A Virus Life For Me

by tenqui

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation

Poor Mark just cannot catch a break.  First he dies saving another person and is summoned in front of the "Overbeing".  The "Overbeing" gives Mark choices for his next reincarnation due to his selfless act.  However, all is not as it seems.  Just before being sent off to experience his next life as an evolver Mark overhears another person talking to the "Overbeing".  It seems Mark was somehow a threat to the "Overbeing" and was eliminated and sent on his way before he could cause problems.  Now that Mark knows what happens he vows to attain enough power to overcome the "Overbeing" and thus fulfill what he was eliminated for in the first place.  However, to do that he must master his evolver abilities and make it through a new world where magic and monsters are real.

Man reincarnates into a simple virus.  Must figure out how to evolve into more dangerous and significant things.  Hijinks, hilarity, and hopefully action occur along the way.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Death and Rebirth ago
1 - Becoming A Virus ago
2 - The Infection Spreads ago
3 - Call To War ago
4 - Chimera Achieved ago
5 - Mana Rainbow ago
6 - Evolution Is Fun To Do ago
7 - My Progress Goes Viral ago
8 - Magic ago
9 - I Can See ago
10 - Teleportation Success ago
11 - Bugs Can Be Cool Too ago
12 - My First "Real" Battle ago
13 - Back to Basics ago
Announcement (Good One) ago
14 - Dying is NOT Fun ago
15 - Starting Over ago
16 - Training And Exploring ago
17 - Honey Trap ago
18 - Sweet Plans ago
19 - Beepocalypse ago
20 - Level UP ago
21 - King Of The Pond ago
22 - Moving On ago
23 - Magic Makes Things Easier ago
24 - Goblin Extermination ago
25 - Plains Hunter ago
26 - Mountain Man ago
27 - Mysterious Cave ago
28 - Dungeon Dive ago
29 - Dungeon Boss ago
30 - Choices and Grinding ago
31 - Meeting The Neighbors ago
32 - Solo Is Much Easier ago
33 - Idiot Ivan ago
34 - Final Challenge ago
35 - Senior Level ago
36 - Mantis In The Big City ago
37 - Vulcan Academy ago
38 - Impressing The Teachers ago
39 - Finding a Mentor ago
40 - Headmaster's Tasks ago
41 - Gearing Up ago
42 - Miss Helen's Training ago
43 - Getting Stronger ago
44 - Training and New Spells ago
45 - End of Training ago
46 - Demi-God Level ago
47 - Power Up ago
48 - Tournament Time ago
49 - Tournament Ranking ago
50 - Deity World ago
51 - Merit Debt ago
51 - Merit Debt ago
52 - Back Too My Roots ago
53 - Mystery Of God Power ago
54 - Breaking A Monopoly ago
55 - Leveling Up Again ago
56 - Universe Level Spell ago
57 - Revenge!!! ago

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  • Overall Score

Just finished binging this and i really enjoyed it.

Spoiler: Spoiler


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Great First 50 chapters

This story has a really good start, however around 2/3rds of the way through time-skips start to rush the end fast, but with only 495 pages I guess part of that I should have seen coming.

Paused to switch devices at chapter 55 and didn't realize there was only 2 chapters left after that, to be fair the author is providing a ROUGH draft of sorts for free, and is going to sell a revised version with some of these issues fixed at a later point on Amazon. 


Honestly though, we get to read this for free, and it was a very enjoyable read with some interesting takes for a LIT-RPG, wish we saw some more of the weapon based combat with the 

Spoiler: Spoiler

But honestly, the interpretation of magic and just how someone might auctually level up with things was pretty spot on, and really the only regret is that the ending was rushed, and could have really used 1 more chapter of epilogue or something to not leave us craving more.

  • Overall Score
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A story that goes wrong from an apparent lack of conceptualization. 

Good things:

Style is good to read, Grammar is very nice with only mild errors (like too instead of to, or some like that, which don't kill reading experience.)


