Prologue:  Death and Rebirth

It seemed so cliché. I mean how many times had I read stories about someone rescuing a person right before dying and instead they die, ending up in a white room in front of a being that could only be described as godlike. I mean there were a few variations in my story. I was not hit by a truck, instead ironically I was crushed by a falling “Safety First” sign at work. I saw one corner start to twist and fall and noticed that someone was underneath the sign, without even thinking I rushed forward and pushed the person out of the way and had enough time to look up before I was overcome by blackness and then I ended up here. The room was not white, but instead it looked like an endless plain of clouds with a large being or person sitting in a throne. However, he/she/it was not alone. On either side was another being. Each of these people/gods was smaller than the one in the throne. Maybe children or a status thing?

I guess now was the time to figure out what was going to happen to me. I guess I should be upset about my death, but for some reason I was extremely calm. Not happy or sad, but just ambivalent. It was almost like my emotions were being manipulated. The large person/god in the throne spoke.

“Welcome Mark Stefanopolis, due to your extreme bravery and rescue of another living sentient being you have been granted this audience. Most souls just enter the cycle of reincarnation and move on to their next world without this meeting. Your selfless deed allows you a limited choice in your next cycle.”

“I see, I do not know how I should address you, but thank you for the explanation.”

“You may call me the Overbeing. I watch and judge this planet and several others in the reincarnation cycle.”

“Very well Mr. Overbeing, can you explain what my choices are?”

“Yes, the first choice is to live a similar life of bipedal sentience, however no special services will be provided. Your second choice is to enter into a life of struggle, however you will have an opportunity for greatness appear later in life. Finally, your third and final choice is to become an evolver.”

“Can you explain the evolver a bit more?”

“Unfortunately, due to constraints placed upon me all I can say is that it has the greatest potential of all three but also is the most difficult. I can tell you that you will start small and unimpressive and will work your way up to a position of extreme power. I also can inform you that you can have limited interaction and choice through something that would best be described in your experience as a game screen.”

Interesting, so it seems my choices are between a safe but mediocre life, a challenging but rewarding life, or a life of mystery that could reward me greatly. Who am I kidding, I always wanted to be able to control my life a little more and the game screen thing just seals the deal. I am definitely going for option 3.

“Mr. Overbeing, I would like to choose option 3 and become an evolver.”

“Very well, I will now send you on your way.”

My consciousness started to fade out and I felt a floating feeling taking over my body/soul/existence. Right before I faded out completely I heard a different voice speak.

“Now that you have killed this generations hero are we safe in our position of power for another 100 years?”

I heard the Overbeing respond, “Shut up you fool he can still hear us.”

Blackness was the last thing I remembered after that.


About the author


Bio: Older Science Teacher who after years of hearing, "You read so much maybe you should write a book.", decided to do just that.
Just having fun and learning how to put my ideas into a format that others can understand and enjoy.

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