Legends of The Great Savanna - Complete Book 1, Ongoing Book 2

Legends of The Great Savanna - Complete Book 1, Ongoing Book 2

by BigMartyrs

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Welcome to the Great Savanna!

Explore hidden adventure within expansive grasslands, protect the unique race known as Martyrs, and discover the Legends of the Great Savanna.

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Martyrs are a unique type of creature. They are born as tall as you or me and grow to twice our size. When they are cubs, their fur is the same golden brown as Savanna grass. Playful at heart, Martyr cubs prowl and hunt like humanoid lions. When they reach adulthood, their features harden. They begin walking on two feet, making it easier to handle the weight of their Ancient Oaths.

James is a normal type of human; short on cash, and desperately trying to build a life for himself. His parents died when he was a young teen, leaving only his little brother Michael behind. They made it through together, but James knew they would never have a comfortable life. So when the military approached him with a high paying contract, James couldn’t refuse. That was how he became the first person ever to enter a fully immersive virtual reality world.

Join James as he saves the life of a rambunctious Martyr cub, is adopted into their clan, and uses magical spells and abilities to help his new family grow from a small band of survivors on the run, into what they once were: ancient and powerful protectors of the Great Savanna.


LitRPG Categories = Town Building, Warrior Mage Main Character (MC), Tower Defense, No Logout.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The Village ago
Chapter 2 - The Chieftain ago
Chapter 3 - Wisdom Strategy ago
Chapter 4 - The Chieftain's Advisor ago
Chapter 5 - Abilities & Quests ago
Chapter 6 - Morning on the Savanna ago
Chapter 7 - Flattened ago
Chapter 8 - String ago
Chapter 9 - Somber ago
Chapter 10 - Journey ago
Chapter 11 - Fight! ago
Chapter 12 - Scythed ago
Chapter 13 - Time ago
Chapter 14 - Training Ground ago
Chapter 15 - Enemy Heroes ago
Chapter 16 - Souls ago
Chapter 17 - ReSpawns ago
Chapter 18 - Broken ago
Chapter 19 - The Chieftain’s Advisor 2 ago
Chapter 20 - The Chieftain 2 ago
Chapter 21 - Martyr’s Rage ago
Chapter 22 - Hidden Powers ago
Chapter 23 - Delirium ago
Chapter 24 - Portal ago
Chapter 25 - Soul Merchant ago
Chapter 26 - Cold ago
Chapter 27 - A Warm Hearth ago
Chapter 28 - Winter Cubs ago
Chapter 29 - Hole Up ago
Chapter 30 - A Prakx Problem ago
Chapter 31 - Short Sword ago
Chapter 32 - A Prakx Solution ago
Chapter 33 - Farming ago
Chapter 34 - A Praxk Mistake ago
Chapter 35 - Beauty & The Chieftain ago
Chapter 36 - Michael’s Mind ago
Chapter 37 - Return to Hell ago
Chapter 38 - Party of Prisoners ago
Chapter 39 - Michael’s Revenge ago
Chapter 40 - Ogrim’s Surprise ago
Chapter 41 - Doom Belly ago
Chapter 42 - Super Doom Belly ago
Chapter 43 - Logistics ago
Chapter 44 - The Last Seed ago
Chapter 45 - The First Legend ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1 - The Village ago
Book 2 - Chapter 2 - Game Life ago
Book 2 - Chapter 3 - Group Training ago
Book 2 - Chapter 4 – The Ancient Library ago
Book 2 - Chapter 5 - Building ago
Book 2 - Chapter 6 - Village Reports ago
Book 2 - Chapter 7 - The Great Tundra ago
Book 2 - Chapter 8 - Meteor ago
Book 2 - Chapter 9 - The Oana ago
Book 2 - Chapter 10 - Inveigler ago
Book 2 - Chapter 11 - Earthen Wall ago
Book 2 - Chapter 12 - Oana Mystic ago
Book 2 - Chapter 13 - The Shaman & The Mystic ago
Book 2 - Chapter 14 - Burning ago
Book 2 - Chapter 15 - Onward ago
Book 2 - Chapter 16 - Omero ago
Book 2 - Chapter 17 - Disorder ago
Book 2 - Chapter 18 - Gill's Tavern ago
Book 2 - Chapter 19 - Pestle Club ago
Book 2 - Chapter 20 - Perturber's Keep ago
Book 2 - Chapter 21 - Sorrell ago
Book 2 - Chapter 22 - Spikes ago
Book 2 - Chapter 23 - Partial Elucidation ago
Book 2 - Chapter 24 - Underworld ago
Book 2 - Chapter 25 - Boneminar ago
Book 2 - Chapter 26 - James's Worst Nightmare ago
Book 2 - Chapter 27 - Home ago
Book 2 - Chapter 28 - Human Error ago
Book 2 - Chapter 29 - Quake ago
Book 2 - Chapter 30 - Patrick's Mom ago
Book 2 - Chapter 31 - Maelstrom ago
Book 2 - Chapter 32 - Lost ago
Book 2 - Chapter 33 - Campfire Friendship ago
Book 2 - Chapter 34 - Frode ago
Book 2 - Chapter 35 - Patrick ago
Book 2 - Chapter 36 - Leatherworker ago
Book 2 - Chapter 37 - Turn In ago
Book 2 - Chapter 38 - Traders ago
Book 2 - Chapter 39 - Frode & Frode ago
Book 2 - Chapter 40 - Dungeon Day ago
Book 2 - Chapter 41 - First Floor Complete ago
Book 2 - Chapter 42 - Soul Harvester ago
Book 2 - Chapter 43 - Leader of the Flames ago
Book 2 - Chapter 44 - Shaman ago
Book 2 - Chapter 45 - Little Patrick ago
Book 2 - Chapter 46 - Thimber ago
Book 2 - Chapter 47 - Consort ago
Book 2 - Chapter 47 - Consort ago
Book 2 - Chapter 48 - Quarters & Trade ago
Book 2 - Chapter 49 - The Ancient Books ago
Book 2 - Chapter 50 - Golem Digs Deep ago
Book 2 - Chapter 51 - Aldenraj ago

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Why such a high score despite saying I couldn't read more? 

