Chapter 56

Universe Level Spell

Alright, is there anything else I need to do. Once I try this thing out it will either propel me to the level of power I need or show how much longer I have to go. My revenge is so close I can almost taste it. I need to set up a safe area to perform this spell and reap the benefits. Wait I already have one on Planet Braxis. Nobody said that I had to power up on a tier 2 world. This spell should funnel the energy I need to me no matter where I am. I guess it is back to the tree of life. This might even help keep me off the radar of other powerful beings for a bit. I doubt they think that anyone can power up on a tier 1 world like I am about to do.

I quickly teleport back to my tree of life sanctuary on Planet Braxis. Everything is like it should be. I see no changes, which means this place has remained undiscovered. I make myself comfortable and psyche myself up to use the spell that should power me up to God level. I carefully cast Mana Shift and picture it encompassing all of the worlds that I know. Fourteen tier 1 worlds including Earth, and four tier 2 worlds. I feel a sudden rush of energy and suddenly my sight is overwhelmed by every color in the rainbow, and a few I think that might have never existed before today. Soon enough I received a message.

Energy is sufficient to power up into the God Tier. Would you like to proceed? Y/N


I mentally select yes and feel the energy starting to transform me. My entire body feels energized. I suddenly understand why it is so hard to explain and prepare people to get to this level. Just as the energy starts to ebb and recede I get the feeling that with just a little more I could transform one more time. God level is not the end. I need to get access to more energy. With my new spell that should prove to be no problem whatsoever. I quickly decide to check on my progress. Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Divine Magic Chimera Mimic Virus (Divine Thri-Keen)

Level: 594 (God)

Primary Profession: Supreme Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Heaven’s Justicar +5%exp

Unassigned Stat Points:

Strength: 750 Agility: 750 Intelligence: 750

Wisdom: 750 Constitution: 750 Perception: 750

UE: 75000 out of 75000 HP: 7500 out of 7500

UE/Regen: 2000% per hour HP/Regen: 500% per hour


That is a little different than expected. I thought the power up was 100 stat points. I got more than that but lost my bonuses. My mana is also registering as UE now. What is that? Inspect UE.

UE: Short for Universal Energy


Ok. Inspect Universal Energy.

Universal Energy: The energy source that formed the Universe and continues to power it to this day.


Alright, I guess it is like super mana. Just being able to tap into and use a higher energy source must be the reason for the qualitative jump in power from demi-god to god level. I really want to know what the next level is. Could that be the Overbeing level? I need to get back and find Henry. He said he had a teleport site on a tier 3 world. That alone might be enough. However I am going to go for as many as I can. I use my world teleportation and arrive outside the merchant’s guild in the capital of deity world. There is no longer a reason to hide. I have the power to deal with anyone who would try and limit my on this world now. I enter the merchants guild and ask if Mr. Thompson is available. A clerk led me back to his office and left us alone.

“Congratulations Mark, I can sense you broke through to the God level. In such short time too.”

“Thank you Mr. Thompson. It seems that my travels inspired and helped me focus both my training and insights. The more worlds I visited the closer I came. That is why I am here today. Do you know of the level above Gods.”

“You mean the Overlord level. Yes Mark I do. There are only 10 known overlords in the universe. 3 head up the Might Faction, 4 are in the Neutral Faction and finally 3 are in the Freedom Faction. Every God level being except for a few rebellious individuals who hide and exist in the far spaces of the universe report to one of the Overlords.”

“While travelling around I heard the term Overbeing. Is that the same as Overlord?”

“Where did you here that? It is indeed the same thing, but the term Overbeing is only used in the Might Faction.”

“It doesn’t really matter. What I would like is to purchase from you as many different trips to other worlds of all levels as possible. I know I could have just gone to the transportation guild, but I have worked with you in the past and trust you to find a reliable person or group that can take me to the largest amount of worlds possible. I feel that I will never have a chance to progress beyond my current level without travel. I realize that it might be decades if not hundreds of years until I gather the power to even try and power up, but I might as well travel while I am doing it.”

“Planning for the future is admirable. I realize that not many people make it to the next level, but with your dedication and skill, especially given your young age I feel you might just make it. I will contact the transportation guild and arrange something immediately. All I want is a small 100,000 mana jewel finder’s fee and you will need to pay the transporters yourself.”

“That sounds reasonable. I will be at the inn next door after I take care of a few errands.”

