This was bad.

This was really bad.

Aya glanced over at the two intruders that had entered her domain, the impertinently loud one with lavender hair and the quiet-but-still-not-acceptable one with caramel-brown hair. The original plan was to use the last day of her weekend to continue buttering up Hikaru, while sorting out her feelings, but now it seems that plan was just a faraway dream.

"AYA!" Fumiko pulled Aya away from Hikaru, leading her to her presents that were laid out on the ground of her bedroom. "Try out this dress I got for you, it's made with lambskin and the..."

Aya tuned out her voice, staring with a calm face, but clenched jaw, at the shiny black dress that Fumiko had pulled out from a shopping bag and was now beginning to give a lengthy speech about. Fumiko was yapping on and on, and Aya nodded repetitively, trying to form a plan to expel the two unwanted guests.

Maybe if I secretly tell Koji to distract them while I sneak away with Hikaru... No, no, that won't work. Fumiko will never give me an opportunity to talk to Koji alone. What if I pretend to be sick...? But I wouldn't have an excuse to keep Hikaru with me...

"...Aya? Aya, are you listening? Aya!"

Fumiko waved her hand in front of Aya's face, and Aya glanced up at her with a polite smile.

"Thank you so much, Fumiko." Aya said. "I'll tell Koji to pack up your presents in my room so I can try it on later. I've already got an outfit in mind for today."

"Oh..." Fumiko frowned disappointedly at Aya.

"Could you leave the room for a bit so that Hikaru and I can change?" Aya asked, then gave a rehearsed laugh, exactly as she had planned in her mind. "It's kind of embarrassing being in sleepwear."

Fumiko glanced down at the violet, skin-revealing gown that Aya was dressed in, then she glanced over at Hikaru who was cowering in the bed. Something about seeing Fumiko clutching tightly onto a fork and a knife and glaring at her as though she was a disgusting insect that had flown onto her meal, made Hikaru a bit fearful for her life.

"Are you changing with Hikaru?" Fumiko asked. "Why can't we be around when you guys change?"

"Oh no, we're not." Aya shook her head. "Hikaru's going to be changing in the bathroom, while I change here, so it would be nice if you two could wait outside for us." Aya then gave another laugh. "You know me. I'm really shy about these type of stuff."

Hikaru glanced over at Aya, her eyebrows raising involuntarily.

"That's right, we should let them change first, Fumiko." Sana said, walking over to Fumiko with an amiable smile but her hands clasped nervously in front of her. "Let's respect Aya's wishes..."


Fumiko was trying to think up of an excuse to stay in the room, but came up blank. She sighed, spinning on her heels to head out the bedroom with a reluctant "Fine."

Sana smiled weakly at Aya and Hikaru, before following her friend out the door.

The door closed, leaving Aya and Hikaru alone.

"Well, I'll be going to the bathroom then..." Hikaru said, making her exit from the shelters of the bed with Fumiko gone.

"I'll go with you." Aya smiled.


Hikaru was on all fours at the edge of the bed, having almost crawled out. She raised her head, staring at Aya with a puzzled look.

"...Didn't you say we would be changing separately...?"

"Oh, ah, that..." Aya said, then glanced around the room quickly, trying to come up with something. Her eyes caught the seemingly endless wardrobe closets lining up the side of the room and a bulb lit up in her head. "But I have some outfits I wanted you to try on! They don't fit me so I was planning to throw them away. It would be such a waste..."

Thankfully, her shopping habits were inane since money to her was like the copious amount of oxygen available on the planet. For the same reason that people don't try to control the amount of oxygen they breathe, Aya didn't worry about how much money she threw away on cute outfits that she flicked a second's glance at. She knew however that Hikaru didn't like wasting things, which she learnt from their dinner together last night where Hikaru repeatedly asked what would happen to the leftovers. Aya had to reassure Hikaru for some time that the food would be going to the servants, before Hikaru was able to relax again.

"Ah..." Hikaru said, thinking about it. "I guess that makes sense."

The naive child was constantly falling for Aya's traps like a hamster stuck inside a wheel.

"You're so sweet, Hikaru!" Aya said, then ran over to grab Hikaru's hand. "Let's go to the bathroom then!"

"H-hang on..." Hikaru's cheeks were red as Aya dragged her out of the bed and towards the bathroom. "I haven't brushed my teeth yet, and I need to use the toilet..."

"Oh, we can just do those things together too."


"Haha, just kidding." Aya released her hold of Hikaru's hand, allowing her to enter the bathroom alone. "Don't be too long, I'll be outside picking an outfit for you."

Hikaru nodded with a flustered face, as she walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She checked three times to make sure that the door was locked.

