5,000 years ago---Pandora Era(Alenhart town)

"We all have a good and bad side, Alvah. I'm wondering where've your stupid senses gone to," A woman with extremely long blonde hair, scowled. Her strapless and elegant dress flowed gently in the wind while pointing her small sword at the tall male figure.

The fire burned the whole castle down bit by bit as the starry sky shone dully.

"I would ask the same thing, Leona, but-" His pitch black eyes looked away from Leona's icy blue eyes and jumped backward on top of a rusted street pole. "I already know what side I'm on." 

Leona narrows her eyes at him while Alvah spins a tiny, golden orb on the tip of his middle finger. He smiled wickedly at the distressed woman. "We all knew 'Pandora' would be alive someday. Just admit it, Leona." He put the orb in his long, black jacket pocket and uncovers his mysterious face. But it was hard to see through the dense smoke. 

Suddenly, a girl with short brunette hair wearing a beautiful but a worn out pink frilly dress kicked Alvah with heavy impact in the stomach. Alvah and Leona's eyes widened in surprise as the golden orb flew out of his pocket. 

"Shit-!" He growled, landing on his feet at ease.

Right then, Leona dashes after the orb despite her lack of energy.

"Catch it!" The brunette' brown eyes stare at her sister, nervously. Leona runs and reaches out her hand, panting.

Everything else was in slow motion. No one knew what happened after that moment in history.

Lies that it was all fake?

Deceit with the rulers?

Love between the two?

Compromise between the Cornxida and Underworld kingdom?

No one knew. Or will ever know.


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FenixVictoria @FenixVictoria ago

I'm in love with your illustration cover page. !!! Well done.