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Lets start with an mild apology, I'm sorry! Well, sort of. I am realsing this later than I normally would, due to both real life things and my general writing of this chapter. I might go back and change this chapter later on beacause it just feels... off. Though here at the end we get a glimpse at the poteintial of Kardin's katra, after all it is best used for building things.

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Chapter 19:

               19 Days After Spring’s Beginning

                     278 Days After The Ra’tok Attack Amia Village

                           The Ghastly Skull, Airship, Prisoner Cells

                                     Border of Rua Desert


I look at the chain wrapped figure that kneels before me, still trying to figure out what he said.

‘Born from the Blood of The Progenitor’? It clicks in my head.

“You-your what I created?” I ask, releasing my tensed muscles and taking a step back. My hands go to my sides, and I look at the figure kneeling before me.

The blood fog slowly creeps back into the ground, dissipating into the black. Th rainbow colored light from the swirling scripts above illuminates his back, the red frost crystals covering him glistening.

Vengeance nods its head with the creak of leather and rattle of chains, “I am, father.”

I run my bandaged hand through my hair in disbelief, looking around at the blackness that surrounds us. How…? This isn’t…

One thought stands out amongst the churning waves of my mind. I’ve created something intelligent.

I have created a intelligent, talking being. This was completely different from the spider. Or is it…?

My attention turns back to the chain wrapped being when it talks, “I am at your command father, what is it you wish of me?”

Father… I’m stilling trying to come to terms with this, and this… creature, isn’t helping.

My voice comes out hoarse, cracking a little. “I-I don’t know?”

Vengeance tilts its head to the side, but remains silent.

I look around again, still trying to comprehend what I have done. How did this happen? This isn’t even remotely close to the image I had in mind!

I panic at the thought, because if this isn’t what I wanted, then how much Gray Life katra did I use to create it?

I close my eyes, trying to reach my core.

There is nothing. I can’t sense my core or anything. This isn’t good.

I speak out loud, more ot myself than Vengeance. “Where am I?”

The chain wrapped being breaths out a puff of white fog, standing up slowly. I can’t see its face, but I get the impression it is looking at me. “We are in your Soul Space, father. From what I know, it is nearing completion and has already started on the process of assimilating into you.”

I look at the crimson hooded figure. “How do you know that?”

Vengeance bows his head, a leather glove with iron plating stitched into it held out towards the floor. The chains along his arm clink and rattle as he flexes his hand.

The red fog boils from his hand, forming a thick pillar of it. The chain enters the pillar, it’s length going taught as it connects with something.

With a rattle, the chain pulls out from the pillar of mist a round shape, wrapping completely around it. The fog quickly dissipates, leaving the chain wrapped object in Vengeance’s palm.

He turns it to face up, giving me a good look at it.

I can see through the chains a eyeball, which gives off waves of anger. It’s pupil is a dim Gray color.

Blinking, I lean forward to look at it, “Sol?”

There is a faint buzzing, but nothing else. Vengeance speaks, “I took the liberty of capturing this Agent and ascertaining whether it was a threat or not. All in your best interests, father.”

It… subdued Sol? I remember the aura Sol pushed down on me, making me want to run and die. Of how it had completely blocked all my access to the Origin.

“You interrogated him?” I ask, looking at the now normal sized eyeball.

Vengeance shakes its head with the clink of chains. “No father, I had no need. I simply connected with the stream of information that was being fed to it.”

It takes me a second to puzzle out those words. “Sol was being given information?”

The chain wrapped figure nods its head. “It was also keeping in place a barrier that would not let you enter here. I disabled this… Sol, and allowed you access, father.”

I wrinkle my brow, looking at this being wrapped in chains. That feeling of cold dread had dissipated now, almost like it wasn’t even real.

If this is the creature I made… then why is it here?

“How did you get here? I thought you would be in the real world.”

Vengeance cocks its crimson hooded head to the right. “I was father, but I did not have enough strength, or material to materialize fully. I retreated here, and disabled this being, then contacted you.”

I look around at the seemingly endless plane of darkness, with a roof of shifting, multi colored runes. “Why? I mean, why did you come here?”

“It was the only place that could safely house me and allow me to gather my strength. I know the purpose you had in creating me father, and it is my own fault for not being able to fulfill it. But please, give me enough time, and I can redeem myself, I swear it, father.”

What? Vengeance almost sounded… scared. I look at his hands, which shake slightly.

I am not accustomed to someone being so subservient. I was usually the one always weaker and lesser than everyone else, so I was the subservient one.

