Chapter 47

Power Up

I handed off the filled jewels to Miss Helen and then retreated to my inn room to teleport away. We had paid for two months up front so there were no worries about any one disturbing my room for that. Miss Helen and the Headmaster made me promise to check in at least once a week until I broke through. We would discuss our plans together after that. I quickly teleported back to my tree sanctuary and started to fill the final jewels with the correct mana type. Once I finished I planned on taking a good 8 hour rest and starting fresh right after that for my first attempt.

Eight hours later I decided first to make sure I had reached the stat limit. If I had not then there was no reason to power up yet. Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Magic Chimera Mimic Virus (Elemental Thri-Keen Form)

Level: 178 (Hero)

Primary Profession: Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Not Assigned

Unassigned Stat Points: 136

Strength: 127 (135) Agility: 125 (135) Intelligence: 150 (170)

Wisdom: 130 (150) Constitution: 125 (150) Perception: 112 (120)

MP: 17000 out of 17000 HP: 1500 out of 1500

MP/Regen: 1500% per hour HP/Regen: 150% per hour


Okay if I take everything up to the cap of 150 then that would leave me with 4 leftover stat points. I couldn’t have prepared for this better if I had tried. Raise everything up and Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Magic Chimera Mimic Virus (Elemental Thri-Keen Form)

Level: 178 (Hero)

Primary Profession: Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Not Assigned

Unassigned Stat Points: 4

Strength: 150 (158) Agility: 150 (160) Intelligence: 150 (170)

Wisdom: 150 (170) Constitution: 150 (175) Perception: 150 (158)

MP: 17000 out of 17000 HP: 1750 out of 1750

MP/Regen: 1700% per hour HP/Regen: 175% per hour


I knew from talks with Miss Helen and the Headmaster that I had to be in contact with every jewel I needed. I quickly use plant shaping to make a sloped recliner I could lean on with my body that would force the jewels into contact with me through gravity. I moved around a little and once I was satisfied that this would work I started the power up process. I pictured the mana of all the different types flowing into my body from the various mana jewels. It was running through my body touching each and every virus that made it up. Soon enough I received a message.

Energy is sufficient to evolve your race into a divine race. Would you like to proceed? Y/N


I mentally select yes and feel the energy starting to transform me.

Energy is sufficient to upgrade your profession. Would you like to proceed? Y/N


A stronger job than what I have now. Yes Please.

Warning no secondary profession detected. Scanning host, secondary profession selected. Would you like to upgrade your secondary profession? Y/N


I don’t even know what it is, but I might as well.

Transformation will take 3 days due to your unique race and situation. Please be advised that once started the process cannot be interrupted.


Then the pain started. It felt like my flesh and bones were being ripped apart. When I glanced down I guess you could say that in a way they were. The flesh and bones of my body were being stripped away from my body slowly and being replaced with newer better material. This is going to be a long three days. I passed out from the pain and overstimulation around day two. I think I did pretty well all things considered. When I finally woke up I realized that I was in some sort of cocoon. I flicked out my arm scythes and quickly slashed my way out. As soon as I saw the familiar surroundings of tree of life I released a little sigh. I was in a safe place. Time to see what the changes have done to me.

Status without Bonuses or Skills.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Divine Magic Chimera Mimic Virus (Divine Elemental Thri-Keen)

Level: 178 (Demi-God)

Primary Profession: Supreme Sorcerer +10% exp Secondary Profession: Heaven’s Justicar +5%exp

Unassigned Stat Points: 4

Strength: 150 (158) Agility: 150 (160) Intelligence: 150 (170)

Wisdom: 150 (170) Constitution: 150 (175) Perception: 150 (158)

MP: 17000 out of 17000 HP: 1750 out of 1750

MP/Regen: 1700% per hour HP/Regen: 175% per hour


Time to find out about the new stuff. Inspect Race Divine.

Divine: Designation that an organism has reached at least the Demi-God Level and can access Universal Energy for further upgrades in power.


O.k. Inspect Universal Energy.

Universal Energy: Energy source the universe is run on.


Not very helpful. How about Inspect Supreme Sorcerer.

Supreme Sorcerer: A sorcerer that can now instinctively add universe power to their mana. This doubles the duration and damage of spells.


Excellent information. Let’s try one more Inspect Heaven’s Justicar.

Heaven’s Justicar: You fight on the side of justice. However, that does not mean you are good. You will right any wrong you perceive even if it is done for the greater good.


