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Sucked into the void without warning, a handful of people from around the globe suddenly find themselves in the foreign world of Scyria, a place filled with people who can jump three times their height, conjure fire from thin air, and perform any number of other inhuman feats.  Scattered across the realm and armed with newfound powers far greater than those of the native Scyrians, they each struggle to find their path in this unfamiliar reality.  Their unforeseen arrival sends tremors throughout the world, toppling a centuries-long age of relative peace, prosperity, and progress as they each leave their mark on the world in their own ways.

But Scyria has its own share of intrigue, even without these unwelcome guests.  A major metropolis is wiped from existence out of nowhere, triggering a manhunt across the continent for those deemed responsible.  Two feuding nations decide to bring their hostilities to a new level.  Blades clash, nations fall, and plots years in the making begin to reveal themselves.

This is the story of some unwilling trespassers, taken from their lives against their will and thrown into situations they barely understand.  This is the story of some unfortunate Scyrians, their lives blown apart by the newcomers’ sudden and destabilizing existence.  This is the story of Scyria, a world with a lost past buried beneath millenia.  But as both the Earthlings and Scyrians are about to find out, sometimes the past doesn’t stay buried forever...

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Cover by Drakannon.

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Almost didn't continue, but its still really good.

I won't lie, shifting the focus off of one main character to a whole new one only a few chapters in really had me questioning why I should read more. Especially when its been around 8 or so chapters without word of the old one (who I still prefer #BringBackBlake :P ) but ,well, I guess you need to introduce characters however you want and we're finally getting there so its OK. 

Story: 4/5 For now there's 1 star off because its just SO, SO JARRING when the main character seems to take a step back for another main character who is just... less interisting, less talented, less action-packed, less emotive. Its really annoying after the reader invests themselves, and I suspect a lot of readers will have dropped the story for a while after a few chapters without a hint of the first MC, hopefully now that they know they'll see him again people will stick with it, but I know I nearly didn't.

Style: 4.5/5 0.5 off because that MC swicheroo stuff still really annoyed me, and I just don't like Sophie as much as Blake. I mean goddamn that last chapter with Blake was just PERFECT, I hadn't felt emotion like that from a story on RRL since /that/ chapter from Gamer of the Dead, and thats saying something. Stylistic choices otherwise are great and it flows very well. Loving it.

Grammar: 5/5 Perfect, 'nuff said.

Character: 5/5 Blake is so good, I guess Sophie could be as good one day, eitherway your characters are  3 dimensional so far, so its 5/5 here. I mean for me the MC is still Blake but even in the few chapters I've seen of him so far there was a LOT of characterisation which I loved.

Overall: 5/5 Love it, just almost didn't lol. Thankfully it seems like we might be seeing more of my favourite character soon so that's nice. Maybe an idea would be interspersing some Blake chapters amongst all the Sophia ones, because going from one to the other for such a long stretch was not very enjoyable.


Why isn't this in the top 10?

I do not review often.  When I do it is because the story is something special.  The quality of this story is up there with professional writers I count as my favorites, for example: Jim Butcher, L. E. Modesitt Jr, Brandon Sanderson, Anne Mcaffery, and Mercedes Lackey.  While thie story style has the danger of following the path of George RR Martin, who while good at first turns into a crapfest of character juggling and a complete lack of progress, which is what I believe turns off many readers from this author, those who have those concerns should take note that the individual times spent in a POV grow in length and the story has grown more coherent, not less. That this story is not in the top ten on this site reminds me of the old adage that people are stupid little shits.  

I strongly urge IrateRapScallion, should you read my review, to keep writing.  I love your work and want to see more of it.  If you publish I will buy your stories and share them with my family and friends so that they too can enjoy your worlds.  



This is one of my favorite stories on all of Royal Road. The author puts a lot of work into his wide range of characters. Personally I disliked it at first when the story shifted away to new characters after a few chapters but now many chapters later I appreciate the move more than ever.

