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/Earth, year 2020, at the schoolgate of Fortune Highschool

Robert [email protected]

"Look how sunburnt the vampire is Carol!" Says a boy wearing an blue baseballcap."How right you are Tim, careful Robert or you will turn black as charcoal!" Says a girl with pigtails between her grins. You all are just jealous of my talent I think to myself. My current situration in school was the result of a rumor runing wild about me playing video games at home instead of going to school. The malious rumor was started by a classmate Carl.Carl was envious of my talent in the game Blood Gods so when I was sick with the flue, Carl took it upon himself to be a massive asshat. I walked faster when more students joined in pointing in my direction. I hid my red eyes with my sleves while i walked past the school gate. From there I kept running as fast as I could because I had to release the anger about to erupt out of my chest. I reached the citypark in no time, covered in sweat I gasped for breath. I was bitter and angry at the world for not regarding my talent highly. I was even ranked top 3 in the world however no matter the effort I put in, it was viewed as a pastime.I could not help wishing for a world fitting my talents as a game prodigy, I am wishing more than anything to live in the Blood Gods world. i felt guilty wanting to leave my closesets behind but I could not help having that wish everyday although it is ultimately pointless.*Ding* My train of thought was interupted by a SMS tone. I picked up my phone from my right pants pocket almost dropping it when I saw the message on the screen."Congratulations! I the mighty diety Hulkus has chosen you as a guinea pig. Out of boredom I will grant your wish ant. Entertain me with your dream of grandur or die! You think a world without danger is real? When your cuts the head of a foe, are you dreaming? When your life compainions betray you for the fortune your are wishing for, are you dreaming? When life leaves you slowly turning the ground red, are you dreaming? it is time to wake up Robert or you will sleep forever! I will send you through a wormhole in sixty seconds"."No wait I yelled, before I fell through a pitch black hole under my feet.


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Chronim @Chronim ago

He took 60 seconds to yell: ''No wait!''?! :p