I took my leave from Mr. Thompson’s office and started walking around and purchasing needed supplies. I especially started buying up empty mana jewels again as I was going to need to fill some to pay off the transportation guild. After a couple of hours shopping and four hours of mana jewel charging. The mana jewel charging was even faster now. I don’t know for sure, but I think the switch to universal energy sped up the process. In just four hours I was able fill around 6 million in mana jewels with very few breaks. This power up was fantastic. The representative came from the merchant guild asking me to meet with Mr. Thompson again the next day. I sent back my acceptance and settled in for the night.

Early the next morning I made my way over to Mr. Thompson’s office and was introduced to the vice-chairman of the transportation guild. A nice gentleman of Mr. Thompson’s generation who insisted I call him Uncle Billy. I did not want to rock the boat so I did as he asked. Uncle Billy informed me that between all of the guild they could get me to around 50 tier 1 planets I had not been too, 6 new tier 2 planets and 3 tier 3 planets. Two of the tier three planets were the only two of the neutral faction and one of their teleporters actually had the coordinates and picture for a tier 3 planet under the Freedom faction. He had been a part of that faction for many years before semi-retiring to the larger and slower paced neutral faction space.

The price quoted I thought was extremely fair also. They wanted 100,000 for each tier 1, 500,000 for each tier 2 and 1 million for neutral factions tier 3 worlds. The tier 3 world in Freedom space would set me back 5 million in mana jewels. I paid a 5 million mana jewel deposit and promised to pay the rest by the end of the week. Uncle Billy agreed to the deal and stated that upon full payment the teleportation would begin the next week. I spent the rest of the week traveling to all of the different worlds I knew already and gathering empty mana jewels and filling them up so I would both be able to pay the fee and also have some spending money also. I knew getting too many from one spot might be suspicious before I travelled up to a tier 3 world so I practiced better safe than sorry in this instance and spread the purchases over several planets.

I was easily able to gather and charge the amount of mana jewels I needed and soon enough started on my whirlwind tour of space. Due to scheduling difficulties and mana concerns I was able to travel to two new planets a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. Luckily with my increase in stats I was easily able to commit everything I needed into a memory that would not get lost. A little over a year later I felt ready to try my next power up. I had visited and stayed on each world for almost a week before switching out to a new place. I wanted to know the area well before I actually visited or cast my spell. It took longer than I thought but this bug Is ready to power up. I once again teleported to my sanctuary on the Planet Braxis in the tree of life. As a nice side effect the influx of so much energy rushing to me from the last power up caused a tremendous growth in the tree. My tree was now by far the largest thing I had ever seen and as Far as I know the largest tree of life on the planet. The trunk was now over 100 meters wide at the base and towered an impressive 800 meters high at this point. This easily dwarfed anything I knew of from Earth and surpassed anything I had seen so far on the other planets I had visited. I was hoping for another boost in both my own power and the trees growth, because I owned the tree and living in a giant treehouse continued to be both amazing and fulfilling of many of my childhood dreams.

I mentally prepare myself and decide it is time to begin. I carefully cast Mana Shift and picture it encompassing all of the new worlds that I know. Fifty tier 1 worlds, six new tier 2 worlds, and three tier 3 worlds. This is a quantitative leap in energy sources compared to the les than twenty I used before. I feel a VERY large wave of energy coming towards me and I proceed to take the most bizarre mental trip of my life. I smelled numbers, and tasted colors, I saw the rise and fall of nations of organisms that never existed and always exist. Basically the amount of power almost toasted my brain, I was pretty sure I was at least lightly toasted. Soon enough I received the message I had hoped for.

Energy is sufficient to power up into the Overlord Tier. Would you like to proceed? Y/N


I mentally select yes and I feel the energy starting to transform me once again. How strong will I become now? The last power up was ridiculous this one should be just as good.

Energy is sufficient to power up into the Chaos Tier. Do you accept the responsibility of joining the Universal Balance as a Chaotic Being? Y/N


What the heck is going on? Universal Balance, Chaotic Being, I am so confused. Does this mean that there is a level above Overlord and I have reached it? Or is this something else? I need to make a decision. Every time I have been given a choice to power up it has been a good thing, so my gut instinct is to accept. I mentally select yes and I feel another transformation starting to happen. Oh well, no turning back now. The power filling me becomes more than I can bear and I quickly pass out unconscious on the floor.


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Bio: Older Science Teacher who after years of hearing, "You read so much maybe you should write a book.", decided to do just that.
Just having fun and learning how to put my ideas into a format that others can understand and enjoy.

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