Chapter 52

Back Too My Roots

I spent the next several hours filling mana jewels. I now had 20,000 in available mana. I never tried to use more than 15,000 mana at a time which left me a comfortable margin for emergencies. With my absurd regeneration rate I could refill that 15,000 mana in about 2-3 minutes. That meant I could fill around 300,000 mana into jewels an hour. I currently had around a million in empty mana jewels which meant that I was able to fill everything in just under 3 hours. If other people could see me now I would probably be locked up and forced to fill mana full time. However, I should be able to pay off my debt quickly and disappear before anyone realizes what I can do.

The next morning I went to the recharging guild first. I put on a wearied face and talked to the clerk. Sir I have been saving up for over a year now. I have just over 150,000 in filled mana jewels and I need to exchange them for empties please. They traded to me without question around a rate of five to one filled to empty. I pulled the same thing with each of the large guilds and left town with close to 5 million in empty mana jewels. I wanted to leave before anyone compared notes. This was not enough, so I decided to continue to the next town and go from town to town north and pull the same thing until I could pay off my debt. Then I would teleport back to the starting town and head south with no debt and no worries.

I traveled and trade for another two weeks before I was able to accomplish my goal. I finally was able to accumulate just over 30 million in mana jewels. It was actually much more than I needed, but I figured having extra just meant I would not have to worry about expenses for a while. The town I was in currently was about two to three weeks travel north of the starting town. This should be a good distance to throw off investigations if there are any. I went into the transportation guild to pay off my debt. I specifically chose this guild for two reasons. First it was not one that I had frequented already in this town, and second I was going to use it throw even more confusing things into my trail. I went to the clerk and paid off my debt. When he saw how much I was paying at one time and how little time it took me I could tell he was very surprised. I knew it, this was going to be talked about whether I wanted it to be or not. I immediately also inquired as to how much a teleport to the largest town, which was around 3 weeks travel to the east was? I paid for the teleport and was soon wandering around a new city. I traded a few more jewels here and then conspicuously left through the north gate and found a quiet spot to teleport back to the starting town.

That should put enough kinks in my trail to confuse anyone. I thought the final touch of having someone teleport me was a nice touch as it would imply that I could not do it myself. Now that I had arrived back at my starting point I was going to work my way through the wilderness in the opposite direction to my final destination which was a frontier town about a month’s travel south. I had stocked up on supplies and was ready to get back into my hunting and leveling up mode. I started off on my grand journey. After about 3 hours I could sense that something was wrong.

The surrounding forest had gotten too quiet. It meant that something large and probably dangerous was around. Ok Mark, calm down. New world, but same old foes. They are just a bit stronger. I was on heightened alert when suddenly.

You have died. Damage to your soul is 33% 7 days until damage is repaired.


Wait, what? I did not even see anything. How is this even possible? Does this mean I have to go back to Planet Braxis and start over? Before I could think of anything else I got another update.

Due to evolving into a Divine Magic Chimera Mimic Virus you have the option of trying to infect the organism that ate you. Do you wish to try?


Well that was some information. I was obviously killed and eaten. Time for some revenge. I may not be the scariest person on deity world, but I was definitely the scariest virus. Yes, I Wish To Try And Infect The Organism.

The infection was successful. You have reverted to a virus state inside of the organism.


Huh, it still won’t tell me what ate me, but that is ok. My revenge will soon be at hand and I can go back to being a Thri-Keen and level up. Wait why am I in such a rush? I am going to infect and reproduce and then take some time to think about my situation. Something feels a little off. I used my magic to see and move towards an unsuspecting bacteria and began the process of infection and reproduction as a virus. Once I had successfully gone through my first reproduction I gave out commands to continue to my virus brethren and started to have a good think and ponder.

Why was I so eager to stop being a virus? My virus form had so many advantages to it. Could the form which I was in influence the way I was thinking or was it something else? I mean I could slowly infect the deity world with my viruses and then kill things off to level up easily. Why was I so stuck on being a large being? I mean there were advantages to having hands and interacting with others, but those advantages were not there when I just wanted to level up and gain more power. I think I am going to stay a virus for a bit and try out a few things. This could actually speed up my revenge. Now what was my old command. Ah right. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

I regained consciousness and felt better. I guess the stress of a large body and everything that goes on can be dealt with by just reverting back to a virus. Now it is time to do some planning and level up. First up I need information. List the top ten infected species in terms of organisms infected from greatest to least.

You have infected multiple hosts on two or more planets. Which planet would you like to list?


OK, it seems like my other viruses are still chugging along on Planet Braxis. What is even better is that it seems that I can still access and command them. Hmm, I will need to think on that later. First up is deity world. List for Deity World.