Although the idea is good, the author didntd take a good approach for viral concept.

The reason is a virus creates copies of yourself, entering MC as a reincarnator with the ability to choose, I won't ever choose being a virus and creating copies of myself thus creating a weird which one is me experience. Vitus aren't scientifically alive, so of you want to add a virus in your story you need magic. 

Ao lets see the magic author used. A god. 

Okay divine power and a system. But said system is practically triggered by someone that wants to kill him. 

A god that gives him the opportunity to 'evolve' and copy himself? Seriously. Is this guy that was supposed to also be a h... Not killing him directly... Plot armor... And then I stopped. 

Sorry, really tried but its like saying you can't kill your character using water, and it gets killed with lemonade. 

You need to explain why as mc as a virus can mantain sentience, his soul inside one copy, control other copies... It lacks the magic for that, not even the science... And let's not talk when he gets a body... 


  • Overall Score

I like the story and the beginning is promising. Nothing to add though. Keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

Keep it up.





















Bored monster
  • Overall Score
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I just want to say that I love this story. I did feel as though some parts were forced to show how cool the MC is.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 But all of that doesn't even hold the candle to the dialogue. It's so forced and bland that I usually just skip it.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Mighty Moushie
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

Give it a chance, you might just like it!

So I just finished the book, and it was a wonderful read.  The only issue I really have is the rush to the end, as there are a lot of timeskips.  Other than that, you should give it a read.  The character is interesting, and doesn't keep making idiotic decisions to move the story forward.  The story moves smoothly, and in a believable fashion.  There might be an occasional grammar error, but I don't remember any glaring issues with it at all.

  • Overall Score

At first it was pretty good. Being a virus was pretty interesting and I'm sure if you got creative it would keep getting better. Then you mucked it up when you have Mark a physical form. The dialogue is, to be frank, shittier that a babies diaper. It's like everybody is a robot with no empathy whatsoever. It's forced. 

  After the physical form it just got progressively worse. The training was a series of time skips where you led to a grand tournament where there was no competition for our OP protagonist. Did I mention he's OP? Yeah, the guy is Saitama with magic and he hardly uses his physical atracks which he's apparently good at. 

Around the new world i had hope in a new beginning. A fresh start where our MC would fend for himself against the scary monsters of the super planet. NOPE! You toss a montage of grinding, an OP spell, and an invention made from an OP spell together to get a power up to one of the most powerful brings in the world. You even had a few good opportunities to spice things up. Universe power? Wow! That sounds exciting! Nope. Let's ignore it. Then in the beginning you could have played around with the transforming physical form thing. Become a dragon for God's sake! It would be fun to write and read! Mark could have an alternate persona to do literally anything with! And then the spells! You only ever made like 12 but you had all the mana to play with and  a while comments section of people that would  have been thrilled to give creative ideas for spells. Hell, Mark could fly easily with all the OP skills you throw at him. 

To just end it here it was a creative idea at first but you utterly wasted it. The spells seemed cool if OP but you only did a little with them. The virus stuff was interesting until you shoved it to the back for 80% of the story. Then you had to go and waste it with robotic dialogue and meaningless power boosts. It's also easy to see you barely tried with the ending too. You threw in some last second prophecy and killed the bad guy effortlessly with another power boost of yours. 

  • Overall Score
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Really disappointing.

Very dissapointing. Started off wonderful but about midway through he stopped caring about improving and just wanted to rush finish it, over all the ending was complete garbage and you shouldn't read this if you don't want to be dissapointed.

And the whole unique this about being a virus was completley forgotten about after a few chapters, so if you planned on staying around for that, don't bother.

  • Overall Score

i liked the story... 

but the way it ended just felt wrong. like it was april fools joke or if it was going to continue... perhaps the author was fed up with the story and wanted to end it sooner than later? 

I dunno...