Dragon, Silver Dragon

by MArienach

Michael has a few problems... besides being dead... ish...

He finds himself in a new world. In a new body.

 But with a few more appendages than he is used to and the concept of near immortality facing him, he is having a rather hard time coping. Luckily, the body's ex-tenant is there to help.


(Should have started here first. The story is being updated and revised. There will be several chapters added and Revelations will be incorperated into it as well. Revelations will then be removed.)

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Michael Arienach

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Review as of chapter 16:


A great story with lots of potential. The story seems vague and rather clichéd through the first few chapters, which could be attributed to the author developing the direction of the arc and writing style dynamically. That said, the author does a wonderful job of telling his story without becoming too detail oriented. He really captures the combination of a modern human viewpoint on cultural issues with a dragon's aloof nature and disregard of time.


The characters are well thought out, left be developed as the story progresses. No character exposition overload,  as befits the point of view of a being who cares little for small details. Instead of focusing on everything, focus is limited to the wider scope, giving a dragon's eye view of events.


I look forward to seeing where the author takes this. Grammar is great for someone without an editor, although small mistakes exist. Usage of complex literary devices and high level writing is minimal, made up for by the exceptional grasp on viewpoint, scale, and scales.


Update as of finish:


A fundamentally different story to many on royalroadl.com. Most focus on the minute, the details, the soul razing journey from point to point. Instead, a a wide angle approach is taken leaving a finished story halfway between a skimmed epic and a fable-esque amalgam of morals and ideas.


While a great read, the story feels slightly rushed. It feels like we never leave the "civilization manager" view except for a couple pithy tidbits. Expansions with minor adventures and mishaps beyond simple engineering and ruling would not havehgone amiss. That said, it is a complete story. Few authors have a clear ending in mind when they write, and despite the accelerated pacing it shows for the better. Well done.


Nice story but... I dislike how dragon followers readily accepted his ideas and world view without any misunderstanding and disagreement.


unresolved thoughts - Reviewed as of Chapter Housewarming

Reviewed at: New Direction

I'm finally deciding to review this after going through some of my old comments and realizing I had some powerful points that I still have a recollection of the feelings for.

the potential of the story is wasted once one realizes that given the form of a super-powerful Dragon the Protag is content to do nothing interesting.

I remember it even being thrown in my face while reading with lines like; "I'm so bored..." and other comments made by the MC like; "I can do anything, go anywhere..." which only opened the door to me thinking; so why not do some of those cool and exciting things, instead of, you know sitting on the same Mountain Chain you started on...

in my opinion, the story suffers, horribly and irreparably from the thought-terminating idea that; there is much cooler stuff to be doing as such a powerful entity. cooler stuff that the MC never even has an inkling to try out, while favoring a bunch of people he has absolutely zero relation to, and besides that is all so very mundane and boring in the face of the vistas of the imagination a planes-walking Dragon might explore and interact with.

it gets a low score, but even in that low score, the idea couldve been sound if it had started with more passion, with more interest in exploring new concepts along with the strong perspective.

I guess, ultimately, I came back to review this because I had unresolved feelings about the wasted potential of the story. it's just an overly simple story with a phantom at its back of the greater story it couldve been.


The characters are interesting, if a little one dimensional, and the story flows very well. 

While I would have liked to have gotten to know the side characters a little bit more, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good fun easy read.


Nice and interesting story

The story is really good. It has an interesting theme about what to do when nothing can stand in your way and I found that it was well told.

It just needs proofreading and layout editing. And maybe more fleshing for the side characters.

PS : Some people might find that the sexual relationship(s) came about a little abruptly. And it is just mentioned as "entertainment" for those who are spooked by the sexual content warning.


If you are looking for a quick, highly enjoyable read then this is for you. seriously it had me captivated the whole time.


The story is centered arround a human becomming an OP dragon and basically trying to make life interesting. The story hooked me as soon as i heard he was the strongest dragon in existence, what can i say? im a simple man. It continued to amuse me throughout the story ranging from the humorous moments or just the over all fuzzy felling it gives off. As mentioned the story is more of a happy, light-harted story that leaves you craving for the next chapter.


Overall grammar is good enough that i can read sentences and understand them without having to look back at them. Few and far-between spelling mistakes. The only thing that i didnt like was that the paragraphs where just one big clump of writing that made it a daunting and confusing task to read and had me sometimes looking at it agian because i lose my place. 


The Main Character is a simple one really; a happy person (Dragon) that only wishes to unite all the races and do something different from the whole 'fear the dragons' kinda thing.

