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Chapter 6

Evolution Is Fun To Do

Alright now that I have mana I can work on this between hibernations. Why am I still hibernating? That’s easy, I know myself and while I may enjoy working and playing with mana might be fun now, what happens If I get burned out on practicing. If I do, then I can just take a quick hibernation nap and wake up refreshed to do some more. I decide that I need to keep my mana in balance so I came up with a quick little mnemonic to help me remember which order to go in. ROBBY, PP, BWG.

What does it stand for well it seems that my childish humor has carried over, I imagine it as Robby, pee pee, big. Red, Orange, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Black, White, Green. It is what we would call 3rd grade toilet humor on Earth, but it is effective. I definitely won’t forget my mana capturing order. I spend an unknown amount of time absorbing mana particles before I finally get tired and decide it is time for a hibernation nap. I really need to figure out some sort of time sense other than generations. It is difficult to know how long it has been now since I got here, and how long I spend doing things. That is for another day. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

For some reason I did not feel rested after just one hibernation cycle so I went down for another. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations. When I came to this time I saw that I now had another 50 species infected. It seems that the infection rate is accelerating, either that or I have reached an area with more plants and animals. It really stinks not knowing where I am, the terrain, or any freaking detail outside of my host. My lack of information is starting to annoy me. I mean I could be stuck in a cave or a single valley. I might be spread across an entire continent by now since I have infected some flying species. I just don’t know! Calm down Mark, it will all make sense once you can gather outside information. Focus on what you can do and make it the best possible so you evolve into something that can take revenge.

Ah yes, my motivation. Sweet revenge it is. Back to basics then, mana cultivation. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. I continue with my cycle of absorption through at least 2 generations awake. That has been the longest I have stayed coherent in a long time. I guess a reminder of my need for revenge inspired me. Right before I decided that it was time for another hibernation nap, I got another level notice. I reached level 9. Store those 5 trait points and hibernate again. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

Once again one set of hibernations just did not seem enough and I went down for a second set. When I woke up I wondered about it. Is it the length of time or is it something else? Next I think I will try hibernating for only five generations and see if it still takes two cycles to feel refreshed. If it does, then I can cut down on my “real world” time spent unconscious or hibernating. If I am lucky I only 10 levels to evolve just like my traits. I should reach that in the next few sets of hibernation. That is for the future though, right now back to mana gathering. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. As I am gathering mana I start to wonder how I actually use this mana.

You know for someone who seems to keep getting smarter for leveling up traits I seem to not figure some simple things out. I have the skill mana manipulation, not mana gathering. So while I have done what I feel is the right thing in gathering mana, I have not even thought about experimenting with it yet. In fact, I feel like it is too early to try and use it. Almost like the skill is letting me know I do not have enough yet. You know what, I am going to trust my gut and wait. It does not hurt anybody, and all I got is time so waiting until I “feel” ready is not going to hurt anyone. Time to keep gathering then. By the time I finish gathering this round I have a sense that I have filled my mana about 50%. I guess I will continue to try and gather until I feel full or at 100% mana. Time for my hibernation experiment. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 5 generations.

It took two rounds of hibernation again for me to feel rested. I only hibernated for 10 generations total where before I was hibernating for 50. So it is some weird rule probably that 2 hibernations equals one sleep period for a virus. The length of the hibernations does not matter. I think I will actually stay with the 25 generation custom hibernation in the future. I do not think that 5 generations is really enough time for any significant change to occur in my situation right now. If that changes in the future I can always change my hibernation period. Oh well, let’s gather more mana and then check the old status before a new round of longer hibernations. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. After I finally start to feel tired about collecting mana I decide it is time to check on my progress. Status.

Name: Mark Stefanopolis Race: Virus (Chimera) Veriforma insectica - 736 hosts

Level: 9 Lepidoptic hornicaa – 311 hosts

Formica flamensis – 276 hosts

Infect: 50% Hibernation: 10% Absorb: 40%


1. Mimicry Level 10 – MAX

2. Hidden Level 20 – MAX

3. Greater Resist All Level 8 – 41%

4. Adaptable Level 10 – MAX

5. Greater Multi-Infection Level 7 – 19%

6. Devour Level 0 – 1%

7. All is One Level 6 – 83%

8. Basic Tactics Level 6 – 13%

9. Photosynthesis Level 4 – 23%

10. Chemical Warfare Level 3 – 32%

11. Boost Level 0 – 1%

12. Mana Manipulation Level 0 – 1%

13. Poisonous Level 4 – 54%

14. Iron Defense Level 6 – 66%

15. Direction Sense Level 0 – 1%


Well not much has changed. My level has gone up and blood wolf is no longer in the top three infected host numbers. Everything else that can level seems to just be trucking along just fine. I guess there is no need to adjust anything. I will check on what my new number three species is though. Observe Formica flamensis.