1. Human

2. Elf

3. Sora Tree

4. Beastkin

5. Dwarf

6. Forest Drake


Alright, from this info I must be shedding viruses that can infect others. The four humanoids would be from all the towns I have visited. The Sora tree is probably the tree type I was making into shelters while traveling around. Which would mean that the Forest Drake is what ate me. Surprisingly I have only infected 6 things. I have been here for almost a month. I assume it is because the people, animals and plants here are born tougher with a better immune system. It would make sense that I have only infected people and the tree type I have had close contact with over time. Now how can I use this information.

I could easily use my virus form to wipe out those species that I have already infected once I have spread around more. However, I am not after genocide here. I just want to punish the “Overbeing” not become some mass murdering villain. Hmm, maybe if I only kill what is necessary or what is considered “evil”. Let’s try this. List all humanoid monster species infected Planet Braxis.

1. Gnoll

2. Grimlock

3. Were Rat

4. Goblin

5. Orc

6. Hob Goblin

7. Kobold

8. Frog Men

9. Giant

10. Ogre

11. Bug Bear

12. Dark One

13. Sprite

14. Pixie

15. Satyr

16. Vampire

17. Shifter

18. Mimicon


Wow, that is more than I suspected. What is with this list? I never even met or heard about some of these. That does not matter. What I need to do is figure out if I can wipe one out and gain experience from it. Now I know from biology class that removing everything from an ecosystem is a bad thing. Many organisms are interdependent. However, I don’t think that I infected every single organism on Planet Braxis. If I kill off say the goblins, then some goblins from outside the area should migrate in and stabilize the situation or another lower level monster should take over. I hope this works.

Switch all viruses in Goblins only on Planet Braxis into attack mode.

There was no notice saying that it worked or didn’t. I guess I will just have to wait and check on the results in a bit. Time to go back down for a nap. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

When I regained consciousness this time I felt great. I wonder if time outside my original virus body causes stress or something else. I mean why would coming back feel so good unless there was some benefit. I don’t think it could all be psychosomatic. However, there was no notice about goblin deaths or experience. Wait there never has been. I have just accumulated experience and then checked my status. Guess I should do that now. Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Divine Magic Chimera Mimic Virus

Level: 223 (Demi-God)

Primary Profession: Supreme Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Heaven’s Justicar +5%exp

Unassigned Stat Points: 229

Strength: 180 (188) Agility: 180 (190) Intelligence: 180 (200)

Wisdom: 180 (200) Constitution: 180 (205) Perception: 180 (188)

MP: 20000 out of 20000 HP: 2050 out of 2050

MP/Regen: 2000% per hour HP/Regen: 205% per hour


Ok 45 levels. How many goblin deaths would that be? Definitely a lot. I think a few more limited genocides to increase my strength and then I need to go back into a larger body to figure out the whole progress into God level. If I got that much from lower level goblins I wonder how much I will get from some of the higher level humanoids? First I better distribute some points. Hmm everything up 35 and keep the rest until next level up. Yep that should do it. Let’s try eliminating two races this time. Switch all viruses in Gnolls and Ogres only on Planet Braxis into attack mode. Now for another little nap and then a quick check. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

I wake up feeling refreshed. I wonder how many levels the last two groups gave me? Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Divine Magic Chimera Mimic Virus

Level: 304 (Demi-God)

Primary Profession: Supreme Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Heaven’s Justicar +5%exp

Unassigned Stat Points: 424

Strength: 205 (213) Agility: 205 (225) Intelligence: 205 (235)

Wisdom: 205 (235) Constitution: 205 (240) Perception: 205 (213)

MP: 23500 out of 23500 HP: 2400 out of 2400

MP/Regen: 2000% per hour HP/Regen: 205% per hour


Another ridiculous amount. I better stop there before I permanently harm the Planet Braxis and it beautiful diversity of life. I just reached over level 300. Time to assign points, pick a new body, and finally make it to the frontier town. I am going to need to find the information to level up quickly. Now that I know I still can escape as a virus them finding me is not a big a deal as I was making it out to be. I need to get stronger. This last death proved that even though I am at the top of my division, it does not make me invincible. I mentally select placing another 70 points in each stat raising them up once again. I hope this is enough to improve my ability to stay alive. I guess I need to work on my danger awareness more than anything else. I realized something was wrong but was unable to capitalize on my feeling before I was killed by the forest drake. I probably could take the forest drake one on one with my old stats. I am positive I could do it now. The only reason it has one hit kill ability is its size and stealthiness. If I know it’s coming I can defend myself.


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Bio: Older Science Teacher who after years of hearing, "You read so much maybe you should write a book.", decided to do just that.
Just having fun and learning how to put my ideas into a format that others can understand and enjoy.

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