Chapter 48

Tournament Time

They say time flies by when you are having fun. While dungeon diving may not be fun all of the time it was enough that it seemed like the last 7 months were very short. In the last bit of time we had gone from easily completing six and seven-star dungeons to being able to complete eight-star dungeons without much trouble. We had tried a nine-star and made it through, but the payoff did not equal the amount of time and care it took us to finish. We could finish three eight-star dungeons in the time it took us to safely complete one nine-star. Since all of these ratings were based on ten person teams we figured that our power and ranking in the upcoming tournament would be better than average if not exactly at the top.

It is hard to compare yourself to actual thinking people. Dungeons have patterns, and people do also sometimes, but being able to find that pattern in the middle of a fight is not easy. I am sure I am technically stronger than Miss Helen right now, but I am not sure I could beat her in a one on one fight. She has years of experience on me and knows tricks she still has not taught me. This is the difference between fighting monsters and people. I had not distributed my gains from the last seven months of training and I was hoping that this boost would put me over the edge as it were in strength right before the tournament. In fact, I might as well take care of it now. Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Divine Magic Chimera Mimic Virus (Divine Elemental Thri-Keen)

Level: 214 (Demi-God)

Primary Profession: Supreme Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Heaven’s Justicar +5%exp

Unassigned Stat Points: 184

Strength: 150 (158) Agility: 150 (160) Intelligence: 150 (170)

Wisdom: 150 (170) Constitution: 150 (175) Perception: 150 (158)

MP: 17000 out of 17000 HP: 1750 out of 1750

MP/Regen: 1700% per hour HP/Regen: 175% per hour


Wow I did better than I thought. 36 levels and 180 new points to distribute. Might as well keep things even and there we go. Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Divine Magic Chimera Mimic Virus (Divine Elemental Thri-Keen)

Level: 178 (Demi-God)

Primary Profession: Supreme Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Heaven’s Justicar +5%exp

Unassigned Stat Points: 4

Strength: 180 (188) Agility: 180 (190) Intelligence: 180 (200)

Wisdom: 180 (200) Constitution: 180 (205) Perception: 180 (188)

MP: 20000 out of 20000 HP: 2050 out of 2050

MP/Regen: 2000% per hour HP/Regen: 205% per hour


These stats along with what I learned from my talks with Miss Helen make me feel like I am going to be able to make a run at the championship. Speaking of which, other than rankings, I have no idea what this tournament is about. I mean are there prizes. I really have been focusing hard on becoming stronger for this thing, but don’t even know the basics. I don’t even know the format. Single elimination, double, loser’s bracket, or what. I better ask some questions quickly before I go in and look ignorant.

I decided to check with the locals as they would know best. They have seen this tournament several times and would have the inside scoop. First stop is the local dungeon guild. When I stepped into the guild it was like stepping into the Vulcanopolis dungeon guild just larger. I guess they build them all the same so people who mover around know what to do. I went up to the gentleman on duty and started talking.

“Excuse me sir, I have some questions about the upcoming tournament and I was hoping you could answer them or point me in the right direction for answers. Before that though I just realized it has been a while since I have updated my status. Do you have time to witness my trial?”

“Well first off lad, here is a pamphlet all about the tournament, how to sign up, odds on well known participants, and of course where to place your bets. Next I do not have time this morning, as I am the only one on duty, but there is another person coming in around 10 a.m. and I could schedule you for then.”

“Thank you sir, that is exactly what I need. Please sign me up for the 10 a.m. testing slot also. I will just browse the store and read the pamphlet until then.”

“Very well, which level will you be going for during today’s test?”

“Oh I will start at ten-star bronze and work my way up.”

His mouth dropped open.

“Did you say ten-star?”

“Yes, I just graduated from Vulcan Academy and then traveled here for the Demi-God tournament and realized I had not updated my status in a while.”

“You are going to participate in the Demi-God tournament not the Hero tournament.”

“Well I am Demi-God level, they wouldn’t let me participate in the Hero tournament would they. I would have an unfair advantage.”

“How old are you lad?”

“Around 21 years old as near as my mentor, master and I can figure out.”

The clerk just started mumbling to himself. I seem to have that effect on people. I decided I needed to check the tournament pamphlet to make sure it had all of the information I needed in it.


You can sign up for the tournament at the central plaza any time in the month before the start of the tournament. There is a 100 gold entry fee for Hero Participants and a 1,000 gold fee for Demi-God participants.

The tournament will consist of general melee and then one versus one battles. In the general melee the participants will be divided into ten groups. Each group will be placed in the illusion arena and the last two standing will advance into the one vs. one tournament. No single group will exceed 20 participants. If needed extra groups will be created.

Hero level participants will always go before Demi-God level participants.

Rewards for the tournament:

Hero Level

1st place 3 filled 150,000 mana jewels

2nd place 2 filled 100,000 mana jewels

3rd place 1 filled 100,000 mana jewels

Demi-God Level

1st place 5 spots to ascend to deity world

2nd place 3 spots to ascend to deity world

3rd place 1 spot to ascend to deity world

Betting is allowed only with designated betting agents. Recognized betting agents this year include the Dungeon Guild, Merchants Association, and Kingdom Bank.

