Two lifeforms stood within the Exosphere, the outer shell of the Earth's atmosphere. They communicated through sound, the pitch far too high for Human ears to even register.


The first lifeform let out a squeak-like laugh.

 "Ha-ha. This planet has life upon it!"

The second lifeform instantly felt his mood lighten. The risk had been worth it.

"Excellent! Scan what stage of life they are at. I'll begin the registration for Invasion…"

Exploding into action, the scan encompassed all of Earth as waves of energy shot right through the planet. At the same time, a deflection field stabilised around Earth: it would act as a barrier for a while, albeit a weak one.

The scanning device began to blink green, signalling that the preliminary scan had completed. Bright-eyed and full of hope, the first lifeform immediately absorbed the information. And then the glimmer drained out of her eyes, hopes shattered within a single moment…

"It-tt l-llooks l-l-like…"

The second lifeform gave his partner a look, one that indicated to her to take a breather. But despite his calm and composed appearance, his imagination had already begun vibrantly visualizing what could cause his partner to lose composure. And none of them were good…

Finally calmed down, the first lifeform eventually spoke coherently, "It looks like this planet is host to multiple intelligent species, too many for us to discreetly invade it without others noticing…"

Akin to his partner, the second lifeform likewise lost the colour in his face as he understood the situation. He took out a glass-like sphere which had a floating light in its centre. He then applied pressure, causing cracks to rapidly spread through the sphere before the whole thing shattered, which in turn caused the deflection field to collapse.

They were being toyed with, they had to be! Why else would such a big catch, one on which they were risking it all, just become useless? Well, useless to them but very useful for their enemies, the very people they were trying to compete with!

While the second lifeform brooded upon the latest turn of events, the first lifeform clicked on the comprehensive scan, waiting awhile before rapidly skimming through the returned information, hoping for some gold within all that dirt. And there it was!

"WAIT. All's not lost yet!" 

Her frantic voice instantly caught her partner's attention, bringing him from the depths of Hell back to reality.

"There is a lifeform on this Planet, one which is bipedal with no feathers. It also already has multiple, complex, established societies, and best of all, it holds over 90% similarities with us….

We can sponsor it, causing it to carry our will!"

The second lifeform instantly let out a torrent of swears and exclamations as he rejoiced in ecstasy.

"Start-up System 98x8p7. And use the latest version, we can't afford to let such a chance escape us."

The first lifeform offered no resistance whatsoever as she followed the order to the T. It got even better considering that this species was the reigning Overlords of their planet. All the signs pointed towards success; they had succeeded in their mission!


Sprawling cities were on every nation, on every continent, across the whole world. People bustled into action as they got on with their day, some rushing in frantic manners to beat the clock to work, while others buried themselves deep within their pillows, ready for bed. Needless to say, whatever the time was in the cities, they all shared the cacophony of sounds that permeated the urban sprawl, whether it be from the skidding of tires, dispersing arcid fumes into the air, or from the countless men and women in the crowded markets, screaming at the top of their lungs. It seemed that the noise would never stop in the cities, even in darkness as they slumbered.

And yet they were now silent. The cars stood still on the streets, almost like guilty children being caught in the grand act of a candy thievery. The factories no longer spat out plumes of smoke, nor did they create the gentle vibration that was alike the heartbeat of the cities at this point. The buildings no longer acted as dens of gossip, hidden behind the pretence of being offices when really all that got done in a day was the spreading of whispers and rumours.

And then there was sound. Countless animals slowly edging into the cities, reclaiming what was once theirs. It was like the parents had left, and so the kids held a massive party right under their noses. The animals rejoiced as they broke into every building; it was like a lottery, as some held within them countless treats, while others would cause even the bravest to collapse in fear. 

Humanity had disappeared from Earth, no longer to be found on any corner of the planet. The hazing had begun, and the few who survived would be in for a surprise as they returned, albeit an unpleasant one.

The apocalypse was here…


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Dragoon576 @Dragoon576 ago

First. This leaves me with a lot of questions but it seems pretty interesting.

Pylons709 @Pylons709 ago

Hmmmmm, sounds like a certain documentary I watched a while ago titled 'What would happen if all humans dissapeared?'

Thedudeist @Thedudeist ago

Wait...what? Multiple intelligent species? Yet the appearance of a bipedal race made a different plan viable? I don't I quite followed the conversation.

SamHaine @SamHaine ago

Good start, but do take into account the details, please... What about all the planes that were in the air, the nuclear reactors and other dangerously complex systems that were in operation that would require complex shutdown? Where are the car crashes that come from suddenly directionless vehicles colliding en masse? Or a myriad other potential problems that a suddenly empty world leaves?


Killashard @Killashard ago

Thanks for the chapter!

jlkc @jlkc ago

Hope the masterhunterk influence does not include the senseless stat allocation and system. The way that MC allocated his stats made me cry. Imagine if he actually focused on STR+dex.

myling2002 @myling2002 ago

Very interesting story man. I like how you write it.

Gigatony @Gigatony ago

I just found out you made a new story, hope you won't drop it this time.