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Sucked into the void without warning, a handful of people from around the globe suddenly find themselves in the foreign world of Scyria, a place filled with people who can jump three times their height, conjure fire from thin air, and perform any number of other inhuman feats.  Scattered across the realm and armed with newfound powers far greater than those of the native Scyrians, they each struggle to find their path in this unfamiliar reality.  Their unforeseen arrival sends tremors throughout the world, toppling a centuries-long age of relative peace, prosperity, and progress as they each leave their mark on the world in their own ways.

But Scyria has its own share of intrigue, even without these unwelcome guests.  A major metropolis is wiped from existence out of nowhere, triggering a manhunt across the continent for those deemed responsible.  Two feuding nations decide to bring their hostilities to a new level.  Blades clash, nations fall, and plots years in the making begin to reveal themselves.

This is the story of some unwilling trespassers, taken from their lives against their will and thrown into situations they barely understand.  This is the story of some unfortunate Scyrians, their lives blown apart by the newcomers’ sudden and destabilizing existence.  This is the story of Scyria, a world with a lost past buried beneath millenia.  But as both the Earthlings and Scyrians are about to find out, sometimes the past doesn’t stay buried forever...

I marked the story as having Gore, Sexual Content, and Traumatising content because it does contain a bit of all three, though not what I believe is a significant amount.  Just wanted to be safe.  It does contain a whole lot of profanity, though.  That one is very much deserved.

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Cover by Jefferymoonworm

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King of One

Masterful writing but jarring POV changes.

Reviewed at: Chapter 37

The writing, the characters, the world building, and the fight scenes. Those things earn this story 3 stars. The two missing stars come from the fact that it feels like I'm reading several different stories at once, most of them not even being that interesting. POV change after POV change lasting for 8 or more chapters at times. Most stories keep the readers engaged by flipping POVs every chapter or two, following the story lines of the cast. Apparently that tried and true method was too mundane for this author.


The first 6 or so chapters are amazing. I was sucked right in, fully invested in Blake and his new powers. Then, a critical plot element happens at the end of the chapter and instead of following up the POV changes.

Normally this is fine because after a chapter or two, the POV will change back and we can see what happened. Nope. Chapter after chapter you'll read of this comparatively boring mercenary lady and her useless ex-slave hanger-on. Finally you get back to Blake for a few chapters, just to find a TON OF Things have happened during the POV switch including the {spoilers below}



Taking over of the entire country. This man took over the entire country and the author reflects back on in in a few brief passages and then continues with the plot.


OK fine. Still not terrible despite the ridiculous length of the POV change. Itll be 2 POVs and I'll just muscle through the boring POV. HAHA nope.


ANOTHER new POV. From another character. And then after that? Yet another. Both long as hell. Leo's POV is just as good as Blake's, but Again the author switches to another POV just as a major plot element develops. And this is all only up to chapter 35 or so. Honestly not sure if I want to keep reading. The POV changes and the missing hindsight plot elements are extremely jarring and quite frankly ruin the pacing of the story.


One of my favorite authors is Brandon Sanderson. The wheel of time juggled its many character with an expert flourish that, while unwelcome, were short enough chapters to entice readers not to drop the series, or were interesting enough to keep the reader engaged.


In summary, this author threw all convention out the window and his story is riddled with missing plot elements and extremely jarring and unwelcome POV changes, that not only do not yet tie into each other, but occur in completely different countries as though the author is trying to flesh out the entire world all at once.

The sad part is that the fix is so easy. Even if he still left out the major plot points and only looked back at them in hindsight as he seems to be doing every time something major develops, the story would still be worth the read of the POVs weren't so extremely long. He forces readers to read chapter after chapter of a POV that the reader may not like and that may or may not even be relevant to the plot as a whole.


Give this a skip if you aren't into many MANY characters showing up out of nowhere and having a POV change every time something major is about to, or has happened. 


Almost didn't continue, but its still really good.

I won't lie, shifting the focus off of one main character to a whole new one only a few chapters in really had me questioning why I should read more. Especially when its been around 8 or so chapters without word of the old one (who I still prefer #BringBackBlake :P ) but ,well, I guess you need to introduce characters however you want and we're finally getting there so its OK. 

Story: 4/5 For now there's 1 star off because its just SO, SO JARRING when the main character seems to take a step back for another main character who is just... less interisting, less talented, less action-packed, less emotive. Its really annoying after the reader invests themselves, and I suspect a lot of readers will have dropped the story for a while after a few chapters without a hint of the first MC, hopefully now that they know they'll see him again people will stick with it, but I know I nearly didn't.

