The television was now off, and so were the lights. Hikaru was trying to sleep, while facing the other way from Aya, but her heart was still pounding after the 'joke' that Aya played on her.

Was it really a joke? Hikaru stared out of the bed, but could only see darkness and the faint outlines of objects around the room. Why would Aya ask me how do girls have sex?! Jeez... Now, it's really hard for me to sleep after hearing that...

Hikaru sighed, closing her eyes with burning cheeks. Is there really nothing going on...? I can't believe that Aya would want anything to do with me in a romantic way... it can't be possible, right...? Aya is so pretty and so feminine... even if she did like girls... she wouldn't choose me... Ek! Why am I thinking about these things!! There's no way that Aya even likes girls in the first place! I-I'm just imagining things...


Hikaru heard Aya's voice whispering from behind her. It was a soft whisper, the sort of whisper someone makes when you don't want to wake the other person up.

Hikaru decided to pretend to be asleep.

There was a moment of silence, until Hikaru heard shuffling behind her, and Aya's body edging closer.

Ek! She's actually coming closer! Hikaru squeezed her eyes shut tighter.

Another moment of silence, as the shuffling stopped, but Hikaru could now feel Aya's body right behind hers.


Then slowly, Hikaru felt Aya's hand going to the top of her waist, her fingers slipping underneath the shirt of her pajamas and Aya's fingertips against her skin.

Hikaru was breathing heavier, her face hot, but for some reason, unbeknownst to even herself, she decided to continue to pretend to be asleep.

Aya's fingertips glided to Hikaru's stomach, then Hikaru felt Aya's other hand, pushing underneath the side of her body that was against the bed. Aya's petite hand wrapped around Hikaru's soft body, caressing the space underneath her breasts, while her other hands was now at the bottom of Hikaru's stomach. Aya's face snuggled closer to the back of Hikaru's neck, breathing on the skin of her nape.

Hikaru grabbed onto the bed sheets, balling her hands up into fists as she gripped them. She was panting, her face hot and her mind hazy.

Aya raised her head up from the bed, glancing down at Hikaru. She saw that Hikaru's eyes were tightly squeezed shut, and that her hands were trembling, holding onto the bedsheets.

I... I can't do this to Hikaru... Aya thought to herself. She bit her bottom lips hard, trying to resist the urge to continue. She looks so scared...

With a silent sigh, Aya took her arms away from Hikaru, rolling back onto her side of the bed.

Wh-what... she moved away... Hikaru opened her eyes hesitantly, glancing sideways, trying to see Aya, but she couldn't see much without turning her head. Her heart was pounding so fast inside her chest. I thought she was going to keep going but I guess not... Hikaru breathed out, closing her eyes with a hot face. Why are sleepovers so weird...?

"Are you sure about this...?"

"Yes, yes! I'm sure Aya will be happy to see us! I need to thank her for last time too and give her a proper apology!"

"...But shouldn't we tell her we are coming over first...?"

"No, it's fine, Sana! We're her best friends! She will be more happy to see us if we surprise her like this!"


The morning sunlight shone into Fumiko's ivory-white limousine, as Sana sat, contemplating what Fumiko had suggested that the two of them do. Well, it wasn't really contemplation since she couldn't say no to Fumiko. It was moreso post-decision dissonance.

Sana raised a thin hand to her face, pushing the bridge of her steel-framed glasses up in front of her raven black eyes. Locks of caramel-brown hair fell past the side of her face.

She breathed a quiet sigh, glancing over at Fumiko who was sitting in front of her due to the layout of the limousine. They were facing each other on long chairs that stretched out on either sides of the vehicle, a glass of pomegranate juice sitting on a small table in front of Sana that came out from the side of her chair, and in front of Fumiko, on a similar-styled table, a glass of pinot noir.

"Aya's going to be so happy when she sees us!" Fumiko said excitedly, a veil of lavender hair flowed down the sides of her pretty face. "I'm glad we went shopping yesterday at Louis Vuitton to get her some stuff. Hopefully, she hasn't gotten the newest collection items that were just released."

