Chapter 10

Teleportation Success

Maybe if I use the images I had from the last try but use other types of mana. It seems that destruction mana is the key, I just need to blend it with something else. My closest success is probably the spell Blink. Maybe if I use the new image with that combination of mana. It is worth a try. I bring up my teleporting image and try to infuse destruction and lightning mana into it. It goes into the image but the image is destroyed.

You have already created the spell Blink.

Ok that did not work. I guess it will be process of elimination again. Recreate the scene in my head now use destruction and fire mana.

You have created the spell Fire Transport.

Observe Fire Transport.

Fire Transport: A spell that transports the caster from the closest source of flame to another source of flame within sight of the caster.

Nope not helpful. Try again. Recreate the scene in my head now how about destruction and light.

You have created the spell teleportation.

Finally, Observe Teleportation.

Teleportation: A spell that transports the caster from their current location to any known location. Distance travelled is limited to 5 times the level of the caster X 50 kilometers.

Yes, this is the skill I wanted. It is not perfect as it still has a distance limit, but the distance limit is actually quite large. With my current level of 6 I can teleport 1,500 kilometers. Wait is that math right? Maybe it is really not that limited. I figure that level 6 is not that high and I can still teleport 1,500 kilometers. By the time I reach level 50 that would be 12,500 kilometers or about a third of the way around Earth. Even if my new planet Braxis is much larger than Earth that is still a very significant amount of travel. I can definitely work with this spell.

I just realized though, that this spell is useless to the current me because the only places I know are inside of this animal. Switch is a better transport method for me currently as a virus, but even then I do not know where the other animals are that I would be switching too. Oh well, I know it will be extremely helpful in the future.

I guess it is about time to go back to the old hibernation grind to wait for more levels in the traits I need. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

Wake up gather mana. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. Fly around on mana wings. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations. Hit Level 8. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

Wake up gather mana. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. Fly around on mana wings. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

Level nine comes after 7 more cycles, and level 10 12 cycles after that. I did not get a notice about evolution at level 10 so Magic Chimera Virus must be able to reach a higher level than the lower level regular virus. I did get another 5 free trait levels which I will continue to save until I get a body. Speaking of which I better check on my progress. Status.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Magic Chimera Mimic Virus Formica flamensis – 7534 hosts

Level: 10 Formica earthenii – 6921 hosts

Primary Profession: Sorcerer +10% exp Veriforma insectica - 4277 hosts

Secondary Profession: Not Assigned

Infect: 50% Hibernation: 10% Absorb: 40%


1. Mimicry Level 10 – MAX

2. Hidden Level 20 – MAX

3. Greater Resist All Level 10 – MAX

4. Adaptable Level 10 – MAX

5. Greater Multi-Infection Level 10 – MAX

6. Devour Level 0 – 1%

7. Many Bodies One Mind Level 11 – 36%

8. Basic Tactics Level 10 – MAX

9. Photosynthesis Level 10 – MAX

10. Chemical Warfare Level 10 – MAX

11. Boost Level 0 – 1%

12. Mana Manipulation Level 10 – MAX

13. Toxic Level 7 – 17%

14. Steel Defense Level 7 – 21%

15. Direction Sense Level 0 – 1%

16. Play Dead Level 0 – 1%

17. Burrow Level 0 – 1%

18. Charismatic Cuckoo Level 0 – 1%

19. Strengthen Level 0 – 1%

20. Flexibility Level 0 – 1%

NOOOO!!! Many Bodies One Mind is not a level 10 MAX skill. I mean that does make sense since I was told it is the highest tier, but now I have to wait even longer to get a stupid body. Is there anything I can do to speed this thing up. I mean I already am getting the max experience from infecting more organisms right. Wait, am I?

Stupid Mark, you still have the absorb option on at 40%. You were given a message that you were limited to 20 traits and you have kept trying to absorb more this whole time. I could have sped up infection and experience gain a ton. I need to fix this and then my wait won’t be so long. I can’t believe this. I could have had a body by now if I hadn’t forgot to change it. Customize Virus Response, 95% of new viruses infect, 5% hidden, 0% absorption.

New Parameters accepted.

It worked. I should be happy that I am now going to gain experience almost twice as fast, but I am still a little depressed that it took me that long to spot my mistake. Happy thoughts Mark think happy thoughts. Island beaches with warm tropical breezes, lying in a hammock with a good book, crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women. Wait what? Stupid daydreaming Conan quote getting in there. However, now that I think about it, that’s really not bad. I mean I am focusing on revenge so I might as well modify it and use it. My happy place is now, island beaches with warm tropical breezes, lying in a hammock with a good book, crushing my enemy the “Overbeing”, and hearing the lamentations of the “Overbeing’s” women if they exist. Yep that will work. Time to get back to the old grind. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

Wake up gather mana. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. Fly around on mana wings. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations. Repeat. 6 cycles later I am level 11, 7 more cycles to 12 and a new notice.