Style: 4.5/5 0.5 off because that MC swicheroo stuff still really annoyed me, and I just don't like Sophie as much as Blake. I mean goddamn that last chapter with Blake was just PERFECT, I hadn't felt emotion like that from a story on RRL since /that/ chapter from Gamer of the Dead, and thats saying something. Stylistic choices otherwise are great and it flows very well. Loving it.

Grammar: 5/5 Perfect, 'nuff said.

Character: 5/5 Blake is so good, I guess Sophie could be as good one day, eitherway your characters are  3 dimensional so far, so its 5/5 here. I mean for me the MC is still Blake but even in the few chapters I've seen of him so far there was a LOT of characterisation which I loved.

Overall: 5/5 Love it, just almost didn't lol. Thankfully it seems like we might be seeing more of my favourite character soon so that's nice. Maybe an idea would be interspersing some Blake chapters amongst all the Sophia ones, because going from one to the other for such a long stretch was not very enjoyable.


Why isn't this in the top 10?

I do not review often.  When I do it is because the story is something special.  The quality of this story is up there with professional writers I count as my favorites, for example: Jim Butcher, L. E. Modesitt Jr, Brandon Sanderson, Anne Mcaffery, and Mercedes Lackey.  While thie story style has the danger of following the path of George RR Martin, who while good at first turns into a crapfest of character juggling and a complete lack of progress, which is what I believe turns off many readers from this author, those who have those concerns should take note that the individual times spent in a POV grow in length and the story has grown more coherent, not less. That this story is not in the top ten on this site reminds me of the old adage that people are stupid little shits.  

I strongly urge IrateRapScallion, should you read my review, to keep writing.  I love your work and want to see more of it.  If you publish I will buy your stories and share them with my family and friends so that they too can enjoy your worlds.  



This is one of my favorite stories on all of Royal Road. The author puts a lot of work into his wide range of characters. Personally I disliked it at first when the story shifted away to new characters after a few chapters but now many chapters later I appreciate the move more than ever.

The characters are all well written and have depth. Their interactions are often amusing though never unrealistic. Even the character I hate the most has a consistent character who plays their role well.

The world however is where I believe it really shines. Feeling and Observing are the two kinds of magic in Scyria. Everyone can use some amount of either and can train to become better however people are also more inclined towards one.

Feelers are people who have superhuman strength and or agility. While Observers are the more typical spell flinging magic you're likely used to. Think internal vs external or body enhancement vs traditional magic.

For those who are worried about the story after the first 5-8 chapters don't fret! The rest of the story only improves. I implore you to continue if you liked the first chapters the rest only gets better! Especially once the characters meet up.


Phenomenal story with a few difficulties

Reviewed at: Chapter 108 Part 2

This story is amazing, plain and simple, but the beginning is rough. Because the first 2 chapters really show one of the MCs to be very unlikeable, then as things really fly off the rails and you get hooked in the next 2 chapters the author decides to switch to a POV of another main character who is wholly disconnected to anything and everything going on in the main story. This is a rough start, and I think it takes a bit for the author to really get where he wants but once he does, oh man things get very nuts.


This story has bar none the best multiple main characters POV style I've ever seen. It's just that this style can be infuriating at times with the cliffhangers so it loses a star. But it nonetheless does this really well.


Amazing story, with very in-depth and very interesting worldbuilding. It really feels like another world with a deep history, many different states with very different ideologies and values. The overall plot is good, but to be honest it is somewhat slow-paced (mainly due to the multiple storylines occurring, though in more recent chapters the story has been far more focused on a specific group of people). But because of the varied states and their beliefs, it causes conflict to feel naturally occurring and it is amazing. For few irritations, it loses half a star.

Grammar Score:

Perfectly good, any issues are small enough for me to ignore and don't take me out of the story.

Character Score:

One honestly valid complaint I saw was the fact that all the characters were bad people doing bad things for bad reasons. Now I don't entirely disagree with it, but I felt that in more recent chapters as things have slightly died down there's been far more character development that has really helped.

Overall personally, the characterization of all the characters even one note ones is amazing. The villains are truly monstrous but you understand why they are monstrous. The "good guys" also aren't necessarily always or even often all that good but they try to do the best they can. Plus they all feel so damn real.

Also, the way the Isekai people are different from the regular people of the planet is super interesting. And the general mechanics of how their powers are linked to their personalities is really fucking well done.

In the end I highly recommend reading the story because it's so good and honestly just deserves so much more popularity than it's been given.


Multi-lead characters story is both good and...?