Sana smiled weakly at her friend, remembering how Fumiko had dragged her out of her house saying that they needed to go shopping to buy gifts for Aya as an apology present. Fumiko had gotten carried away when they arrived at the store, almost purchasing everything on sight with her father's credit card, until Sana talked some sense into her.

She was happy that Aya had forgiven Fumiko, and that it appeared that the two were now talking again, but she was also wary of how suddenly Aya had started speaking to Fumiko again. Aya was ignoring Fumiko the whole day at school, and just randomly, she came back to the classroom at lunch and started talking to Fumiko as though nothing had happened.

To her, it just seemed strange...

The limousine was now entering the gates of Aya's mansion after the driver identified himself to the bodyguards standing on duty. It wasn't the first time that Fumiko and Sana was going over to Aya's house, so the guards recognised Fumiko's ivory-white limousine. Not to mention, the company logo of JMC, or Japan Mobile Communications, was visibly imprinted on the front of the limousine.

Entering the driveway of Aya's mansion, Sana peeked out of the window, staring in awe at the Japanese-styled front garden that decorated the place. She was always impressed by how beautiful Aya's mansion was, no matter how many times she visited Aya. Sana's own mansion wasn't too shabby either, given how wealthy her family was, but it obviously didn't match up to the Kuramoto household.

"Ahh, we're here!!" Fumiko squealed with excitement. She was also staring out the window in awe. "Aya's house is so pretty! I should tell my parents to do our front garden like this!"

"Yes, Aya's garden is very nice..." Sana said.

The limousine slowed down, eventually come to a stop as it arrived at the front of the mansion.

Impatiently, Fumiko pushed the door to the limousine open, stepping out to glance at her surroundings.

Sana followed after Fumiko, sticking shyly to her friend. She didn't like to visit a person without asking for permission first.

The door to the mansion opened, and out walked a man with an impeccable butler suit and gray hair.

"Ah, young lady Fumiko, and young lady Sana!"

It was Aya's head butler, Koji.

Sana smiled politely at him, waving a nervous hello.

"Hi, Koji!" Fumiko greeted, she then turned to her driver who had stepped out of the car. "Get me the stuff from the trunk."

The driver, an old man in a chauffeur uniform, walked to the trunk of the car, popping it open to reveal bags and bags of Louis Vuitton. He grabbed as much as he thought Fumiko could handle, then handed it over to Fumiko who was thrusting her hands out impatiently. There were still a lot more inside the trunk.

"It is certainly very good to see you two today on this fine morning." Koji said, glancing over at Fumiko to see what she was doing. "Are you here to see the young mistress, Aya?"

"Yes, yes..."

Fumiko was pretty strong from her volleyball training, but still she had trouble holding all the bags in her hands. Sana reached out, offering to help, but Fumiko shook her head profusely.

"Well, the young mistress is—"

"Listen, Koji. Get me and Sana some Ossetra caviar, some brioche and two glasses of sparkling pear punch." Fumiko pushed passed Koji, lugging the Louis Vuitton shopping bags at her side as she walked. "Oh, and make sure that the punch isn't too sweet. I'm trying to cut down on sugar."

Sana followed after Fumiko, smiling weakly at Koji as she passed.

"Young lady Fumiko, Aya is—"

"Don't put any extra butter on the brioche!" Fumiko yelled, walking through the doors of Aya's mansion. "I don't know who the hell did that last time! The brioche is already buttery enough on its own!"

Sana walked quickly behind Fumiko as she stormed through Aya's mansion like it was her own.


Fumiko called, ignoring the servants that were spread out around the mansion, giving confused looks at Fumiko.

Fumiko memorised the layout of Aya's mansion since she had been there quite often, and headed straight to Aya's bedroom.

"Aya!— oh, wait." Fumiko turned her head at Sana. "Let's be quiet, so we can surprise Aya!" Fumiko whispered, giving a cheeky grin.


Sana was already being very quiet.