Toxic has reached maximum level. Due to your unique class you may evolve Toxic to the highest tier Miasma. Do you wish to evolve Toxic? Y/N

Steel Defense has reached maximum level. Due to your unique class you may evolve Steel Defense to the highest tier Adamantium Defense. Do you wish to evolve Steel Defense? Y/N

Well isn’t that nice. Yes please evolve Toxic and Steel Defense to the highest level. Well that was a nice brief interlude. Back to waiting and leveling. Wait a second, why am I only still hibernating for 25 generations? I can hibernate for more, which will make the time pass faster. Virus Hibernate. 100 generations.

Wake up gather mana. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. Fly around on mana wings. Virus Hibernate. 100 generations. There it is, level 13 after only two cycles because the hibernation period is longer. I continue with the higher number of hibernation generations. After three more cycles I hit level 14, four more cycles get me to level 15 and another 5 free trait levels. That should be 15 free trait levels total. It is looking like it takes about an extra 100 generations to earn the next level. Well let’s continue until another notification. 5 cycles equals level 16 and 6 cycles after that I reach level 17. Finally, after 8 more cycles I receive the notice I have been waiting for along with level 18.

You have reached the maximum level of Many Bodies One Mind. You may choose to create a body from your list of hosts.

Now all I have to do is pick what I am going to turn into, at least to start. I start browsing through all of my choices. When I look at the total number I almost pass out, can a virus pass out? I have infected over 1,200 different species. This is going to take forever. I wonder if I can use the custom command to sort them. Custom Virus Hosts, sort by animal, plant, fungus, and other.

New Parameters accepted. Virus Host list has been sorted into four categories.

I immediately eliminate plant and fungus species. They just don’t fit my revenge criteria. How many do I have to sort through now? Hmm, 326 animal species and 40 other. I look through the other list quickly. It is a variety of microbes and slimes. Things that just don’t fit well anywhere else. I eliminate this group also. Exotic could be fun, but I want something else. That leaves 326 to sort through. Still quite a few. I should try and sort them again. Custom Virus Hosts, sort animal category by, mammal, reptile, avian, and insect.

New Parameters accepted. Virus Host animal list has been sorted into four sub-categories.

Let’s see, 124 insect species, 83 mammals, 72 avians, and 47 reptiles. I really don’t care which it is as long as I can progress. I know, Custom Virus Hosts, list top choice in each of the animal sub-categories in evolution potential and strength.

New Parameters accepted.

1. Insect: Elemental Mantis – Evolution Potential High, Strength High

2. Mammal: Wood Elf – Evolution Potential Medium, Strength Extreme

3. Reptile: Elemental Drake – Evolution Potential High, Strength Extreme

4. Avian: Braxil Bird – Evolution Potential Extreme, Strength Low

This will definitely help me decide. I do not know if the being I transform into will influence my evolution choices when I finally reach that point, but there is no reason not to plan ahead. I better go ahead and check each one. Observe Elemental Mantis, Wood Elf, Elemental Drake, and Braxil Bird.

Elemental Mantis – Insect master of the elements. Stands approximately 1 to 1.25 meters tall, and can evolve into the intelligent Thri-Keen.

Wood Elf – Elven master of nature. Stands approximately 1.75 to 2.25 meters tall, and can evolve into Ancient One. Can use any type of mana with a penalty, but gets a 25% bonus to nature spells.

Elemental Drake – Smallest reptilian element master. 1 to 2 meters long, and can evolve into any draconic species.

Braxil Bird – Humble beginnings have powerful endings. .5 to .75 meters long, and can evolve into any phoenix species.

Interesting, if I remember my lore right a Thri-Keen is like some type of insect man, Elves are kind of self-explanatory, so are dragons, but what does it mean by any phoenix species? Observe Phoenix Species.

Phoenixes are powerful birds of legend that command a single element and wield it with power above any other. The most common are Fire Phoenixes, however variants in all the elements except creation and destruction have been recorded in history.

Ok, now I get it. They would be very powerful, but would be restricted in their elemental usage. I think I will cross them off the list. I also have no real desire to be a pointy eared elf. Nothing against elves, but they are just not my thing. So that leaves me the choice of Elemental Mantis or Elemental Drake. I know that many will question my decision but while I think dragons are awesome and I always wanted to be one, I am pretty sure the Elemental Mantis makes more sense in my case.

I need to be able use any element, which both of them do. However, I have a special trait dealing with hive minds and such which seems to lend itself to insect culture better. I am not even sure I will be limited by my choice, but if I prepare now for the worst and get something better later than that is just gravy. A Thri-Keen is a humanoid “monster” if I remember right so I should be able to use it to travel among humanoids with a little creativity. Yep that is going to be my choice. I hope I do not regret this. I choose to transform into an Elemental Mantis.


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