Brian the Drow: A Worldshapers & Realmbreakers LitRPG

by Scott Cross



From Human zero to Dark Elf hero.





Brian is miserable.

Most of his friends and fellow gamers have long ago moved away, leaving him stuck in a dreary life lamenting the loss of his favorite past time. And so he simply plods along with not much hope for escapism. With nowhere else to turn he finally breaks down and commits to try out some Online Gaming.

Now, sucked into a fantasy world he will have to call upon all his GameMaster and Player experience not only to survive, but to become the hero, and ladies man, he has only played in his imagination.

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Scott Cross

Scott Cross


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Looking for Group ago
Chapter 2: Character Creation ago
Chapter 3: Save and Enter ago
Chapter 4: Shock and Aww Yeah! ago
Chapter 5: The Adventure Begins... ago
Chapter 6: Heartbreaker ago
Chapter 7: My Experience, with a Playboy Bunny ago
Chapter 8: Loot and Plunder ago
Chapter 9: Camping with a Cutie ago
Chapter 10: Gaming the System. ago
Chapter 11: I Need a Hero! ago
Chapter 12: Bring the Thunder ago
Chapter 13: Three's Company ago
Chapter 14: On the Hook! ago
Chapter 15: Catch of the Day ago
Chapter 16: The Way to Redtree ago
Chapter 17: Paint the Town... Brown? ago
Chapter 18: The Facts about Fairys ago
Chapter 19: Meat me Halfway ago
Chapter 20: I Put a Spell on You ago
Chapter 21: Mo' Bunny, mo' Problems ago
Chapter 22: Bed, Bath and Beyond ago
Chapter 23: On the Run ago
Chapter 24: Rabbit on the Roof ago
Chapter 25: Sittin on the Skydock over the Bay ago
Chapter 26: Hobblin' Goblin ago
Chapter 27: Over the Edge ago
Chapter 28: Ups and Downs ago
Chapter 29: Falling for You ago
Chapter 30: Balancing Act ago
Chapter 31: You're Under... Arrest? ago
Chapter 32: Moving on up. ago
Chapter 33: Rabbits and Ravens ago
Chapter 34: Brothers in Arms ago
Chapter 35: Lady Civata ago
Chapter 36: All that Glitters ago
Chapter 37: Toys for Girls and Boys ago
Chapter 38: Communication ago
Chapter 39: Troubleshooter ago
Chapter 40: Pilfering ago
Chapter 41: Fairies Tale ago
Chapter 42: Silverstone Citadel Sign-in
Update! ago
Chapter 43: Karabos ago
Chapter 44: Room with a View ago
Chapter 45: Bedroom Antics ago
Chapter 46: Soaking it in ago
Chapter 47: Total Recall ago
Chapter 48: Getting dirty in the Bath ago
Chapter 49: Shower Sexy-time - Bwow Chicka wow wow ago
Chapter 50: The Honey Pot - Bwow Chicka wow wow -pt2 ago
Chapter 51: Reciprications- Bwow Chicka wow wow -pt3 ago
Chapter 52: Big Finish - Final Chicka wow, for now -pt4 ago
Chapter 53: Swear Jar ago
Chapter 54: Blight Fight ago
Chapter 55: Consequences ago
Chapter 56: Day Drinking ago
Chapter 57: Panty Raid ago
Chapter 58: Art and Crafting ago
Chapter 59: Artistic Intentions ago
Chapter 60: Wake me up, ya dirty gasho ago
Chapter 61: Clothing Conundrum ago
Chapter 62: Armor Up ago

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Starts off pretty good, slows down later.

Reviewed at: Chapter 55: Consequences

This has a pretty good start - Funny and the 'co-stars' Cinnamon and Kryst are nice. Later on 'plot' rears its ugly head, and by the end there are definite outbreaks of 'Serious'. This isn't bad in itself, but it's hard to mix comedy and serious and in this case there is also a pacing problem. Early on you are given big hints that something like "Evil bun-bun grandfather* is maybe killing giant city-tree" may be in operation. But then the general slowness of the MC and a bunch of complications keep them from making any progress for chapter after chapter.

The MC starts with 'Unlucky in Love' literally in his character sheet, but by the time I finished reading he was well on the way to a harem. If I was the DM running his campaign, this would be the point at which Kryst caught an incurable disease and Cinnamon was kidnapped by pirates. At the least, he should have to spend character points to buy out his disadvantage.

* It might not actually be him.


This used to be a fun fantasy action-adventure isekai-style story.

Nowadays it's just erotica with the occasional slice of life.

It's like a mishappen fusion of two different stories that just happen to have the same characters.


Honestly, this is one of those few stories you keep coming back to once they go on hiatus.

Checking.. checking… checking….

Maybe this time, just maybe, there will a new chapter, an update, something, anything


I really hope the author (Scott Cross) is ok.

I wish they would come back and continue this epic tale.. please


Ok... I really enjoyed this book.

I started off a bit sceptical at the beginning, wondering how it would go, but quickly found myself caught in Scott Cross' world.

While a bit shaky at the beginning, the author quickly manages to find a style and it gets more fluent as the story goes on, allowing us to experience the story alongside the main character.

Though a bit slow in some places the story has some amazing potential.

I hope to see this story continued (and one day finished) and would advise readers to read a bit before they decide whether they like it or not.


It needed its fire burning again

Reviewed at: Chapter 53: Swear Jar

It started strong but after more than 30 chapters it slowed down, the update rate also not helping burning off momentum of chapters. The story needs to pick up its direction again to give it a sense of purpose. The slice of life was a good break after the previous arcs but the Author drags it a little bit much.

Spoon feeding the story too much with fluffs and erotic situation risk the story losing it's purpose and direction.

grammaer wise I have no problem reading it, there was no jarring tenses that make you feel like they were placed at the wrong time.

as for character, I've got to say I love how the Author unfold the characters' background throughout the chapters instead of blasting the readers with background info. They are colorful and expressive as you expect them to be without acting unaturally. 

Hopefully the Author will pick up this again soon cause I like reading it.


Omnis Ra

Story was really good. The caharcters draw you in to read all of it.

Rick Scott

A great new LitRPG Harem fantasy!

Not too many chapters so far, but the story hooks you immediately with a very relatable MC. The action starts right away and the gaming system is really comprehensive and fun. To add more fun there is humor and the start of a great harem element as well. 

I can see this one going to the top of the charts very quickly.




Really nice POV. Great gaming system 5/5




Really clean, but a few small errors here and there but great flow and descriptions. 4.5/5




So far so freaking Good! 5/5 (Will adjust as the story goes along)




Really nice characters. Looking forward to seeing how they develop 5/5 


Overall 5/5


A really cool new ficiton with tons of potential and a really comprehensive and unique gaming system. Fans of old school D&D and table top games will be in for a treat. Very accessible. 


A great litRPG with character!

Reviewed at: Chapter 56: Day Drinking

I really like this story, I picked it up when i first started a couple years ago and liked it. I kept it on my list through the hiatuses and gaps and it was defintely worth it to keep following.

The characters are interesting and likeable, and the relationships between them are fun to read about.

The world is interesting and unique, throwing together a handful of fantasy/scifi genres pretty smoothly.

Definitely give this story a try!


A pretty nice story involving D&D aspects. The only thing leaving me a bit wanting is the weird romance and the occasional spellings mistake, but nothing major.


Writing and grammar are a cut above full review when longer

Title says it I have one chapter to review based on, my review will get more elaborate and have more specifics when there is more to review.  The author despite having one chapter already demonstrated a first grasp of english grammar which makes me already a fan, plus it's litrpg and I'm looking forward to reading another.  Good luck.