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Hey so here's the chapter! Just finished catching up with some of my favorite light novels! 

As I watched the members of Ouroboros gather I gleefully imagined the destruction and chaos that I could cause. The violence and mayhem...hehehehe, I will-no stop that! Ugh, my old habits and urges are acting up again...

I remember those days...I was...a troublesome element to say the least, rampaging and randomly destroying things, eventually I regained control of myself after some old friends of mine intervened and I decided to retire from my old position. It wasn't one that somebody could just take-over though, so if it is needed I will resume my duties...I would rather not though. Being a Guardian has it's perks and not having to think up a new identity was certainly helpful. As a Guardian it's easy to find entertainment, mortals never cease to do silly and entertaining things. Going into isolation as a hermit, well, the only time pass would probably be to take really looooong naps or something. Not particularly appealing as even if I'm lazy it doesn't mean I don't get bored...

Meanwhile, Ouroboros had been an accident. A funny series of events really. All I did was take a couple orphans with me and raise them for fun, but they ended up founding Ouroboros as they gathered more people around them. By now, I wonder whether I shouldn't just go hide in some remote plane and do it all over again. And yet, I feel a strange reluctance and attachment to these kids. I suppose that's only natural once I took a break from my old life of continuous slaughter and actually allow myself to 'care.' Originally I never had the patience or time for such things...mayhaps I'm actually one of those idiots that I'm always calling others...why else would I do this? It wouldn't be hard to find other means of 'entertainment.'

"Hey 'Guild Master' we're ready."

Jezebeth is really sarcastic with the 'Guild Master', not a good sign. According to my "How to Spot a Conspiracy for Dummies" by, well, me, it seems they are plotting my downfall. I should make counter-measures!


Oh, right.

"Hi, what's up"


In response Jezebeth kicked me in the head. That didn't hurt much. Though how strong is she be able to exert so much force, she must have gotten quite strong when I wasn't looking!

"*Ahem* Greetings, I am the Guild Master, and today- screw it. I suck at speeches! So basically, we are going to destroy some sect! It's nothing much, but you guys are all coming since you need experience in fighting large battles like this! Also, we will don some uniforms and adopt a fake identity while doing this and proceed to usurp the target's land! It's only a realm, but seeing as we are going to pretend to be a different group and do this it's mostly for establishing some reputation! Now let's go and kill stuff!"


And the glorious army of 390,000 burst through the rift that had been opened for transport...

HEY! What the hell, wait for me! NOOOOOO! I want to kill stuff tooooooo! least they put on the uniform?

3rd Person POV

It was a sunny day in the Plains of Doom, called such as the owners of the land, the God Slaying Sect had declared it a no trespassing zone and rule breakers were rewarded...with torture and a public execution. The God Slaying Sect disciples were wandering around harvesting medicinal herbs and killing demon beasts, and they were quite noticeable in the bright red robes with golden embroidery.

"Hahahahaha! The Heavens are fair! I, Yours Truly have gotten what I deserved! Naturally I am supreme and shall crush all others beneath me! With this supreme expert's inheritance I will rise through the-"

Those were the last words of the disciple as a massive rift opened right above him and an army of cloaked and masked figures burst out of it. They had purple robes with the symbol of a black sun on it and white, featureless masks, only two eyeholes were present, and they fell on top of the disciple. He was crushed into a meat patty under the deceptively light looking figures.

Before long the army burst out of the hidden valley that they had arrived in and swarmed across the plains, like a purple shadow enroaching upon the world, they charged and easily felled the diciples. Not long after the army of nearly 400,000 had swept past, ony barren land with the occasional red splotch was left behind...

A thousand kilometers away, the God Slaying Sect had already rung the alarms and the sound of bells rang out into the surroundings and countless disciples gathered on the top of hill that was just ahead of the sect and prepared for battle.

Their much larger numbers of nearly 10,000,000 disciples and hundreds of elders seemed to give them the confidence to fight any foe. Unfortuneatly for them, although the Sect leader had been correct in assuming that the seemingly small and weak enemies were a calamity, he gravely understimated the strengh of the threat. Still, this was unknown to them and the elders in their fully golden robes were ready to claim the 'easy' war merits and buy resources. The Supreme elders in their golden robes with black embroidery sat in meditation and the foolish disciples had eager faces for the merits they could earn by killing these 'slightly skilled rebels.'

