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Scyria was a harsh world, where death came swiftly for the weak and foolish alike, but at least it was stable.  Societies matured, knowledge improved, and slowly, one tiny step at a time, life got better.  As tough as the world could be, the people of Scyria could at least look forward to the fact that each upcoming year would be a little better than the last.

Then they showed up: people from another world, thrown into this one for reasons that neither they nor the natives of the realm can discern.  This is the story of these trespassers, and the people of Scyria, as their arrival sunders the fragile order and plunges the world into a chaos unlike any it has ever seen.

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Cover by Drakannon.

A member of Writers to The End, I vow to finish this story no matter how long it takes.


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Almost didn't continue, but its still really good.

I won't lie, shifting the focus off of one main character to a whole new one only a few chapters in really had me questioning why I should read more. Especially when its been around 8 or so chapters without word of the old one (who I still prefer #BringBackBlake :P ) but ,well, I guess you need to introduce characters however you want and we're finally getting there so its OK. 

Story: 4/5 For now there's 1 star off because its just SO, SO JARRING when the main character seems to take a step back for another main character who is just... less interisting, less talented, less action-packed, less emotive. Its really annoying after the reader invests themselves, and I suspect a lot of readers will have dropped the story for a while after a few chapters without a hint of the first MC, hopefully now that they know they'll see him again people will stick with it, but I know I nearly didn't.

Style: 4.5/5 0.5 off because that MC swicheroo stuff still really annoyed me, and I just don't like Sophie as much as Blake. I mean goddamn that last chapter with Blake was just PERFECT, I hadn't felt emotion like that from a story on RRL since /that/ chapter from Gamer of the Dead, and thats saying something. Stylistic choices otherwise are great and it flows very well. Loving it.

Grammar: 5/5 Perfect, 'nuff said.

Character: 5/5 Blake is so good, I guess Sophie could be as good one day, eitherway your characters are  3 dimensional so far, so its 5/5 here. I mean for me the MC is still Blake but even in the few chapters I've seen of him so far there was a LOT of characterisation which I loved.

Overall: 5/5 Love it, just almost didn't lol. Thankfully it seems like we might be seeing more of my favourite character soon so that's nice. Maybe an idea would be interspersing some Blake chapters amongst all the Sophia ones, because going from one to the other for such a long stretch was not very enjoyable.

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Why isn't this in the top 10?

I do not review often.  When I do it is because the story is something special.  The quality of this story is up there with professional writers I count as my favorites, for example: Jim Butcher, L. E. Modesitt Jr, Brandon Sanderson, Anne Mcaffery, and Mercedes Lackey.  While thie story style has the danger of following the path of George RR Martin, who while good at first turns into a crapfest of character juggling and a complete lack of progress, which is what I believe turns off many readers from this author, those who have those concerns should take note that the individual times spent in a POV grow in length and the story has grown more coherent, not less. That this story is not in the top ten on this site reminds me of the old adage that people are stupid little shits.  

I strongly urge IrateRapScallion, should you read my review, to keep writing.  I love your work and want to see more of it.  If you publish I will buy your stories and share them with my family and friends so that they too can enjoy your worlds.  


  • Overall Score

To be frank, most of the stuff on this website sucks bad. Most people don't bother to proofread, have stories entirely comprised of cliche and wish fulfillment, and/or just really need to learn how to read before they try writing anything at all. Occasionally, though, the gods of Roalroad come through, and deliver upon a special few the blessing of grammar and plot. Congratulations! You don't suck! Your characters aren't a poorly made facsimile of a cardboard cutout. Your language is accessible, and your setting, while somewhat... commonfare (not that I mind. I love this shit) is more well developed than 99% of other "Isekai" stories I've read in the past. You have writing skills, humor, fanatic religious empires, a (presumably) interesting system of magic, and a main character that (hopefully) behaves like a human being from this point forward (there are only 3 chapters out, so it's difficult to gauge consistency). I could see this in publication, man. You've got skillz, and I'll definitely be reading.

Edit: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

This is one of my favorite stories on all of Royal Road. The author puts a lot of work into his wide range of characters. Personally I disliked it when it shifted away to new characters after a few chapters but now many chapters later I appreciate the characters more than ever.

The world is interesting and the magic varied but the characters are where this story shines. Non of them are two dimensonal or copy pasted trope architypes.

For those who are worried about the story after the first 5-8 chapters don't fret! The rest of the story only improves. I implore you to continue if you liked the first chapters the rest only gets better!

The Drast
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How Multiple Leads are Done

I have been following this story for a long time and it has always struck me as odd that this never became more popular. The mind boggles that a book so engaging and well thought out, never took off. I strongly urge everyone who wants a true experience of what fantasy and multiple leads is to read this. Now onto the actual review.

