A note from Meng Jan

PR'ed by PBJ. 

In a far away universe, there were millions of creators in primordial universe battling a single man.

Full of wounds, the man looks at all the primordial creators that are staring at him with eyes full of greed.

"Hahaha, you lowly beings think that can kill me? Too naive, let me show why I got my title of *Resource God*.

Laughing, the man took 10 red crystals full of chaos energy from his storage ring.

All the the primordial beings begin to look at him with faces full of shock and fear.

While laughing hysterically, he says,  "Hey, what happened?  Don't tell me you're chickening out. These Chaos fire stones only form after billions of years. You Probably didn't I could obtain this much."

The Soul God responded with, "Resource God, that may be dangerous to some lower level Primodial Beings, but not to us, as we are on a higher level. Give up and hand it over". 

Sword God looking at the man with eye full of vigilance, continued,  "Resource God, we all don't want to offend you. We know you're rich with resources, way more than even the restrof us gathered here. I'm sure, we wouldn't even reach 1% of what you have.  We accept that you are the number one being in the uncountable universes.
But you should know that ring you have is the only thing that can make us primordial beings from breaking into the next realm."

Yes,  all of the primordial beings here didn't want to offend the God of Resource. All of them were only there for the ring that the legendary God of Resource got from the first being of the uncountable universes.

A random god said, "We just all want the information on how to break that realm!"

The Resource God coldly said,  "Though I'm the 2nd being in this uncountable universe. That guy is still countless timeststronger than me. Now that he ascended he only left this for me, and I can only use it once.
Tell me how could I even share these?"

All of the gathered primordial beings started looking around with hostility.

Another God with a cold voice said at the resource god "How can you sure about that ? Where is your evidence ? Just it hand over to us!" 

The Resource God coldly looked at them, readying the Fire Chaos Crystal for use. 

Snorting,  "Then I'll bring as many of you as I can with me!"

Tons of the beings retreated, some teleported,  and some braced for the impact of an explosion that could destroy a universe.

An explosion as big as the Big Bang released.

The body of the Resource God then got obliterated, while millions of primordial beings died.

During the explosion, the ring of the Resource God took a wisp of his soul, and tears a hole in space, teleporting it to an unknown cosmos.


From that same unknown cosmos

In a big imperial castle, a baby's cries resounds. 

And now the story of Meng Jan begins!

A note from Meng Jan

Phew, that was tough to PR. Well, tell me how it went!!


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Xazch @Xazch ago

wow meng jan? is he meng hao cousin from his mother?

trekshcool @trekshcool ago

Fix your grammar, the story has potential but its unreadable because of the terrible grammar.