That definitely sounds like me. I guess my secondary profession was selected after the universe determined my personality. Too confusing to really think about, but it all worked out. I wonder why my transformation took so long and involved so much pain. It can’t be normal, as Miss Helen and the Headmaster were able to complete theirs in just a morning. I am pretty sure they would have told me about the soul numbing pain also. So I must have gone through a unique power up.

It was probably either due to my race or me having all of the affinity types of mana. I am pretty sure that people here on Braxis cannot actually pick where there level up stats go. I know they understand what stat are, they checked mine and we talk about them, but I think I may either get a few more each level or it may just seem that way because I can pick and choose where they go. I should check with my companions to see what their stats actually are now as Demi-Gods so I can have some sort of comparison point to check how strong I am. In fact, I feel like that should be the first thing I talk to them about.

I teleport back to the inn and go and knock on Miss Helen’s door.

“Mark your back. I assume that means you were successful?”

“Yes ma’am. May I come in and ask a couple of questions?”

“Certainly Mark, come on in.”

I entered behind her and closed the door. Then I took a seat in a chair.

“Miss Helen this may be a little awkward, but I was wondering if I could know your stats. I would like a comparison point to mine. I have a feeling that I earn stat points different than other people and I would like to check.”

“Normally this is not something you tell other people, but I will agree if you share yours with me also.”

“That seems like a fair exchange Miss Helen.”

“Well Mark, my strength, agility, and constitution are much higher than my other stats due to my profession of Martial Warrior. Speaking of which I did get a change in profession to Divine Martial Warrior. Did you have a change in profession also?”

“Yes ma’am I did.”

“Well my strength since I have gone out with you to dungeons since my power up is 185, my agility is 175, and my Constitution is also 175. My other three are just above the 100 point limit needed to be Hero Class. They have gone up a single point each though since I have entered the Demi-God stage so there might be growth in the future for them also.”

“That is very interesting Miss Helen. What is your level right now?”

“I am level 223, why is this important?”

“Well you see Miss Helen I have base stats of 150 in every stat with bonuses that bring each one higher. I think I have a higher total number of points than you and I have just reached level 178.”

“That’s impossible, you can only reach the 150 stat limit in your professions needs. Mine were strength, agility, and constitution. You should only have hit the limit in Intelligence and Wisdom at the most. And even then for you to be at the limit under level 200 is crazy.”

“Well Miss Helen it is true. I have what seems to be a special ability that allows me to choose where my stats go each level. I thought everyone had it so I never mentioned it before. It is only recently that I started to suspect that I was somewhat different in this area.”

“Mark you never cease to amaze me. Let’s file this under one more thing you can never tell anyone else. In fact, I won’t even tell the Headmaster. It seems that not only are you talented in magic, but you can also at the same time be an overwhelming melee combatant.”

“Thank you for the compliment Miss Helen. I need all the help I can get if I am going to succeed in my goals.”

“We are going to have a talk about those goals one of these day’s young man, but today is not the day. We have a little over 7 months left until the tournament and I think between the three of us we can clear a record number of seven-star dungeons and possibly even attempt some of the eight-star dungeons. I want all of us to do our best to bring honor and glory back to the academy and country that has done so much for us.”

“Yes ma’am we can get started in the morning.”

I bid Miss Helen good night. I may not agree on the reason to do well in the tournament, but I do agree that I need to do my best to test myself against others. I am finally feeling that I have enough power to protect myself from others on this planet and proceed with my plans for revenge in the future without having to worry about being found as abnormal. No one is normal at our level now, so that alone will be all the camouflage I need.

When morning came I met the Headmaster and Miss Helen downstairs for breakfast.

“I was thinking before I fell asleep last night. We have plenty of funds or at least I know I do, what do you think about leasing or buying a place of our own for the next year. We would not have to worry about being spotted teleporting, and I am sure with what we will make dungeon diving we can get someplace very nice and load it up with luxuries. I like this inn, but I am not sure I want to live here for close to a year.”

“Mark, that is an excellent idea. I think that today just became a shopping day instead of dungeon diving, and we will start on leveling up tomorrow instead. Boys follow me and I will show you how it is done.”

Having been through this once before I realized I was once again in for a whirlwind of amazement and haggling. I was not disappointed. Miss Helen by the end of the day had procured for us an estate with a single year lease with an option to buy or extend at the end of the year. It consisted of a main building (think small mansion) with rooms for 12 and plenty of space for cooking. It also had various outbuildings for hobbies, servants and storage. We got all this at a fraction of the price I expected. Miss Helen had more than enough money to pay full price, but I think she got just as much of a thrill from haggling as she did from fighting.


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