Ok that information was exactly what I needed, but it now has brought up the question of what is deity world and why would going there be important enough to be the sole prize for demi-gods. I am going to have to do some more research. The rest of the time waiting for my test was pleasantly spent window shopping in the dungeon store. I gave the store clerk a list of what I wanted and told him I would pick it up after my new ranking test. I wanted the largest discount possible. He smiled when he heard that and told me he understood and would have everything ready when I came back from my test.

10 a.m. came soon enough and I followed the desk clerk up to the testing room. The local guildmaster was there along with several other people.

“Good morning, Mark is it?”

“Yes sir.”

“I heard you were going for a ten-star rating. That has to be witnessed by an officer of the guild so I came down and invited a few friends. You see you are going to be the youngest ten-star rated dungeon diver in history if you pass the test.”

“No worries sir, I just wanted to get the formalities done. I probably should have done this a while ago, but I have been busy training and dungeon diving with my mentors.”

“Do you mind if I ask who your mentors are Mark?”

“No sir. I am here in the city with the Headmaster of Vulcan Academy and Miss Helen. All three of us have powered up to the demi-god level and are going to take part in the tournament.”

“Well that explains a little bit about your talent. I am glad to hear that the Headmaster and Miss Helen have finally stepped into the demi-god rankings. Shall we get started?”

The rest was rather anticlimactic. I had to go against level 250 illusionary wind drakes. However, the terrain was a forest. This practically guaranteed my win. I knew that the bronze and silver levels would be no problem. I was a little worried about being surrounded in the gold level challenge, but with the terrain of the forest being selected it was rather easy. I came out of the challenge to the stares of several people, collected my new designation and went downstairs to pick up my order from the dungeon store. I wanted to get back to the house to ask the Headmaster and Miss Helen about deity world.

When I got back one of the servants we hired told me that Miss Helen was relaxing in the back garden. I went on back and spotted her reclining on a couch in the gazebo. She saw me and waved and I went on over to find out some answers.

“Hello, Miss Helen. I was just at the dungeon guild and picked up a brochure about the upcoming tournament. After that I upgraded my dungeon ranking.”

“Hmm, that was a good idea. I probably should have reminded you to do that. Did you make ten-star?”

“Yes ma’am, ten-star gold. I did have some questions on the tournament though.”

“Ask away my good boy.”

“I understood everything about it except for the prizes for demi-god level. What is deity world?”

“Ah yes, you would not know about that would you. Most people learn about this when they reach the Hero level. It is not big secret. This planet Braxis is a subsidiary of the Neutral Pantheon of Gods.”

“Neutral Pantheon of Gods, what is that?”

“If you would quit interrupting me my boy I would let you know.”

“Sorry Miss Helen.”

“The Neutral Pantheon of Gods are the high level protectors of our world and several others. Once you reach the limit of Demi-God you are required to spend 50 years in their world as a volunteer in their armies. If you earn your way in, from a tournament, you can choose when you go and have more privileges. You can even bring others with you and they will receive preferential treatment and good living conditions. The food, atmosphere, and energy of deity world is much higher than ours which allows for faster progress and leveling to the next stage.”

“Ok that answered some questions and opened up more. First I assume if there are neutral gods than there are others. I would like to know more about those. Next what is the next power up?”

“Ok, as far as I know there are 3 factions. Those factions are the Freedom, the Might, and the Netural Gods. The next level of power is known as the god level. I have heard that there is a level after that, but I am not sure what it is.”

“Can you explain the three factions please?”

“From what I understand the Might faction are generally stronger individually than the other groups because they limit or drain the mana from worlds underneath them. This allows them to access power that others don’t normally have. The Freedom faction believes that everybody should have an equal chance and think what the Might faction is doing is horrible. Those two fight often from what I hear. The Neutral Gods who we are protected by are sort of in the middle. They allow growth of individuals in the worlds below them, but insist that it should be limited. They have created a partial drain. We live on their worlds.”

“What do you mean a partial drain?”

“The mana gems. They have made it so anyone can rise to hero level, but to excel beyond that requires mana gems. This is a bottle neck that slows growth. I personally agree with this approach. You have to work extra hard or have great luck in order to get past this bottle neck. I do not think that normal people are ready for this level of power.”

“So if you are born into a faction you cannot change?”

“Oh no, that’s not is at all. People change sides all the time. The only people that cannot change are those demi-gods that are serving their time in the demi-god army. They have a compulsion laid on them. After your 50 years are up you can choose to continue, go to another side, or return to your own lower world, but never power up beyond demi-god level.”

“Why are they called pantheons?”

“Each world generally only has one god level protector. Since there are various levels of power, usually gods band together in groups called pantheons and share responsibility for protecting a series of worlds. This allows them to have support and frees them enough that they can still try and improve their strength.”


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