The characters are all well written and have depth. Their interactions are often amusing though never unrealistic. Even the character I hate the most has a consistent character who plays their role well.

The world however is where I believe it really shines. Feeling and Observing are the two kinds of magic in Scyria. Everyone can use some amount of either and can train to become better however people are also more inclined towards one.

Feelers are people who have superhuman strength and or agility. While Observers are the more typical spell flinging magic you're likely used to. Think internal vs external or body enhancement vs traditional magic.

For those who are worried about the story after the first 5-8 chapters don't fret! The rest of the story only improves. I implore you to continue if you liked the first chapters the rest only gets better! Especially once the characters meet up.


Would say this is among the best stories on this site.


One of the best qualities of this story is just writing, and it is seriously well written.

Not only that, but theres a actual interesting world all built up, the differences between it and Earth, the ecology, the nations in the world and especially the powers and the different kinds of powers one can have.


But the thing where this story does truly excel are its characters.

There are a lot of actual characters that you can feel with, and every new perspective switch does reveal a LOT of suprising information. None of the characters are actually perfect,  they have a quite large amount of flaws, but that makes me like them even more.

A problem could be through that the first character shown in the story is one of the most likeable, and that the pov switch can turn some people off.


I seen zero problems with grammar, which says much about the author and the editor, keep it on!


So overall, id recommend to read this story, and atleast keep trying even if you reach a point you do not like, it will improve.


Better than excellent

Reviewed at: Chapter 89

Allow me to explain first that I do not usually enjoy stories of the Multiple MC type most of the time. HOWEVER after seeing absolutely the glowing reviews I decided to give this story a shot.

The result: I finished the entire thing(Around 90 chapters as of me writing this) in 3 days. I did not sleep nor did I eat more than absolutely necessary while reading this story, I was captivated and excited, words on a screen cannot explain how much I enjoy this piece of literature.

This story is beyond well written, it is beyond well excecuted. "Displaced" deserves a fan following and succes rivaling those of major fantasy franchises. I have never in my life been more dissapointed in the folly of the human race when I found out that this story is not in the top 10 of this site.

Now, I am not telling lies when I say that the pacing, the progression, the world building and moment to moment scene excecution is great. This story exceeded every single one of my expectations, It made me absolutely trancend the mortal plane as I was reading it. My only hope is that the author keeps writing with the same focus on quality and publishes this novel on paperback when he is finished.

To anyone who enjoys out of the ordinary fantasy stories: You MUST give this one a try.


To be frank, most of the stuff on this website sucks bad. Most people don't bother to proofread, have stories entirely comprised of cliche and wish fulfillment, and/or just really need to learn how to read before they try writing anything at all. Occasionally, though, the gods of Roalroad come through, and deliver upon a special few the blessing of grammar and plot. Congratulations! You don't suck! Your characters aren't a poorly made facsimile of a cardboard cutout. Your language is accessible, and your setting, while somewhat... commonfare (not that I mind. I love this shit) is more well developed than 99% of other "Isekai" stories I've read in the past. You have writing skills, humor, fanatic religious empires, a (presumably) interesting system of magic, and a main character that (hopefully) behaves like a human being from this point forward (there are only 3 chapters out, so it's difficult to gauge consistency). I could see this in publication, man. You've got skillz, and I'll definitely be reading.

Edit: Spoiler



If the POV Switcheroo is not your Cup of Tea ...

Reviewed at: Chapter 101

Take another sip.  

This story is awesome not only in wordbuilding and plot, but also in how well the multiple povs come to complement and support each other.  While at the beginning the sudden transition from the main character up to that point was annoying, i have come to appreciate the sheer depth that has been the result. I  would like to start with that if anyone is put off by multiple main character povs or any roughness in the first chapters, that the author has improved tremendously and has had an awesome editor the whole time. Which leads into the grammar score.

Grammar: 5 out of 5

I gave full marks on grammar, because i can't remember a single time where my reading was disturbed by grammar or spelling in over 100 chapters.  Any errors are few and far between if they exist.  I don't believe there are many stories on RR that have grammar half as good.

