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So I felt that my chapters are a little too short so I will be working on perhaps having longer chapters? As well, I might not post a chapter tomorrow as I have some things to do! Also, I have another follower! Yay! Anyway, here's the chapter.

Now in his home he felt safe and relaxed. It was a regular cave with the typical set-up you would expect from a cave. Nothing to impressive. Other than the timeless feeling it gave of, and the violent river of raw energy flowing in front that would shred a weaker being and annilhate their soul. Oh and how could he forget the piles of wealth inside the cave, what with brilliantly shining God's Metal, World Cores, a couple old Universe Cores, several piles of currency worth more than the net worth of the average Guardian in the top 500. Yup, nothing too special.

However, despite wanting to immediately go to sleep he understood that he had a job to do. Sadly. So, with great reluctance he prepared to get started, pondering how to even start and go about this, not a difficult task if he was honest. That, however was on the premise that he didn't have to keep the fragile mortals alive. Or at least keep the survival rate high, perhaps 1% would be a good number? Either way, before he started he would have to take stock of what he had to work with.

While he had a high rank, it also meant a larger territory consisting of more worlds coming under his jurisdiction and having to be managed by him. Moreover, he had quite the large number of 10th rank worlds, nearly a million. He understood of course that the 10th rank worlds would need the least work to deal with. After all, this ranking took into account the size of the world to some extent, but more importantly the quality. In other words, these higher rank worlds were abundant with natural resources, especially large quantities of mana or qi or spiritual energy, or whatever the residents called it. In fact, the rankings went from the lowest 1st rank all the way to the 10th rank. After that, would be realms, than planes, and finally the highest was the Origin Plane. It was the first plane to exist, which while not seeming impressive to the ignorant, the more knowledgeable knew that universes were more like little villages, with worlds being the residents. Above that were cosmorials which following the metaphor would be like cities, and territories which were esentially like countries or kingdoms as some preferred to consider. Going back to the original point, more resources meant easier and faster ascension.

Summing it all up in his head he decided to start with the 6th rank worlds, as frankly nobody cared about worlds less than that. They were pretty much just regular worlds with nothing particularly impressive, souls who performed well in these worlds would reincarnate into higher ranked worlds all the way until they were born in a 6th rank world. Here going to a higher ranked world was a monumentously difficult task, the standards for going up a rank to a better world were much higher and nigh impossible to complete. Of course, new souls were created and constantly flowed into other worlds, even directly starting in a cosmorial. Unfair? Yes. But so was life. Anyway, this meant that the higher ranked worlds were not desolate or lacking in population.

Still, he considered the many ways he could go about this and concluded that making dungeons like some worlds already had as well as a system to help mortals understand their strength and motivate them to grow. All of the worlds would get one! Except cultivators. Offcial reason? They didn't need it. Real reason? He hated those arrogant and presumptuous little shits. Really it wasn't spite or because they had offended him or anything! Ok, maybe it was. HOWEVER! He was a super powerful entity and he could do whatever the hell he wanted so that's that!

To the lab!

To start with he took a random dungeon core from a fantasy world that already had them and blessed it, before pouring ridiculous amounts of mana into it and promoted it into a Dungeon God, than he imprinted all the information he needed to be a good Dungeon God into his soul. From making dungeon cores, to how to make an impregnable fortress of certain death, how to make the perfect orc (special knight play edition), even how to cause mass genocide!

Next, you must repeat steps 1 to- wait what!..."I have been watching too many cooking shows..." he muttered to himself as he continued to casually mass produce Dungeon Gods.

Now that that was done, he needed to go and create a system for his entire territory, a monumental task normally, but seeing as how he was going to blatantly copy ideas from other worlds with pre-existing systems all he needed to do was spend the energy nescessary.

Settling down he proceeded to construct the system and carefully weave its foundations into the laws of his territory.

*100 million years later*

System Installation Complete, Please Stand By

Finally, after a long time he had finished! His entire territory was now governed by this system! Now he could sit back and do nothing! Relax until the end of time! Never work again!

.....As if. As a Gaurdian he still had plenty of work to do. Though now that he thought about it he had missed (skipped) a few (quite a lot) meetings during his serious work session. Not that he cared. The only reason he had even showed up last time had been, because one of his comrades form the E.V.B.F.G. had told him that something important was happening. So he had shown up. While on that train of thought...he had missed the E.V.B.F.G.'s meetings as well. Oh well. So sad. Boohoo. Yup, how refresh-depressing. It wasn't like he was ashamed of being connected to those insufferable perverts or anything...

All of a sudden he noticed a cultivation world about to connect to the system. Yeah no. Perhaps he should go down and do his regularly scheduled cleansing of these cultivation worlds? Perhaps cause a couple calamities? Empower the devil cultavators so that they go and slaughter each other causing a massive war of mutual destruction? Directly destroy their worlds? That last one seemed a clear solution, but than he wouldn't be able to entertain himself by making them suffer anymore...just as he was considering a decent method to tortur-play with the cultivators he remembered his subordinates. It had been a while...his subordinates were the only individuals who he cared about so naturally he wouldn't be lazy when it came to them. Consider yourselves lucky cultivators...

A certain cultivators POV

*Achoo* was somebody thinking about me? Oh no, I feel a strong calamity coming! I must prepare myself to weather the storm! Time to intiate the emergency plan!

"You there! Junior! Quickly, intiate plan Z-niner-niner"


Hopefully, this plan will produce another heaven shaking genius! After all, throwing a lustful and perverted young master into some poor village with a conveniently placed beautiful female sleeper agent posing as a childhood friend to a random untalented youth never goes wrong! HAHAHAHA! I am the true Dark Hand!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!

A note from Dragorule

Don't worry the E.V.B.F.G. will be explained soon, along with other less important things like details about the setting. Also, thoughts? 

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