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WARNING - This story is moving to Amazon slowly but surely. The later chapters are remaining so up-to-date readers can continue to enjoy new chapters. There are 5 chapters, 10,000 words, at the start to inform a reader whether they want to take the plunge. After that, the reader will need to go to Amazon to access the rest of book one. This will also happen with book two soon.

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Daedalus encompasses Etana Daedo's early years and his first steps within the Fortescue Military Academy where he forges friendships and alliances which will last a lifetime. The story takes place within a futuristic, dystopian earth in the year 2142 and explores concepts such as the rise and impact of robot labour and artificial intelligence.

The story follows him, his friends and enemies while they attend Fortescue Military Academy where they learn to build and fight with exos at the first year cadet level. The young cadets are primarily concerned with their academic and competition success within the academy.

Each squadmate is special in some way, it's up to Cadet Daedo to unlock their potential in order to facilitate the success of their squad.

The Squad will evolve as they age and progress through year levels at the Academy, they have the potential to be the best mech engineers and pilots the world has ever seen but will they be ready to defend planet earth by the time they graduate?

Advance chapters available on Patreon

This work is a life goal for the Author.
Even if I have overlong breaks. I will return!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1 - Chapter 1: Legacy ago
Book 1 - Chapter 2: 2139 ago
Book 1 - Chapter 3: Daedalus and Myrmidon ago
Book 1 - Chapter 4: CyberMech ago
Book 1 - Chapter 5: Entrance Exam ago
Book 1 - Remaining chapters On Amazon ago
Book 2 - Amazon ago
Book 2 - Chapter 67: M1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 68: M1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 69: M1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 70: M1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 71: M1 ago
Book 2 - Chapter 72: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 73 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 74: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 74: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 75: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 76: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 77: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 78: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 79: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 80: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 81: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 82: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 83: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 84: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 85: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 86: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 87: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 88: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 89: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 90: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 91: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 92: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 93: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 94: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 95: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 96: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 97: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 98: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 99 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 100 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 101 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 102 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 103 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 104: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 105: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 106: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 107: M1 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 108 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 109 ago
Book 3 - Chapter 110 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 111 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 112 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 113 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 114 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 115 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 116 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 117 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 118 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 119 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 120 ago
Book 4 - Chapter 121 ago

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Winged Thing
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Mechs, Exo Suits and Sci-Fi done right!

This novel is worth your time and you owe it to youself a read if you like one or all of the following:
-Sci Fi
-Good Fiction

It may seem slow to start for some, but I enjoyed it from it's start to where it is currently. Authour has some things he can improve on but it's as close to a perfect novel as you'll find.

  • Overall Score

I enjoy the world and characters this author has created. Mecha stuff is pretty dope. I like how detailed he gets with it.

I am a big sci-fi buff so whenever royal road gets a good one its always a treat.

There were about four months where the author went AFK, and I was pretty sure this was dead, but he is back, and I'm glad he is.

Update 09/12/2019

It has been three months since this novel has gotten a new chapter. I hope the author will come back one day, but I am not holding out hope. As it stands, this is a dead novel which is unfortunate as it was terrific.


Daedalus is a good read, but as it stands, I have to revise my rating until/if the author comes back and also proves a consistent release schedule as this is the second time he has left readers in the dark.



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Suspension of disbelief can only go so far

Despite being well written and with a compelling, intricately crafted world as a backdrop, you'd have to stretch your suspension of disbelief very far in order to take this story at face value. I was unable to do that. 

Some egregious examples:

-12 year olds caught up to current technological and scientific progress to the point of innovating/advancing those fields. (even if you're a supergenius, there's hundreds of years of science to catch up to)

-12 years developing technologies in days and weeks that billion dollar companies didn't  in ~40 years of mech technological development.

-12 year olds running a corporation, and making deals with other corporation, and being taken seriously by adults, and signing deals worth billions of dollars.

-12 year olds physically outperforming teenage kids several years their senior. 


