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#243 casually stretched his neck as he relaxed in his office at the headquarters of the most mysterious organization in existance. Even in the Origin Plane this organization was an enigma, one that would kill almost anyone if payed enough...and right now he being chewed out by his subordinates.

"You shitty boss! Do your damn job! And at least show up every once in a while!"

Yes, he was the actual founder and head of this organization. He was supreme!!!

"And also even if you became the boss by sheer accident-"

Damn it, my delusions have been shattered! At least let me daydream a little longer...

"-you still have responsibilities!"

The one yelling at me was actually a demon. The standard obsidian horns with pale skin and a scary expression. Very scary. Because she was holding several stacks of paperwork. That is not okay. That evil a-a-abomination is not allowed here! Don't you know I hate paperwork!

"Now these here are the reports that have been piling up for a while and I need you to go through all of it and stamp here, here and here. Also, a mana imprint here, here, and here"

Gah, quickly picking up the stamp I randomly stamp everything with the founder's seal of approval. It's nothing too magnificent, a dull gold and the usual shape with the actual stamp being in the shape of a serpent biting it's own tail

As for a mana imprint...that was okay too, but the last spot she had indicated was clearly the surface of a special tool used to fake mana sneaky. To dare try and con me like that...I'm so proud! *sniffle* My teachings were not in vain! Someday, perhaps all of my subordinates will be professional con-men/women! Just like their foster father, the great me! Yup, they even all almost as good looking as me! Almost. For example this demon here was a real beauty, with black eyes, black hair, and of course breasts! Of course I, being as old as I was could care less about what someone looked like, instead I simply made observations. Unless they were a cultivator...or paper. Those two types must die and usually after being heavily insulted!!!

"Haha, nice try" I said as I finished stamping and putting mana imprint on everything, except the special tool known as a Counterfeiter.

"And here I thought I would be able to embezzle funds..."

Sighing disappointedly she continued,

"Oh well, I'll try again next time."

Ahhhh, this was so much better than that meeting! Talking with mostly like-minded people who understood him was so much more comfortable! However, exactly because they were similar to him, it caused him much suffering...

*Earlier today*

He radiated an imposing atmosphere as he tore open the void to travel to his subordinates location, void travel was of course not to be confused with space-related movement. They were in fact, quite different, not only was travelling through the void much harder, but it was faster as well, since the void was omnipresent and the concept of distance didn't exist there so all he really needed was to know where to come out of the void. Which was still confusing since distance didn't exist, and it would require using a different spell to mark the location where he wanted to come out and maintain it or risk appearing far off course. Not an exciting prospect for him, and even the mana required for a jump across this distance was far beyond the reach of any normal entity.

However, regardless of his impressive qualifications and power, he still felt slight anticipation. After all, now that he could finally meet his subordinates again, he felt happy, and yet looked forward to seeing how they may have changed. Although all of these thoughts seemed to take time he had only spent a fraction of a second to think this fast and had just arrived at his destination. When he looked around he felt slightly disappointed as nothing much had changed...the headquarters still looked like a massive fortress, there were thick walls to block any attacks and a city built inside the walls of the fortress. It was an impressive city with large buildings that had plenty of extra space and he felt much better when he noticed that things had changed! The previously sparsely populated base was now full of residents! Many residents going about very ordinary lives, some training, some making poisons, others heading out on missions....Yes, these residents were all trained professional killers who had passed rigorous tests to be allowed in here. It was after all a secret headquarters for an organization that was excessively paranoid. But! To him, they were all very promising young minions! One day...he would hunt down and exterminate all papers!!! *cough, cough*

Anyway, the more he looked the more he appreciated, as the city had gained the previously lacking facilities! There were blacksmiths selling their equipment, alchemists with potions and poisons, restaurants, even some carpenters selling furniture for houses! He felt quite proud as he looked down on the city...right up until they saw him and started firing various deadly, and poisonous projectiles. WHAT THE HELL!? I"M BEING SHOT AT BY MY MINIONS! Just as he was about to discipline these youngsters he noticed his second-in-command (a certain demon) stealthily watching the proceedings while laughing...oh dear. These youngsters REALLY needed to be taught a lesson. Thus, he did the most heinous act of vengence he could...dropping some nude statues of...some creepy old men (cultivators) who had been petrified after being caught in a trap he'd left behind a while ago. Hmph, just like catching wabbits in wabbit season, a random piece of trash from his storage in a creepy cave with a strategically placed coffin and they practically jumped into the trap!

He kept such eye poisons for just such an occasion (actually he hadn't known they were there until he checked his spatial storage while looking for tools of revenge as usually he just dumped everything in the area into his storage without checking).

Laughing evilly as the assasins ran away and covered their eyes he felt as if he had vindicated himself.


This is so damn hilarious! It's almost going too well...shit. A random assasin just vomited on the now not-so-amused demon.

*Present time*

Unfortunately, his second-in-command, had held a grudge even after taking a shower and using disintegration magic and had taken revenge by giving him so much papaerwork to do. There was proabaly more in store...both revenge and paperwork. As such he felt quite worried.

Haaaah. There was nothing he could do other than apologize which obviously wasn't happening, so all he could do was hope it wasn't too bad. Such as that time she had dumped sand on his scales. It had gotten stuck between the scales and had taken forever to clean...

Still, he felt that it was worth it as sometimes...sacrifices must be made...for stupid reasons...Well, the mortals did it all the time, so why couldn't he do it?

Now then..."Gather the rest. We have an important meeting"

A note from Dragorule

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