Then she sighed, and headed to the toilet to pee.

She sat down bashfully with a blushing face as she reflected over her interactions with Aya.

She acts kind of different with Fumiko and Sana than she does with me... Shouldn't she be closer to the two of them since she's known them longer...? But, Fumiko said that she never got to shower with Aya, and yet Aya insisted on showering with me... Argh, it's so confusing...

Finishing with her business, Hikaru went about the rest of her morning routine which consisted simply of brushing her teeth, splashing her face with water and combing down her messy bed hair. There was a spare toothbrush and comb that Aya had left in the bathroom for her to use.

With her hair now flattened against her scalp, Hikaru stared fixedly at the mirror, triple-checking to ensure that there was not another dried drool stain anywhere on her face. It was already embarrassing enough that Aya had to wipe it off for her.

Seeing none, Hikaru took a deep breath to prepare herself to face Aya again. She opened the door of the bathroom to see Aya mulling over two outfits that she had laid on the side of the bed. Aya glanced over at Hikaru, then picked up the two outfits, showing them to her as she walked over.

"Which one would you like?"


Hikaru glanced between the two outfits, trying to decide between the lesser of two evils.

One was a bright pink lolita dress that was frilly beyond belief; something that looked like it came straight of an anime convention. The other was a full legitimate gothic dress, corset and all included.

Well... if I'm going to look like an idiot, I might as well look like a happy idiot.

Hikaru pointed at the pink lolita dress.

"I thought that one would be better too." Aya said, glancing down at the dress that Hikaru chose. "You have good taste, Hikaru!"

"Haha..." Hikaru gave a meek laugh, then squeaked " I really have to wear that...?"

"What are you talking about?" Aya was already pulling Hikaru back into the bathroom, tossing the gothic attire onto the floor. "You're going to look so cute! Fumiko and Sana are going to be so jealous!"

Hikaru had almost forgotten about Fumiko until Aya mentioned her name. I can't wait to see the look on Fumiko's face when she sees me in this... Hikaru thought to herself unenthusiastically.

"What the fuck are you wearing?!"

Fumiko stared at Hikaru in disbelief, while Sana hid her face in her hand shamefully.

"Um..." Hikaru didn't really know either. She blushed, feeling Fumiko's judging eyes on her. "Aya picked this for me..."

"Doesn't she look so cute?!" Aya clasped her hands together, biting her lower lips. "Oh my god, it's actually better than I had imagined!"

"Er..." Fumiko's face changed upon hearing that it was Aya's idea. She forced a smile and pretended to be astounded. "Wow... you look so great, Hikaru... this is... this is definitely a very good choice, Aya..."

Hikaru glanced down at the frilly pink lolita dress she was wearing. It was extremely tight on her upper body, and hooped out at her waist in a cute fashion. The dress was also sleeveless, exposing both her arms. Hikaru was holding a bag containing her old clothes.

Then, she glanced over at Aya. She had thought that Aya would be wearing a similar thing, given how Aya had made her wear such a weird costume, but Aya was dressed in a normal outfit—well, normal for her anyways—consisting of a exorbitant-looking v-line dress.

"It's certainly... unique..." Sana said uncertainly.

"Well, I guess I'll be going home now then." Hikaru said, relieved that Fumiko and Sana was now done judging her outfit. She had promised her mum that she would come home quickly after the sleepover. Aya had also given the pink lolita dress to Hikaru, saying that she would throw it away if she didn't take it since it didn't fit Aya.

"Hikaru!" Aya grabbed onto Hikaru's shoulder just as she was about to turn and head home. "Can't you stay please... for a bit longer...?"

Hikaru stared into Aya's pleading puppy eyes and smiled weakly. She was a weakling for people asking her to do things.

"I guess I can stay for a bit..." Hikaru said.

"Thank you, Hikaru!" Aya said with a polite smile. It was taking every ounce of her self-control to not pounce on Hikaru and do terrible things to her. Gah! That costume is just so cutee~!! Now... Aya glanced over at Fumiko and Sana. How do I get rid of these two...?

"Let's go shopping, Aya!" Fumiko suggested cheerfully. Shopping was her favourite hobby. "There's a new shop opened at Ginza! I heard it's really nice!"

"We already went shopping yesterday." Aya replied, walking with Hikaru through the hallways to the grand hall. "I want to do something different."

"Maybe we can study together?" Sana suggested, as she and Fumiko followed Aya. "The school library is open."


Hikaru was reminded of her appalling result in the exam last week. Those were memories she preferred to keep buried.

"Hm... another time." Aya said.

They entered the grand hall, walking down the stairs.

"I know!" Aya said. "Let's go to Hikaru's house!"

"M-my house?!" Hikaru blurted out.