This though, Vengeance was treating me like a House Head.

That’s when it fully sinks in, I created it, somehow. I might as well be a god in its eyes.

But this isn’t what I envisioned at all. Then I remember when my mind kept wandering when I had been trying to create the spider. My thinking of becoming a slave, of that sea of corpses and when I threw all those things into my imaginary flame of vengeance.

No way… I accidentally created Vengeance. I want to be upset with myself for what I did, and I still don’t know how much Life imprinted katra I wasted, but I can’t.

“I don’t understand what you mean by purpose.” I say, looking at the figure. The blood ice crystals are still covering its form, mist coming off them.

“I was unable to materialize due to my lack of strength and insufficient materials.” Vengeance bows its head in what seems to be regret.

“Insufficient materials, you mean blood?”

Vengeance nods his head, it being a he because its name sounds male, “Yes father. I am also currently not strong enough to materialize, and I need time to gather more strength.”

I nodded my head. So I needed more blood and he needed to be… stronger?

“I don’t understand what you mean by strength.” He didn’t seem weak to me, having been able to capture Sol. I glance at the eyeball that is glaring at me.

“I require more of your… Energy to materialize and sustain myself. I can gather some from here, but I fear I would also require your energy to help stabilize myself in the real world. Forgive me, father, for my weakness.”

I stutter, as Vengeance gets back down on one knee. His could voice seemed to have a fleck of regret in it, and I could sense his sincerity. “I-I forgive you, please, don’t bow.”

So he means katra. I need to give him katra and blood to materialize. Which I can only assume means to take form in the real world. At least my carelessness doesn’t seemed to have backfired too much.

“So you can help bring down the airship?” I ask, watching as Vengeance slowly lifted himself back up.

He nods with surety.

Okay, so if I can get him enough blood, I think I will be able to summon him. Now the only problem was getting out of this place.

“How do I get out of here?” I ask him.

“You can leave any time, this is your Soul Space, father.”

I can leave whenever I want? I don’t see an exit. I blink, looking at the nondescript wooden door that appears in front of me.

I walk towards the wooden door, stopping to look over my shoulder at Vengeance. He stares at me silently, not saying anything.

“How do I summon you when I am ready?” I ask over my shoulder.

He bows deeply towards me, his hollow voice resounding without emotion, “You only need call my name, father, and I shall answer your summons to the best of my ability. But I am currently unable to materialize, I need a day to gather enough strength.”

I nod, grabbing the wooden handle of the door and turning it. A blinding white light spills out as I push the door open.

Stepping through, the door closes behind me and I feel my mind twist. Then a splitting pain, everything turning to darkness.

Colors swirl in front of my eyes, the sharp pain in my head pounding at my skull, trying to break loose.

I blink my eyes open, groaning.

The wooden plank ceiling comes into focus, a deep thrum vibrating through the boards from the engine of the ship. The shadows pulsate with each strike of my migraine.

Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath and sit up. My stiff back muscles complain, but it is the spike of pain in my head from moving that really gets me. I shuffle and rest against the wall, banging my head on the planks with a dull thunk.

Cracking my eyes, I can see the blurry shape of Kamar citing on the other side of the small cell. I ask after a few seconds of thinking, “How long was I out?”

“A couple hours.” From his body movement, I can see that he is looking at me, “From what I gather, you used Katra. You never told me that you could still use it.” He says this very quietly.

I whisper back, “I thought it best to keep it secret.”

Kamar nods, leaning back against the wall. I open my eyes wider, the migraine still drilling in the back of my skull and out between my eyes. Kamar rumbles quietly, “What is your Katra Aspect? You never told me, and I thought it best not to press, but now you will tell me.”

I stay silent for a few minutes, piecing together a sincable answer from my fragmented thoughts. “From what I can gather… My aspect is neutral, something close to Pure katra, but not quite. I call it Gray Katra, due to the color. The experiments I have done have proven that it… seems to be able to emulate other katra aspects, and assimilate with, along with control, other types of katra. The best way to describe it would be, well… A base for all katra.”

The boards under Kamar creak with his weight as he shifts, “That is a bold claim, and I am not sure I believe it. But what I saw you doing with your blood supports it.”

I furrow my brow, thinking back to the blood and Vengeance. I had a lot more questions for him, but frankly, I just wanted to get away from him. His calling me father and display of capturing Sol made me want to get away from him, till I was in a better state of mind to question him.

“With my blood?”