Character: 5 out of 5

I could and have talk endlessly about any of the characters in this book.  The short and simple would be that every character is well fleshed out, interact reasonably, and are clearly individuals.  While I might dislike a certain character like many other reviewers do, I would not deny that she is a fully fleshed out character that adds to the story and plot, and that she still has surprises I would have never expected.  Even the side characters you only hear about for a couple paragraphs have clear personalities that make sense and at the same time add feeling to the world.  On the character front, every character has been someone I could imagine being real, and a viable result from the present societies.

Style: 5 out of 5

Everyone has their preferences, and for some this style is a deal breaker.  The first chapters follow a slightly egotistic main character who decides pretty quickly that he can improve everything.  Right at a climax of that main character's story, the story switches to another main character.  The immense cliffhanger has caused quite a few drops over the years, but I can say that the wait is definitely worth it.  The world building is organic, and I can't think of a single info dump.  Which is impressive considering how much I now know about this world, and all of it has been interesting.  Other than that this story does well on all fronts, and i can see this being a topseller at some point.

Story: 5 out of 5

The most important part of any story, it's in the name! from the very beginning you can start to see an actual plot taking place.  While at the time and till now i don't have a clue how it will end, i can clearly see that the author has planned the story out.  Easily seen by how there has beena twist planned from the very beginning that took over around 100 chapters to reveal itself.  The clues for this were incredibly subtle and make a reread even more fun, as I find everything making sense in a different way.  So story wise their is a clear direction while still allowing an organic growth of the story as we go along.  I already plan on badgering the author to publish so i can get a hard back version.


I think I have covered everything, and would like to say that overall this story is extremely well crafted, and I can't wait for more.  Wonderful plot, characters, detail, worldbuilding, and grammar.  Even if every bit of the synopsis and your previous experiences with pov switching books scream, you should still give it a read. I think that at the end of the day this is the story I enjoy most on this site, and can't wait for the next update.



That's it!
In my humble opinion, everything about this fiction is just impeccable!


Since I actually have to fill 200 characters, let me elaborate: Every word feels deliberate and well thought through, which is sadly also represented in the time it takes for this fiction to progress. The grammar is flawless and I do not recount a single instance where I thought to myself that there is something funky with a sentence or a word.

All of the characters are developed and have depth (and let me change the capitalization: I really mean ALL). They have reasons for their behaviour, they have flaws and they do not deviate from their personalities for plot convenience.

The story is on the same level, where it is rich in content and itricacies, and everything feels connected and important (which is significant because as is seen in the tags it is a ”multiple-lead-characters” -story and thus jumps a lot between actions an places).

All in all a 100% recommendation to read!


I started reading this story due to an amazing action scene way into it. I was hooked right after. It does have some slow moments due to switching between points of view, but if you persevere, you will be rewarded with a well thought story of fleshy characters and interesting interactions. The good news is that it all connects and doesn't bring out some deux ex machina moment into it. If you are into fulfilling stories with adventure then you'll like this a lot. The author is quick on fixing grammar and interacting to comments as well so I gave him a 5 on that too since he fixes quick. Realistically, a lot of stories have some grammar issues, but this wont hinder the reading. You'll come to love Jaquet too I hope as his wee personality touches your belly. Would definitely buy a book if there is one in the future! Keep it up Irate!


Multi-lead characters story is both good and...?

At chapter 30. 

The world building is a little slow and confusing ( multi-lead characters each start in different parts of the world).   But by chapter 30 i'm sold on this world.  The magic is interesting and different but feels like it has a solid system behind it.  The world feels big  messy and interesting.  Each of the MCs feel unique, and have their own voices.  

The Author is building a big complex world and switches between different MC.  Personally i'm not a huge fan of switching from one character to another.  But now that i've gotten to know Rudra, Blake, Arlette, and Sofie, i like them just fine.  It was just a little rough going.