The main character has a goal, Motivation and personality wich is enough for me.

Side Characters: 

This is one of the weakpoints of the story. The side characters dont feel real and are just agreeing to everything the MC does and says, And  they dont really have any progression throughout the story. Overall MOST characters feel a bit bland but with that said some are unique and i can understand the task of creating personalities for the charcaters especially if you are only writng as a hobby.

Overall I enjoyed this series enough for me to make my first reveiw on so yea... 

if you've read up to here Thanks :) and what are you doing? go and read the damn story already!




I would love to say that this is a good story but it is not. Don't get me wrong, I still read the story and even enjoyed it, but objectively speaking the story as a whole is bad.

  1. The way it is written is not easy to follow. It is too fast paced and repetitive and the expressions that are used often don't fit the context. You can see there was an effort, which is greatly appreciated, but all in all it often leads to confusion and doesn't help the development. Even if it were written in a more simple style, that wouldn't be a problem in my opinion as it would help avoiding those mistakes.
  2. The story on the other hand is good. Interesting aspects are integrated and sometimes details make a more fluent transition. It would even be really enjoyable if not for the fast pace and weird story telling.
  3. The grammar is okay. Not good, not bad. As I already mentioned there are expressions that don't fit the context but they are still decently integrated. There are few unintentional grammar/spelling mistakes and there is equally not much to say about the sentence structure.
  4. The characters can't be rated with a high score though. They are childishly written and remind me of my writing capacity in 5th grade. There is absolutely space for improvement though, so I think if the story gets rewritten, there might be a chance for betterment. The introductions to the characters don't vary at all, which is additionally boring. The main character is not well established and confusingly conceptualized. I have yet to find an accurate way to describe him besides empty and dull. There is nothing to him at all. The only way you get to know his character is by listening to other characters describing him, while never ever experiencing it yourself. Its a shame.

My favourite chapter is the first and the second where the world and rules get established. Not very thoroughly but okay. I still enjoyed reading a little of it and hope everyone has a good experience with the story. This is not meant to attack the author as I think they really did what they could at that point and I don't want to dishearten them. I hope they will find their writing style in the future and write stories they like.

Apart from that I've got nothing else to add.


It's based on RP apparentely

Its rather hard to tell who were other people roleplaying along, as they were completly erased, elaving just powerfool dragon. I mean, he's OP, his actions seem toughtless, and no one else in whole world matters. They just exist to be one-dimensional prompts. At least they don't pretend to be anything more like MC does.


I am a writer in RRL that write a Dryad in a scifi setting and I found this story to have a charm of its own. 

The story have a lord of the ring feel to it combined with the dragons from the book Eragon so it does have more of a fantasy charm with a dash of modern day sensibilities and ideas common to the typical self-insert or transported to another world type of stories which can be often found in RRL.

The most challenging part in writing an OP character is that often the story would have no meaning as everything the MC do would be guaranteed to succeed. However this story achieved it by setting up an empire from scratch not through strength but mainly from working together with the weaker races even if doing it through power would be simpler and easier. The story teaches that power without guidance or purpose are wasted in the world.

As the author have announced his intention to make a sequel of this story, I wish him luck. As I know that it is very difficult for a story to progress if the MC already has everything and is at the peak of his power. At that point there is only stagnation as the MC have now reached the ceiling. Even if the MC travel to another world, and have to make another empire from scratch, there is no point making the same story twice by repeating what he have already did.

If I have to give recommendation for the sequel of this story I would recommend for the MC to be transported some time to the future where his empire is in ruins in order to rebuild after a civil war. Or have an extra terrestrial threat to the empire in the form of monstrous swarm like the Zerg or Tyrannids or a hyper advanced machine like the Reapers from Mass effect or Necrons.

Also, it would be nice to have a space in between sentences as it made reading easier when there is a clear separation between each point the author is trying to make.



Interesting and good food for thought.

What do you do when you have become the most powerful being known? Not that much. What can even cause you problems, after all?

A fascinating, somber reminder of the need for challenge, and a dragon's path toward the more subtle joys of life, such as massive terraforming. laughing

I find the idea of easily mastering (well, already knowing) all the OP stuff and needing to learn the simpler spells an interesting take.


I remove a star because of the sad ending and the bonk-fests that happen in later chapters. (Edit)

It really isn't a surprise, but I still feel bad. Still, aren't Elves immortal or next-best thing? How large WAS that time-skip?