Cosmos Traveller

by Meng Jan

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Martial Arts Strong Lead Wuxia

 Note: If you don't read Wuxia, Xianxia, Xuanhuan Novels. I don't recommend you to read this trash!

Fake Synopsis

OP-Ness? Nah, don't read this. Logic does not exist here and MC is way too OP.

MC here can fight 10 realms higher than him? I mean WTF. I advise you to stop reading this. I wonder why you are reading the description? 

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Meng Jan

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A story for Chinese novel enthusiasts

This story is a kinda feel good spoof of all chinese novels based around the grandmist cosmos.  Pretty much all cultivation systems will be found in this story and they will condensed into one person.  It's kinda hard to follow the story because of all the cultivation systems in place and the lack of any world building. 

I have read a majority of the chinese novels referenced in this story so it's not hard to follow along.  For anyone else that doesn't I wouldn't recommend reading this story.

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