At chapter 30. 

The world building is a little slow and confusing ( multi-lead characters each start in different parts of the world).   But by chapter 30 i'm sold on this world.  The magic is interesting and different but feels like it has a solid system behind it.  The world feels big  messy and interesting.  Each of the MCs feel unique, and have their own voices.  

The Author is building a big complex world and switches between different MC.  Personally i'm not a huge fan of switching from one character to another.  But now that i've gotten to know Rudra, Blake, Arlette, and Sofie, i like them just fine.  It was just a little rough going.


To be frank, most of the stuff on this website sucks bad. Most people don't bother to proofread, have stories entirely comprised of cliche and wish fulfillment, and/or just really need to learn how to read before they try writing anything at all. Occasionally, though, the gods of Roalroad come through, and deliver upon a special few the blessing of grammar and plot. Congratulations! You don't suck! Your characters aren't a poorly made facsimile of a cardboard cutout. Your language is accessible, and your setting, while somewhat... commonfare (not that I mind. I love this shit) is more well developed than 99% of other "Isekai" stories I've read in the past. You have writing skills, humor, fanatic religious empires, a (presumably) interesting system of magic, and a main character that (hopefully) behaves like a human being from this point forward (there are only 3 chapters out, so it's difficult to gauge consistency). I could see this in publication, man. You've got skillz, and I'll definitely be reading.

Edit: Spoiler



Would say this is among the best stories on this site.


One of the best qualities of this story is just writing, and it is seriously well written.

Not only that, but theres a actual interesting world all built up, the differences between it and Earth, the ecology, the nations in the world and especially the powers and the different kinds of powers one can have.


But the thing where this story does truly excel are its characters.

There are a lot of actual characters that you can feel with, and every new perspective switch does reveal a LOT of suprising information. None of the characters are actually perfect,  they have a quite large amount of flaws, but that makes me like them even more.

A problem could be through that the first character shown in the story is one of the most likeable, and that the pov switch can turn some people off.


I seen zero problems with grammar, which says much about the author and the editor, keep it on!


So overall, id recommend to read this story, and atleast keep trying even if you reach a point you do not like, it will improve.


A world that feels lived in

Reviewed at: Chapter 100

This story seems to me like the beginnings of an author, it truly is among the best stories on this site and feels like with some upscalling could be a full-on univesre. 

The amount of attention that went into making this a full fledged, living world with history of its own is amazing for a free story by a what I'm assuming is a first-time author. The first chapters are in my opinion the weakest as they lack the wider perspective that this story goes for, plus the first character we are introduced to isn't all that likeable (although out of all the other characters that could be used as a first point of contact he does make sense in the context of the story). Characterisation, along with the general writing style improve steadily.

As long as the world is concerned it is excellent and feels alive and active, no character feels 'special' as if they are the focus of the world, instead they feel like people living among people. All characters have motivations and goals and they actively pursue them without the story playing favorites. It really is a perfect example of how to pull off a story that not only has multiple characters but is also realistic in the sense that the universe doesn't revolve around one person. Instead the stage reacts to the actions of actors big and small and each one has their problems and lives that are entirely their own, with wich they struggle and sometimes lose.

In the end, what I'm trying to say is that this story has gone above and beyond of what can be expected of a free story and is setting a bar for other stories on this site. I fear though that it isn't getting the exposure it deserves for what feels like a real attempt by someone at becoming an author. Also the density of releases doesn't help, perhaps it would be possible to re-release the chapters at a quicker rate later down in order to draw more attention?

I wish the best to the author for his dedication and best of luck with this project.


Highly recommended.

  The story is fantastic, and incredibly tense. I think the abundance of cliffhangers in the story make it better, they are all addressed eventually, and they keep you reading. By the time you switched perspectives a few times you are happy about it either way as you never really wanted to stop reading the other.

 The world feels real, and the characters feel realistic, although some can be hard to sympathize with at first. There is real conflict in interactions, and not just on a physical level. The characters change in reaction to things around them, in what I find to be a dynamic way, making the issues presented have far more to them than ‘there is a bad guy, let’s beat them up’. The conflict stems from from a mix of the transfered people struggling to fit into the world, and the very real threats that that creates for them. The fight scenes are well written, exciting, and convey a real feeling of danger to the reader.

 Some plot points are most definitely cliche’, but there is enough reason behind them for the story to still be relatable. There are no major issues with grammar or spelling that I could find. Given the nature of this author’s writing I would wait for the second book to be complete before reading any of its chapters. With that said the first 29 chapters are fair game.