Simple, a problem with I Have with all the novels of this genre, some don't but more or less at least 90% have the Status problem that Volos explained:"There is a bit of an over-reliance on what I'm coining as "Deus ex calculo machina," or an overriding desire to hang the narrative on needlessly detailed/sysadmin/stats exposition."

The same problem you have with all fiction of this genre or they get too many statuses while other people do the same and can't get status or in this rare case but still happens the MC put points in a stupid status knowing nothing about it but in the end was the 'best' choice, I like this novel but in this novel this glaring flaw becomes even more apparent because he just 'fail' too much and yet keep going what he thinks is right, WIS while good and even his friends said it, should be used sparsely, while good it is bad we do not know the 'cap' of this world if there is none ok but for all everyone know there is a cap and every point in WIS is a point wasted(chapter 14 we don't know anything about WIS to justify the use the MC so faithfully see), if later he fights a monster max level with not even one point in WIS he is fucked(while he has wasted points to get to the end game faster the monster would have these points where he would be stronger so while i agree that is a good statuses to use if possible i would not put even one point in it given a choice) unless here he does the same thing Once a hero did just X status matter the rest doesn't so the MC is right regardless of what the others do.

He is little right but would still be smart to put one point WIS another in himself(warrior or mage, mage route I think because of his necklace) he couldn't even kill a chicken he said he couldn't receive a lot of hits his new family almost got extinct and yet he keeps going his way saying to all the world he is right but failing every time. while the novel is good this come to the point where in the end this would become something that we all know he did not 'waste' these points they're useful but there is no logic or emotional reason to put a point into it the way he does right now, if he levelled fast and could save something we would understand he did it but right now even in an emotional level there is no reason to even think about it and he keeps doing it all his new family died because he was weak and yet he did not put more points in INT to get stronger or anything at all(I lied even after all this he did not get a class and choose 10 extra points and put 5 in INT while another five points in WIS...) if something like that happens again he would do the same thing it is dumb and in the end because of what author want he would be right.


I very much LOVE!! this story!! The explinations are excellent and the characters are so easy to get attached to! I love Frey and her son <3 and I'm super excited to see james grow more and more! Def. adding it to my list to keep reading <3 very good job! I can't wait for more!!


Pretty immersive so far, definitely promising

From the 5 chapters that are released so far I can say that I will keep reading. Would have given 5 stars if the editing was better and the author didn't leave so much to my imagination - just needs a tad bit more detail. 

Havn't seen the MOBA elements yet but I am excited for that.


Through chapter 10.

This is one of the best constructed LitRPG's on the site.  The grammar is by no means flawless, but the work shows an experienced and well planed mind behind the content.  The style and scope are tight and consistent and the characters are well developed.  The story loses some points for lack any particularly novel or captivating moments, but maintains steady enough pacing that this can be easily overlooked if you're a fan of the genre.

I'm not a fan of most LitRPG's, and I find myself considering following this one (which is about as strong of an endorsement is you can get from me).  There is a bit of an over reliance on what I'm coining as "deus ex calculo machina," or an overriding desire to hang the narrative on needlessly detailed/sysadmin/stats exposition.  I note that complaint is common to the genera, so if you like LitRPG's, you should certainly check this one out.


Great characters, slow plot, beautiful world

Love it so far and cannot wait for more chapters to come out!

Style - a relatively easy read that allows you to get pulled into the story without much extra thought. I usually don't like this style, but it is appropriate when you have numerous game-like systems.

Grammar - no mistakes that made the story impossible to read, but probably hasn't been proffesionally edited.

Story - It takes a bit for the actual plot to be introduced, but the world building was enjoyable in the meantime.

Character - A+ here. Love Torunn! 


Great way to spend an evening

I have started reading book 2 and am enoying it as much as I did book 1. There are a few minor editting issues that need addressing. For example, twice the author meant to say "peeked" but typed "peaked". The issues are not enough to really distract from a well written story, just one of my pet peeves.


My new favorite gamelit!!

Wow, I wasn't sure about this at first but man did the story picks up in a big way.

The characters are realistic and memorable. Grammar was good, but I wish there where more colored items based on their rarity. The only reason I didn't give 5+ stars for the story is because it took awhile to develop. Totally worth it though!


i read alot and this is one of the best books i have ever read! well done truly. i cant wait to read book 2!!!

Spoiler: Spoiler


So, there is a miss mark that this is complete. But latest chapter posted 19 hours ago, changing my review accordingly. Story could use some more details at times but starting off well. 


A well scripted novel within LitRPG

Till chapter 51:


The way story progresses is really interesting and the author puts effort in world building and it shows! 

Overall a must read. Eager to see much more ahead. Keep it up