Formica flamensis: Common name fire ant. This ant lives in colonies and is a major pest species of planet Braxis due to insatiable appetite, formidable size, and access to fire magic.


Once again I was not expecting that. I did not just get its common name, but more information. I wonder if my observation skill is getting better or if there is just more information about them in the data base, or is it because they seem to be a well known pest species? They are obviously different than the fire ants on Earth, these guys seem to be able to use fire magic. What is more important is that I now know what planet I am on, Planet Braxis. I do not know why that makes me feel so good to find out something like this. I guess it is because I lack so much knowledge about what is outside my host and even this little bit seems to make me feel better about my situation. Let’s see if I can get some more information. Observe Planet Braxis.

Planet Braxis: Standard life bearing planet orbiting the yellow star Braxima.


Ok no real important new information. I now know the name of the “sun” for this planet and that it is yellow, which should mean that plants might look similar in color and form. I probably could have guessed that from my trait photosynthesis, but no new important information. Oh well I guy can hope, time for my naps. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations.

Two hibernations cycles later, I am now feeling great and have infected another 50 species. Time to gather mana. ROBBY, PP, BWG. ROBBY, PP, BWG. Now some down time. Virus Hibernate. Custom. 25 generations. After 8 more hibernation and mana gathering cycles I had infected at least another 50 species and finally got the message I had been waiting for.

You have reached Level 10. This is the maximum level a Chimera Virus can obtain. Due to your unique class evolver you have the option to evolve into the following organisms.

1. Slime – Requires trait Adaptable. Due to your achievements you may select a subspecies.

A. Iron Slime – Requires trait Iron Defense

B. Poison Slime – Requires trait Poisonous

C. Magic Slime – Requires trait Mana Manipulation

D. Mimic Slime – Requires trait Mimicry to be Maxed

2. Horned Rabbit – Requires either trait Herbivore or Adaptable and Boost.

3. Magic Vine – Requires trait Mana Manipulation and Photosynthesis.

4. Parasite – Requires traits Hidden, Lesser Resist All, and Lesser Multi-Infection.

5. Magic Ant – Requires traits Mana Manipulation and Hive Mind. Due to your achievements you may select a subspecies.

A. Fire Ant – Requires Fire affinity

B. Metal Ant – Requires Earth affinity

C. Shadow Ant – Requires Darkness affinity

D. Lightning Ant – Requires Lightning affinity

6. Magic Chimera Mimic Virus: Requires Mana Manipulation, Chimera Virus, and Mimicry Max Level.


So many choices. Wait I thought I would have to spend Karma Points though, whatever happened to them? Observe Karma Points.

Karma Points and menu are inaccessible due to you already being reincarnated.


Ok so they still exist but they are only good if I die and reincarnate. Well I guess I should try and lead as good a life as I can while striving for revenge. Huh, that sounds a little contradictory even to me. Oh, well I have a goal and nothing is going to stop me. Now which of these options is going to be the best for me. Without even reading the observe descriptions I can draw some conclusions. More traits probably means a higher tier of evolution. I mean I could have evolved into a normal slime, but since I was able to get other traits more specialized and powerful types of slimes are available. So if I rank my choices from just that my choice list would be:

  1. Parasite - 3 traits
  2. Magic Chimera Mimic Virus - 3 traits
  3. Magic Ant – 2 + traits
  4. Magic Vine - 2 traits
  5. Horned Rabbit – 2 - traits
  6. Slime - 1 + traits

The plusses denote that there is an available subspecies which required another trait and the minus on Horned Rabbit means that it could use more than one trait to get to it. However, I did notice that Mimic Slime and Magic Chimera Mimic Virus both required a trait to be maxed out. That would imply that they are of a higher tier as it would be harder to max out a trait before evolving. That would actually put Magic Chimera Virus as number 1 and Slime would move up and tie with Horned Rabbit or maybe even with Magic Vine.

That does not matter for my first cut though. I am only going to look at what I would consider the top 3 choices. So let’s take a look. Observe Magic Ant, Parasite, and Magic Chimera Mimic Virus please.

Magic Ant – A larger version (between 6 and 12 inches long) of the common ant that has acquired the ability to manipulate a single element of magic. High evolution potential.

Parasite – A voracious predator that causes harm to its host. Limited Evolution Potential.

Magic Chimera Mimic Virus – An advanced and upgraded virus form that can level up even higher. Unlimited evolution potential.


Well that settles it right there. Virus has worked for me so far and it still has unlimited evolution potential. I would be a fool to pick anything else at this point. I still won’t be able to use devour yet, but I already have an army of viruses and I assume they will upgrade with me and I will not have to start over from scratch. This has to be the best option. Let’s do this before I change my mind. I select Magic Chimera Mimic Virus as my evolution choice.


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