Kamar points with his smaller, left arm, where the boards had absorbed my blood and been stained crimson. “In my Silver sight I watched you as you started control blood throw the vital aura gathered around and in it. You manipulated vital aura, outside of your body. Some exceptional sacred artists can manipulate the various vital auras in their body, some can even spread a aura of katra outside their body, but I have never seen someone control vital aura of all things.”

I gulp, my head spinning with his words. It’s times like these that Silver Sight would be most useful, even more than a Steel body.

Maybe if I could see vital aura and other types of katra on the spiritual level, then I would be able to understand my abilities far better. I can see inside my body and the katra there through a mental-spiritual “sight”, but it is not really seeing.

Kamar says something else, his voice curious, “I wonder if you would be able to emulate my katra spect and path? I saw you do something similar when you summoned that gauntlet.”

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You know, I based Kardin's abilities very loosely off a D&D Class, more of the general idea than anything. That class would be Artificer. The idea of creating life(homunculus) really caught my eye, and I plan to get more into the idea of item creation and inscribing soon, after all, Kamar isn't just there to be a simple companion!

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Fenrir_070 @Fenrir_070 ago

Very cool so far. You gave him "Lego" katra and he created Lego Batman... Seriously though, I really like his creation and I can't wait to see it kick some ass. May take a while though huh? I mean considering how badass Vengence seems he probably requires quite a bit of blood and power. BTW, off the top of your head do you remember about where Sol was introduced I forgot all about him/her/it and would like to go back and re-read (don't knock yourself out if you have to look it up, I'll just skim previous chapters). Thanks for the chapter and keep up the coolness and baddassery.

    The Monk

    The Monk @The Monk ago

    Ah, Sol, the eyeball moderator/admin. He is first introduced in chapter 3, but that is only passing and barly anything, when Kardin first explores his gauntlet. The real point when Sol is introduced is chapter 5, at the end when Kardin atains his Aspect. Now, it is hinted at that Sol is not exactly a computer, but is definatly bound and controlled, and thank you!

      Fenrir_070 @Fenrir_070 ago

      Thanks, I'll go back and re-read 5 to get a better idea of what the consequences could be. Like I said, I like trying to figure things out ahead of far I'm not doing too well, you have a twisted yet entertaining imagination.

      The Monk

      The Monk @The Monk ago

      I am often told I am a mad man. If you read carefully, you can get hints into my mad schemes. Ahahahahahahah!


      Fenrir_070 @Fenrir_070 ago

      I'd consider it a compliment, being "normal" is both over-rated and boring. Also, I just re-read chapt 5,. Can't believe I forgot Sol, that was one of my favorite "scenes" when Kardin shows his determination and nabs the grey katra right out from under Sol's....eye(?)....ha! Also gives foreshadowing that Sol isn't just a computer because he/she/it shows worry and then panic in that instance and anger in this chapter. Eagerly awaiting further developments and would like to see "Colonel Furry" (can't stop the nickname now maybe when he's made General) toss some slavers into the airship's propellors or something sufficiently gruesome like that...hell, if he does that I will promote him to General and thereafter only refer to him by his proper name. Thanks again.

      The Monk

      The Monk @The Monk ago

      You are welcome! Yes, I do consider chapter 5 the have a good scene in it, and where the story starts to really pick off.

      Of course, before we ever can start hurling pirates overboard, we must first come up with a plan. A dastardly, daring plan!

      Fenrir_070 @Fenrir_070 ago

      Showing my age but everytime I hear the word dastardly I think of Dick Dastardly twirling his mustache and his dog Muttley with that evil laugh while the song Stop the Pidgeon plays in my mine.

      The Monk

      The Monk @The Monk ago

      *Curls mustache and around finger* Dastardly is a Dastardly word.

Sam4005 @Sam4005 ago

Vital arua

You mean *aura* ?

    The Monk

    The Monk @The Monk ago

    Thanks for pointing it out!

      Calavente @Calavente ago

      this "mistake" : arua appeared so frequently that after a time I thought that it was a term you decided to invent to describe the "vital energy that contains Katra".

      honestly, there is written "vital arua" almost in every chapters prior to this one...

      (and nice chapter again)

      The Monk

      The Monk @The Monk ago

      Gosh darnit. I see what you mean. Sometimes one of my hands typses faster than the other and the spellchecker fails to see mistakes or misinterprets words. It can create some bizarre errors. Thanks for pointing it out, this is one of the reasons I need to reread everything after completing arc 2. Glad you liked it though.