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A note from Dragorule

Nobody helped me with names, so I just picked one whose meaning I like. The second-in-command will henceforth be known as Jezebeth. It was some demon who leads humans to conflict, I liked the idea since as an assasin trolling people would be funny...and deadly. So here's the chapter!

After hearing my command, my dependable and vindictive second-in-command left to gather the rest of the upper echelon. Actually, my second-in-command, Jezebeth wasn't the one with the highest authority. The other top brass of our organization were technically not weaker than her. The reason that she had managed to secure the position was simply a matter of efficient resource allocation. Jezebeth was a capable leader while the rest took the positions that they were most suited to.

This is boring I thought...I relaxed and stretched my body as I slowly considered my plan.

No matter how great the system I had made was...it was still incapable of showing results so fast. Not only would the mortals have to slowly research it to understand it, they would still have slow growth rates unless they were the kind of people who would charge at danger for a chance to grow stronger. The kind who would descisvely take risks and kill in cold-blood to get power. As for the trash who were to cowardly or stuck on their foolish morals? They could just become experience points for the rest as far as he cared. No wait! The system is based off of the games some mortals had made right? So couldn't he just imitate what happened in those games? Make a tutorial and even provide extra rewards for acheivements! After all, if they got used to the concept of effort = reward than they would fit into the Origin Plane just fine. Mainly, because the Ascended were going to be recruited by the various factions to use as soldiers, so such a mentality was useful...

Another thing he needed to do was make it common knowledge that it was possible for worlds to advance in rank. Actually, even before installing the System this was quite easily possible. A world would gather experience in the form of 'records' and eventually it could upgrade a rank. It would make Ascension easier if they were in a higher ranked world after all, so it would be useful if this information was spread. The greedy mortals would of course strive to acheive this and in the process create stronger individuals. Quality of quantity was a rule that all factions followed. They might relax the requirements if needed, but for the most part it was a difficult process to get into good factions. Actually, since he himself possesed a rather significant position in a faction he could act as a talent scout to directly poach good talents. The only problem was that race would have to be considered. His faction would only allow other dragons, demons, or angels and perhaps elves. Humans and dwarves were a big nono. This situation had developed due to the politics of the Origin Plane.

A good start would be-

*knock knock*

"Hey idiot master I brought the rest"

Immediately after saying that Jezebeth came in along with the founding members of Ouroboros, the great dark guild. My dark guild. Heh, that felt good. I carefully scrutinized my subordinates as they filed in and casually took a seat on the various furniture in my office.

The Record Keeper and Researcher of my guild, Hecate the elf. She had pale skin from staying out of the sun too long, sky blue eyes and a flat chest. Nobody mentioned that to her face though, not unless they wanted to become her new lab rat. I shuddered as I recalled what had become of the poor sap who had most recently had the honor of being her lab rat... Her duties were the same as her job title as she kept records of everything important and led research. As well the 'Keeper' part referred to defending the library and the accumulated knowledge within as well as strictly controlling information flow of said knowledge. Couldn't have a newbie throwing around forbidden spells they couln't control or losing the book they borrowed. Anyway, her black robe with elegant purple embroidery gave of a distinct impression of a scholar.

The Executioner and Jailer were twins, they were short angels with traits that most angels seemed to have...blond hair, and the obvious wings. The only way to tell them apart was the Executioner's emerald green eyes and the Jailer's blood red eyes. From their 12 wings it was obvious that they were in the top echelons among angels and they wore white armour that covered almost everything except their heads. The helmets were held in their armpits exposing their cute faces with some baby fat still on them causing them to look like they were 10, though anyone who knew their bodycount certainly wouldn't find them adorable. Well outside of their fellow guild members anyway. The Executioner, Michael eliminated traitors and that was about it. Of course was also the vice-commander of the city gaurd. The Jailer interrogated prisoners and kept them in jail. A difficult job if the imprisoned were generally dangerous individuals. Still, little Cassiel did a great job. Cassiel the Jailor had a nice ring to it in his opinion.

The Punisher Hunter was a tall demon with an almost nonexistent presence who specialized in tracking and epsionage. Tracking down designated targets like traitors or survivors from failed assasinations. Even those who had proven to be too slippery to find by regular assasins were dealt with by her and the Hunter Corps. A unit of elites who did the same job as Lilith. She wore a mask all the time and a loose cloak so nothing about her could be distinguished. Actually she was a vampire, but quite a few species came under the umbrella of demon. On that note even in cultivation worlds, the humans idiotically referred to all monsters who reached a certain stage of power demons...however, the sheer number of humans who called these races demons caused the identification to stick. Nowadays, whether you were a demon or not was a complicated question due to the wide range of demons...at least there weren't any smart asses trying to get philosophical about it. Oh right! Lilith has her own subordinates and now that he thought about it...didn't the others have that too?

The Executioner was the vice-commander of the city guard so whether or not he had subordinates was obvious. The Jailer...he did have guards who worked under him, but they weren't really his subordinates. Well, they kind of were. The Record Keeper was complicated...she didn't have any people taking orders from her, but there were some fellow librarians who often sought guidance from her. In my city, even librarians were bloodthirsty archmages...heh...I dare someone to pick a fight with us. It might be entertaining.

I turned to look at for the rest of them. Some of them were missing and I immediately felt worried as the top brass of Ouroboros, these super powerful individuals...were just cute kids to him as he had taken them in when he had passed by their orphanage.

Turning to his loyal sub- no children, he asked, "Where are they...?

A note from Dragorule

CLIFFHANGER! Ok maybe not really, but still. How was it?

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