"Senior Brother, I will deliver all the heads I collect to you, but remember our deal, ok? You will be my backer in the sect!"

"Un. With this I will be able to collect the Sky Shattering Pill and use it to break through, so rest assured that I will fulfill my end of the bargain..."

"Yes, I-"


Suddenly, the sound of a drum rang out.

*Bang, Bang, Bang"

Quickly the disciples got into formation and the elders formed up behind the supreme elders.



The loud voice that cause the supreme elders faces to change came from a massive nearly 1,000 meter long black dragon with a pair of truly massive wings almost triple it's length. It was 300 meters tall and it's malovelent reddish-black eyes radiated a murderous intent that caused a large majority of disciples to simply keel over as their hearts stopped.


With that the dragon entusiastically threw itself into the battle...literally. Another 300,000 disciples were crushed into blood mist under its weight and a casual fire breath from it's mouth incinerated another 1,000,000. It prepared to fire a more destructive breath attack when a hammer made of earth appeared out of nowhere and smashed it's mouth shut. A robed figure's anoyed voice rang out, "leave some for us!"

And thus, the poor fools hearts that had seen hope in the form of a hammer fell even further into the pits of despair...

Hecate POV

Our mas-no, father, ahd idiotically ruined the fun for us and killed almost 3,000,000 before the rest of us had even reached the battlefield...good thing I had reached on time and smashed his mouth closed...otherwise there wouldn't have been any enemies to play-no, experiment-no, fight, yes, that's the one.

I wonder if cultivators react to certain chemicals and magic the same as we do? I never did get any cultivators as test subjects, perhaps I should take this opportunity to catch some? I easily captured a 1,000,000 disciples using my self-created Realm Jail, it was an artifact that I was quite proud of...I had had to work with Ragnor for it, but it was worth it. Typically, an artifact was just a really high-ranked equipment or item, and this Realm Jail certainly qualified, it could create a seperate relam inside to imprison and store whatever I wanted. Now with this I should be fine, next perhaps just kill some elders?..................that was disappointing. I killed them too easily. I captured some too, but I had already killed 100 elders, theywere too weak! A mere firestorm was enough to kill so many? How boring...I should go see if supreme elders from this sect are any better...

3rd Person POV

The tide of purple-cloaked assasins rushed up the slope and despite their profession as an assasin they experienced no disadvantage against these lesser enemies, shredding them into pieces with fast sweeps of their swords and dodging the cultivators attacks with minimal movements. Some of them had detached and started simply bombarding the cultivators, blowing them to bits with gore spraying everywhere, yet the attackers clothing and masks remained untouched due to the enchantments on them. None of these assasins had the slightest trouble dealing with the fellows who sought to target the ranged and 'vulnerable in melee' aggressors, simply switching to daggers or swords and smoothly killing of their foes. Most attacks were blocked with magic barriers or some chose to simply crush these atacks head-on. 

The purple tide seemed to eat into the red ocean, clearing a path and paving it with blood and guts, no assasin would have much problems dealing with this level of violence. Not the veterans that had gathered here anyway. The disicples were not so lucky as many were greenhorns and they vomited or lost their will to fight in the face of this massacre. It was so cruel that most of the elders had tryed to run away, however since all of the runners were killed anyway the survivors gathered up to at least bring some of the enemies down with them. It was a foregone conclusion though as by now only a couple hundred thousand disciples were left, 100 elders, a single supreme elder, and the bloodied sect leader who had lost an arm. These weakened survivors were faced with a mostly undamaged army who had only suffered 1,000 casualties with all of these having only been injured and teleporting back to base when they became involved in a dangerous situation. 

The two sides faced off, and than with a frenzied, defiant roar from the cultivators and a silent charge by the invaders they clashed one last time...

A note from Dragorule

Writing fighting massacre scenes is so easy, lol! I enjoyed this, you guys?

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Bio: I like dragons. Ergo, I refuse to even put them in my novels unless they're suitably OP. I'm also perpetually tired and lazy. That is all.

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