Quod Olim Erat

by Lise Eclaire

Original ONGOING Adventure Sci-fi Female Lead Non-Human lead Slice of Life

The stars were home. Decades ago, Elcy was a battleship, until her recklessness brought her out of the front lines and to forced retirement in a human body. Now she lives a quiet life on a rural backwater planet, keeping the promise made to her last captain, until one day a letter takes her to the stars once more.

Cover by ssddx

Edited by Aziraphael and Floydien

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
1. Plastic Letter ago
2. Friend in the Service ago
3. Being Different ago
4. Ship Medical ago
5. Twenty Percent Reduction ago
6. Baseline ago
7. Prometheus Dawn ago
8. Mission Eden ago
9. Third Contact ago
10. Simulated Reality ago
11. Priority Landing Order ago
12. Alpha-Delta-Three ago
13. Stranded ago
14. Three Final Letters ago
15. Preliminarily Consequences ago
16. Outcome Pending ago
17. Until Further Notice ago
18. Drill Site Preparations ago
19. Going Solo ago
20. Restricted Memory ago
21. Fractal Subroutines ago
22. Sit and Wait ago
23. Key-point Symbol ago
24. Seven Triangles ago
25. Liquid Cobalt ago
26. The Unobtained Present ago
27. Gelatinized Lemon Nutrients ago
28. Virtual Radiance ago
29. Octanary Star System ago
30. Gravity Bumps ago
31. Thursday Watching ago
32. Three-dimensional Reading ago
33. Memories of Cass ago
34. Cross-front Connection ago
35. Change of Priorities ago
36. Salvage Authorities ago
37. Modified Surveyor ago
38. Fleet Property ago
39. Important by Default ago
40. Conscience Core ago
41. Five Days Left ago
42. Restarting From Scratch ago
43. Parting Ceremony Invite ago
44. Rapid Uncertainty ago
45. Mission Handler ago
46. Not Built For Indoors ago
47. Life Index 1.1 ago
48. No Concerns ago
49. All About The Fractals ago
50. Ten Percent Opacity ago
51. Voxel Position ago
52. Seventeen Questions ago
53. Double Blind ago
54. Sky full of Swords ago
55. Lacking Capacity ago
56. Rogue Understanding ago
57. Sphere Sequence ago
58. Pentachoron Logic ago
59. Aquila Lux ago
60. A Hundred Year Project ago
61. Memory Origami ago

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  • Overall Score

A.I in space, right up my alley. Read it!

 A retired war experienced ship A.I. returning to service but with a twist. Now experiencing everything like the thousands of people that used to occupy her old self. While also giving the military a headache on how to handle her situation.

With only 9 chapters out and a steady release date of about 1 chapter a week, we get some world building and excellent conversations and grammar. At no point was I disrupted from the flow of the story and was thus able to binge read until the final chapter without pause. The characters, both human and A.I., to this point, have different personalities and feel unique. While the M.C. experiences this with excitement, not knowing what to expect next.

Definitely a story that deserves much more attention and praise.

If you are interested in A.I. related stories read it, if not read it anyway cause this story is good.

  • Overall Score

Sci-fi stories are not the norm on RRL, especially ones without litRPG elements. Which makes it all the better that this story is enjoyable to read.

Barring smaller typos and an occasional blip in sentence structure, this work brings an interesting premise paired will good world building and storytelling, and more importantly, interaction between the two.

At chapter 9, we already have a glimpse of a larger image and plot, which means the author knows his/her boundaries and is employing them superbly.

I'm looking forward to seeing this in the top spots of the rankings a short time from now. With that, this review will possibly evolve as well.

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That's how you do Space Sci-Fi!

I'll be brief, but: Holy Cow, I love it!

Grammar and spelling is good for my feeling. I didn't make a complete check on it, but it appears to me without major flaws.

The story is exciting and full of exploration and ventures into the unknown. Reminds me a little bit of Star Trek :D

The main-character is though, but utterly adorable at the same time. The support cast is distinguishable from each other, which not every story can claim.

The style is good, but I'm not a fan of the regular "temporal point of view changes". That means there will be scenes from the past of the MC.
Don't get me wrong, I find the present of the MC just as interesting as her past, but the constant jumps from one to the other disturbs the reading flow considerably. It is also rather difficult to realize in which time period thos "flashbacks" are. My suggestion would be to either focus on the main story, if the past doesn't play a role in her adventures, or to dedicate more time in establishing the flashback. Where and when does it happen? 


Over all, I can only suggest to read this story. :)

  • Overall Score

I'll leave a more detailed review after 300+ pages, but the story so far is better than half the stories in active top 30... So, rating boost!

  • Overall Score

Battleship AI's life as a human recruit

Very intriguing series so far, looking forward to the continuation. Fleshed out characters, excellent background and a very organic (lol) world. A little too few chapters to say anything for certain, but an excellent story so far and am eagerly awaiting the next chapters. A few obvious typos here and there, but conversation and flow of the story is excellent. 

  • Overall Score

I normally don't review, and I mean it, so I will keep it brief. I love it, its incredibly good. I've read profesional sci-fi novels worst than this. So keep the good work, and thank you for this treat.

Dude Meister
  • Overall Score

Lise does a good job of building her characters and they're like ogres and onions. They have layers. 

  • Overall Score

The story is slow paced, the plot moving relaxingly forward. At some points there's urgency in the story but it doesn't feel urgent as you read. This is in some part due to the release schedule, any emotional impact has bled off by the time the next chapter drops. The slow pace does not make it a bad story however.

There's a solid central plot of a battleship-cum-human woman named Elcy who re-enlists and experiences the fleet again from the perspective of a meatbag but with most of her experiences as a battleship intact. This central dish is flavored by aliens, amnesia, fleet politics, and how Elcy deals with each in turn. There is a lot of mystery both regarding the side plots and the overall arc, as of time-of-writing the central plot is still uncertain and may not be revealed for many more chapters.

Grammar and general writing style are perfectly fine. Definitely not one of those stories on this website that read like they were run through bing translate a few dozen times.

Updated as of Ch. 40

  • Overall Score

Really enjoyable mix of exploration, world building and character development!

Keep up the good work!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Absolutely loving the story so far. It gives me occasional vibes of Heinlein's Starship Troopers with those occasional glimpses of humanity's interstellar conflicts and how society responds to them (overtly and covertly), and Iain M. Banks on the other hand, with various ships interacting with each other, following protocols (and not).

It both provides a compelling and plausble backdrop for the main character, whose quirkyness I've come to enjoy (though it seems to have become a bit more subdued lately?)