... The only option would be to go for my corkscrew to gouge my eyes out. If by passable grammar you count 1 error per 2 sentences then yes, grammar IS passable. Errors span everything from use of english, through butchering narration tense, to pure interpunction.




After gouging your eyes out the story itself happen to be ... em ... ~~so ~~so, quite enjoyable even. It's quite enjoyable meal, served on the trash bin cover, flipped ringht into your face, that comes with a dessert, containing head of Grammar-chan with an icing made of your eyes that have been gouged out after first 3 chapters.




After I reached blighted zone, I meant the uneddited one. I saw ... the reason to look for my corkscrew. Author seems to use dice while writing. Score of 1 results in change to Present tense, 2 equals to change to Past tense, 3 is a sentence in correct tense without an error, that happens to be obligatory in any other case, 4 is a change of a narrator and reroll with a k3 dice, and 5-6 add one more error and reroll with a k6 dice.




To sum up ... story itself may be ... even good... but how it's served make you want to find the author, mount him, and hammer the grammar rules into his head, repeatedly. And sue him for getting blind.




Edit after 120 chapters: 


If you think it will get better at chapter ~50 .... think again.


When the author has ADD, and just can't be bothered with things like grammar.

Reviewed at: Chapter 143

Style: It's kinda like what you'd get from a MTL, but sometimes worse, and sometimes better.

Story: Plot? Sure that's 'technically' there. Conclusions to any problem introduced into the story for plot? non-existant. A problem from chapter 10 is still a problem at chapter 142. The author plays with a plot hook for 10 chapters, gets bored and moves on, and probably forgets about them later. Oh, excuse me, he solved 2 plot hooks, by wiping out that first kingdom, and the one plot hook of transending lvl 99 via the MC listening to a lecture that took place in the background via 2 sentences at the end of 12 chapters of filler. Or he introduces a character for a couple of chapters to add backstory, or to do 'something' then wanders off and writes something else. Insert random side story here and there that does nothing for the main plots. Insert random one shot for no reason instead of putting it in it's own story. Thus why I think the author has ADD. What IS the end goal? At one point it was for the MC to get revenge. She forgot. Another was to get her body back, she forgot. What's she doin right now? Makin' a crusade for lolz.

Grammar: I mean, the man says he doesn't like western writing in the prologue, and can't care to try and improve. Meaning what you get in the first few chapters is exactly what you get is the latest chapters. Bad punctuation. Incorrect word usage for existing words. To the effect of "they're is should all died" is probably a thing.

Character: they exist? The MC is violent, insane, loses focus all the time, and is a psychopath. Trully a villainous lead is appropriate. Good people or bad, she'll steal, kill, con, molest, and lie. It doesn't matter so long as they entertain her. Even this war she's been building for 100 chapters is just for her entertainment.

Alot of characters get introduced and a good portion of the novel is just on their stories. But at 142, it really feels like none of the side characters matter to the story, and are just puppeted for the author's entertainment. When it feels like anyone can die at anytime, I just can't care about the 20 chapters dedicated to the heroes, or the 2 dedicated to wolfjob, or the 12 dedicated to Iskandor or what ever his name is. I really feels like half the story is filler that won't matter in the end. If the MC were anyone else, I'd care about the npcs, but with an MC bent on killing off a large portion of the planet's population, I just can't.

Overall summary: Only read this if you're supremely bored and part masochist. Protip: just skim the chapters, there's alot of pointless writing added. As of 142, there's no point in reading whole sections like when the the MC goes to the Lily empire to convince them to join the war, the side stories, the trancendant arc, the loli ranger and subsiquent molestation of said lolis by the MC part, the one shot, and any of the hero parts.


Theres no dang lizards, and all of the characters have the compitence of a 5 year old child?Oh danger sure i'll go ahead and risk my life for people who abducted me.


Why such the bad reception?

For anyone reading this review, it was writen after mu'er, draconic and ddclash wrote their revews. as such it could be considered the most up to date in regards to the state of the web series.

Style score: in regards to the way this storys sentance structure, it is akin to the way japanese web novels are written, with short, simple to read sentences.

Story score: the story isn't anything special, but its not that bad either. its not going to win any medals sure, but its not bad enough to throw in a dumster fire. its got a female mc too which is kinda refreshing

Grammer score: the gammer seems to have been cleed up alot. i have no issues with the first 25 or so chapters other than the occasional missed word.

Character score: the characters in this series a slightly one dimensional however thats mostly because they dont get a whole lot of screen time (in the earlier chapters). the characters are likable though, so its all good.

Overall: enjoyable and nice to binge read. the story itself is easy to understand without being too simple, and allows you to sit back and enjoy withought having to think all that much.