-Despite being aware of an impending invasion for decades, for some stupid and incomprehensible reason the EU government has absolutely no military funding whatsover. I believe the value quoted is .25% of gdp? So 20x less than the current OECD average during the most peaceful period in human history.

-Instead, all military funding is done through tax credits to corporations(wat), who themselves get to maintain standing armies(wat x2) and those corporations publicly intend to fuck off the planet asap. 

Which of course leaves the 12 year old wunderkids to to step in and save the world! Yeah, this story is not for me at all. 


(i could actually see myself liking this story if it wasn't so unbelievable. The writing is good, the characterization is decent, except for Daedo (who became good at everything, even the things that he is stated to suck at), and the setting is for the most part very interesting and well imagined. I'll keep an eye on this authors next project, maybe it will be more to my liking)

  • Overall Score

Really enjoying this story! I like how the backstories of the characters deliver the resources for the team to progress. Really looking forward to where this goes. Good Job!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Its just too good

My bet would be that this could actually be adapted to an anime or whatever

its just too good


it has story, style, spyce and everything nice

No problems with grammar

so what are you waiting for?

read it right now..it wont be long until it reaches top 10 fictions

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I just didnt want to put it down.

Really great story

i like the Charakters even if the main Character is a bit too Op with his A.I. After the first 40 Chapters it gets alot better. I also felt like the autor knows his sience.  The writing is great. I especially like the team that gathered in squad Zero they each have a lot more personality than most other non protagonist on this site.

I read a lot and it is one of the great ones on the internet. If you put it on amazon i buy it .



  • Overall Score

Story just pulls you in.

No errors found. Interesting story. Weird but likable MC. Side characters are interesting as well.

  • Overall Score

This is definitely one of my favorites on this site. 

What I like is that the characters are distinct and interesting. That is quite a feat on this website as most stories either have characters that feel the same or are simply just cookie-cutter archetypes. 

I also like the take on the genius OP MC. The main character still feels real and believable even though he is absurdly smart, and that is because he has weaknesses. His physical abilities are weaker that a lot of his squad and classmates, but he still succeeds in spite of it. Hopefully you keep that weakness throughout the story as it is the only thing keeping the MC from not feeling ridiculous and the story having a sense of tension.

As for the plot, I like that there is a sense of mystery and that we don't know what exactly is going on because the MC is too inconsequential to know what is going on. Thats a great way to create continued interest.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Excellent potential, not so excellent grammar.

To be brief, the idea for the story, the theme, and overarching plot are both interesting and well thought out. The approach to the academy system and the nitty-gritty when it comes to the tech and scientific aspects of the story are one of its main highlights.

However, the grammar suffers horrendously. Not in the manner of errors or the like, but to how it's used. This also bleeds into the characters and how they are portrayed. Take Daedo for instance. His intelligence and talent can be attributed to a personality and persona akin to Ender from Ender's Game, considered a genius and prodigy at such a young age. But the dialogue leaves much to be desired. One moment he speaks with little to no contractions and endearingly similar to Spock. Then all of a sudden he says 'hell' and calls his dad 'old man' like some 21st century suburban teen. It's utterly frustrating considering most of the squad ends up talking like this. Even Barran, who's supposed to be more laid back and normal in attitude speaks like a perfectionist in an English language course.

Another hang up I have is that every so often the sentence just runs on long enough or haphazardly enough that some form of punctuation is required much less a comma such that it feels like you're speaking on and on. And if you paid attention it's kinda like my previous sentence

So overall I'd give the fic a 3.5. Awesome theme and excellent detail curbed by atrociously lackluster approach to grammar.

Houhou no Mizu
  • Overall Score

Skully never diaspoints

I don't have time for an advanced review right now but I can tell you that Skully delivers again with an other category. The grammar and style are on point, and as with his other story there is a great attention given to worldbuilding which makes the story even more immersive and believable. Last point I LOVE the character development here. Keep up the good work Skully