Yeah it sounded like a good plan and I've always loved Sci-Fi but...I just can't get it on you know?

I've tried writing and it's sounding good so far but...I'm stuck.

I don't know where I want the story to go anymore...And I've learned from my past stories that if it's not fun to write at the start it's not gonna be later on...

So I'm abandoning this idea :/

If anyone wants to take this idea and write their own, even with the same title and premise...Hell if you want to continue writing from where I left over?

Go for it. I honestly would love to see what you would come up with...

But I'm moving on to try something else...Maybe that'll turn on the bulb in my head...

- Author just made himself cringe - Acheivement unlocked...


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Bio: Amateur author with non-mother tongue English who loves disturbing backstories and...Mmmm....cliffhangers....

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