Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Secret Identity Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


The tragic death of his parents left Dante alone in this world were Cultivators capable of sundering the heavens and Gods capable of sealing an entire realm weren't just the stuff of legends...
The aunt which cared for him when everyone left him also died soon after due to an illness, leaving Dante to fend for himself.

His only hope was to cultivate and become a Dungeon Soldier and prove himself on the battlefield, his weakness had made him realize that revenge was still too far away for him.
However, fate was cruel to him as his cultivation was to never advance to the next realm due to his body's constitution. His condition didn't stop him, however, as he still persisted hoping to achieve a breakthrough under the pressure of life and death battles.

After thirteen years since the death of his parents, he is still nowhere near his goal. Will he give up on his vengeance and live a quiet mundane life or will he take his fate into his own hands?
Watch him as he embarks on a journey filled with legends, magic and ancient secrets!

The cover was made by my friend Angelo Palombella, check his Instagram if you like the art or in the case you want to make a request!



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