Style score 5/5:

IrateRapScallion draws you into his world like few can ever dream of achieving. Whether through elaborate plans of world domination or a fight for social equality the author makes you fall in love with the characters. 

Story score 4/5:

With a rather long and slow set-up this might put some off. However in recent chapters as the initial introductory arc wrapped up, we begin to get a glimpse into the machinations of all the powers. IrateRapScallion seems to have a rather ambitious story in the works unfolding to reveal a world more deep and rich than what one could have hoped for.

Grammer score 5/5:

More perfect than a crystal at absolute zero.

Character score 5/5:

This is where IrateRapScallion truely shines. It has been a long a time since I've read a book which can have its characters so likeable yet flawed but without being too flawed. It's an art a paltry few can hope can hope to have and use. The perfect balance, which can't be easy considering the sheer number of different characters IrateRapScallion is juggling is something that must be savoured while one can.

Overall score 5/5:

A tiny disclaimer here: this story is not for everyone. But for those who are used to having a huge and diverse set of protagonists, one should not pass up this chance to read what I consider to be one of the best works that can be found on this site.

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It is always a joy to see that authors share their passion of writing and weaving compelling, fantastic stories.

Grammarscore: No errors found.

Storyscore: The story is of the genre which I quite enjoy. A travel into a unknown, another, universe.

Stylescore: The storytelling is rich.

Characterscore: The characters feel realistic and evoke compassion from the reader.

Thanks for giving us your story and time!

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Highly recommended.

  The story is fantastic, and incredibly tense. I think the abundance of cliffhangers in the story make it better, they are all addressed eventually, and they keep you reading. By the time you switched perspectives a few times you are happy about it either way as you never really wanted to stop reading the other.

 The world feels real, and the characters feel realistic, although some can be hard to sympathize with at first. There is real conflict in interactions, and not just on a physical level. The characters change in reaction to things around them, in what I find to be a dynamic way, making the issues presented have far more to them than ‘there is a bad guy, let’s beat them up’. The conflict stems from from a mix of the transfered people struggling to fit into the world, and the very real threats that that creates for them. The fight scenes are well written, exciting, and convey a real feeling of danger to the reader.

 Some plot points are most definitely cliche’, but there is enough reason behind them for the story to still be relatable. There are no major issues with grammar or spelling that I could find. Given the nature of this author’s writing I would wait for the second book to be complete before reading any of its chapters. With that said the first 29 chapters are fair game. 


  • Overall Score

Its definitely well written and actually proofread, far above the typical fare on this site.

I don't get blakes character, he goes from your average technical minded asshole to I don't know what, megalomaniacal Mother Theresa? He all over the place, to the point where it seems like his transition mentally damaged him.

All the magic engineering stuff was great but just when I was really getting into the story it cliffhangers to some as yet unrelated plot thread that I couldn't give two craps about.  Nope


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Really didn't like this one

Spoilers below.

I dropped this after reading the beginning of chapter 5. Our MC is a dude that knows literally nothing about the planet/country/kingdom he is in or its people. He kills the second person he meets in this new world because he sees something he does not understand and thinks that taking immediate action is apparently more important than learning or observing. While this does make our MC an asshole/idiot, it could be used as a stepping stone for character development, but there's no reflection on this at all.

Problem is, it gets so much worse. In chapter 5, he concludes that 'remodeling' the society he landed in to reflect what he thinks is good is the right thing to do. And again, that's while he knows literally nothing about said society except that it's religious and archaic.

In terms of uplifting socities, this makes our MC fall on the 'pretty fucking evil' side of things and that makes him a villain. As in, he's an alien that invades another world and immediately attacks it and its society to change it to resemble his own. While this in itself could make for an interesting read, his and the author's seeming lack of selfawareness on where on the good/evil spectrum the MC is make this an instant drop for me.


  • Overall Score

I don't do magic guns in a medieval setting. It's extremely 'unfair' but more importantly these stories make everybody magically retarded while the mc is able to do things in days that take others lifetimes. Besides magic, these kinds of stories completely mock marksman all over. Like some friggin schmuck who's never even seen a firearm can perfectly build one and shoot more accurately than anybody else. All with some weapon that has no sight and no business shooting as far as it does.


That being said, its a pretty well written story. Above average for rrl, ok for actual novels. I only read to chapter 5 before I had to quit. Maybe I have an unfair bias against magic guns and this author does something magical, but i won't hold my breath.


Story- not my cup of tea.

Grammar- excellent. Only spotted one mistake that disrupted the flow.of the story

Character- Only 1 that really matters so far. Can't say I care for him but i do like how the author created the path to evil with good intentions.

Worldbuilding- dunno how I feel about this one. I'd say it's adequate. Too detailed and its annoying. Not enough and the readers are lost. So up to ch. 5, good job. Even though I skimmed it.

Overall give this story a shot. But yeah... fuck this story