"Ah, I guess that would be interesting..." Fumiko said.

"Sounds like fun." Sana smiled.

"Why would you want to come to my house...?" Hikaru said. "It's not very nice. I live in an apartment. My mum is..."

But no one was listening.

"Fumiko and Sana," Aya said. "You guys take Fumiko's car. I'll go with Hikaru in my car so that you guys don't have to drive back to drop me off."

"Come on, Aya. It'll be fine." Fumiko waved a hand. She wanted to go with Aya. "Let's just go on my ride."

"No." Aya shook her head. "I also have to head somewhere afterwards, so it would be better if we take two cars."

Aya didn't have to go anywhere afterwards, but she just said that so Fumiko would give up.

Fumiko sighed, glancing over at Hikaru. Why is Aya always sticking with Hikaru? I'm so jealous!!

They left the giant door of Aya's mansion, now stepping down from the marble front stairs.

"We could also study at Hikaru's house." Sana suggested, though no one listened to her. She was always thinking about studying.

"Anyways, we'll meet you guys there. Tell your driver to follow my car." Aya said as she walked to her black limousine parked in the driveway.

"Yes, yes..." Fumiko sighed again, walking with Sana to her ivory-white limousine. "Make sure to wait for us..."

The doors to both limousine popped open automatically, and the two parties entered their respective vehicles.

Finally. I'm alone with Hikaru again!! Aya was grinning mischievously to herself, a low chuckle escaping her lips. "Kuku..."

Hikaru stared at Aya with confused eyes.

They sat inside the limousine, and Aya's driver, Thomas, glanced at Aya from the rear-view mirror.

"Where to, young mistress?" Thomas asked.

"Fifteen-twelve Chuo-ku." Aya replied instantly. She was gifted with a photographic memory and there was no way that she was going to forget where Hikaru lived.

Hikaru gave Aya a stunned stare, not knowing whether to be impressed or scared.

Thomas nodded, before raising the blinds separating the driver's seat and the passenger's seat.

The limousine started moving, and Hikaru glanced to the end of the vehicle to see Fumiko's car following behind.

"Aya, I—"

Hikaru was about to say something, when Aya jumped on top of her, pushing her down onto the seats.

"A-Aya, what are you..."

"Let's have a tickle fight!" Aya said, her face blushing madly. She had been holding back for so long ever since Hikaru put on that dress.

"A tickle fight?!" Hikaru was bewildered.

Aya's hand, however, was already fumbling playfully at the side of her waist.

"A-ah, stop, Aya!" Hikaru laughed, unable to control herself. She was easily ticklish as one could guess from her appearance. "T-that tickles, hahaha!"

Aya reached her other hand underneath Hikaru's dress, touching her inner thighs. She was using her other hand that was on Hikaru's waist to distract her.

Waah! She's so cuteee!! Aya was staring with a red face at the laughing Hikaru, who was squirming futilely, trying to get out of Aya's grasp. I really want to kiss her...

"T-that really tickles, hahaha!" Hikaru was gasping, tears welling up in her eyes from laughing so hard. "S-stop, hahaha!"

Slowly, Aya's hand was moving up Hikaru's inner thigh, still pretending to tickle her.

"Do you give up yet?" Aya breathed with a hot face.

"I..." Hikaru kept laughing.

Then without warning, Aya's hand went further up, touching somewhere sensitive. For a moment, Hikaru didn't notice where Aya's fingertips were touching. A strange, unfamiliar sensation fell over Hikaru and her face started feeling hot, her laughter gradually turning into uncontrolled moans.

"Ahh..." Hikaru let out a soft wail from her lips, her eyes tightly shut. She was breathing heavily and the sensation was starting to feel good...

Suddenly, she realised what was happening.

Hikaru shoved Aya away, her face red, and her mouth not working.

Aya fell back, sitting away from Hikaru.


There was an awkward silence in the air.

"Um..." Aya broke the silence, afraid to look at Hikaru's eyes. "...I'm sorry, Hikaru, I went too far..."

Hikaru glanced up at Aya, her face burning.

That... That was definitely...

"I'm really sorry..." Aya repeated, biting her lips, then whispered "...I couldn't help it..."

Wh-what should I say...? But, it's going to be so awkward... Ahh!! She definitely felt me up just then! There was no way it could be anything else, right? But... it doesn't make sense! Why would she do that... I-I don't know what the heck is going on! B-but I don't want to lose my friendship with Aya... Ahh!! I have to say something! She's waiting for me to say something!!

"It-It's okay..."

Hikaru stared down nervously at the seats. The cogs in her head were finally beginning to turn as she tried to piece together everything.

Does Aya have feelings for me...?!




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