Fumiko slowed down her pace, trying to make as little noise as possible, but it was hard to be quiet when she was holding twenty or so giant shopping bags.

They arrived at the doorstep of Aya's bedroom, and Fumiko placed her hand on the handle quietly, giving a sneaky chuckle to Sana.

"She's going to be so surprised!" Fumiko mouthed, unable to conceal her glee.

Sana nodded. She hoped that Fumiko was right.

Fumiko tried to push through the door hard, but was unable to budge it.

"Dammit, she locked the door." Fumiko grumbled, then placed down the shopping bags in one hand on the ground, reaching for her pocket. "Lucky I copied her bedroom key for a moment like like this..."

Sana opened her mouth, shocked and horrified. She wanted to protest, but she knew that Fumiko would just wave her off.

Fumiko pulled out a key from the pocket of her custom made Gucci jeans, unlocking the door to Aya's bedroom.

It was early in the morning, as Fumiko had planned, so that the two of them could surprise Aya.

Putting the key back in her pocket, and chuckling to Sana as she picked up the shopping bags. Fumiko whispered, "Ready?"

Sana nodded, although her face said no.

With that, Fumiko busted through the door to Aya's bedroom, screaming as she did.


Fumiko was half way between the door to Aya's bedroom, and Aya's bed, having jogged into the room, and was now staring with a gaping jaw at Aya and Hikaru who had jolted up from the bed due to Fumiko's loud entry. Sana was still standing at the doorway, watching the scene unfold. She was seriously considering walking away in the hopes that Aya had not noticed that she had came in with Fumiko.

One strap on Aya's gown had fallen off in her sleep, exposing her bare shoulder and the upper parts of her chest. Hikaru was staring bewilderedly at Fumiko, still half-asleep, thinking that she was in a nightmare.

"F-Fumiko?!" Aya pulled her strap up, quickly taking on her usual persona of elegance, albeit with a shaky voice. "Wh-what are you doing here...?" Then in a quieter voice to herself. "I could had sworn I locked the room..."

Fumiko dropped her shopping bags on the ground with a red face. "A-are you guys...?!"

"NO!" Hikaru yelled, realising that she wasn't in a nightmare and needed to do something. Her face was also red, as she pulled the shirt of her pajamas close together, so that it wouldn't show any skin. "We-we're just having a sleepover!"

"O-oh..." Fumiko said. "For a second, I thought you guys were..."

"Hello, Aya!" Sana said, trying to change the atmosphere and stop Fumiko from saying anything more stupid. She walked away from the doorway of the bedroom, and towards the place that Fumiko was standing. "Fumiko and I thought we would surprise you today! We didn't know you already had a guest over..."

"It's okay..." Aya said, still slightly in shock. "Me and Hikaru were just having a sleepover, that's all..."

"Sleepover..." Fumiko glanced between Aya and Hikaru. "So soon..." Her face said that she was jealous.

"A-anyways, Fumiko got you a bunch of presents!" Sana said. "She wanted to apologise for the other time..." Then she turned to Hikaru. "I-I'm really sorry too, Hikaru... I should had done something..." She winced, thinking about what had happened.

"It's okay..." Hikaru replied, then glanced over at the giant shopping bags that Fumiko had dropped onto the ground. There were more presents than she had ever received in her life, just looking at the number of shopping bags, though she didn't know it was also worth much more than the amount of money she had spent since her birth.

Fumiko glanced down at her bags, having momentarily forgotten what she was doing at Aya's house. Immediately, she bent down to her knees and started pulling items out of the bag.

"Th-that's right. I'm really sorry about last time, Aya! I went shopping yesterday with Sana and got you a bunch of stuff!" Fumiko said, then took out something that looked like a pink and gold scarf, before taking out more expensive-looking things. "This is a limited edition two-tone shawl that is a Spring special, this is an urban satchel bag that I thought would go very nicely with the red Chanel dress you always wear, this is a calfskin handbag that was just released yesterday, this is..."

"Okay, okay, that's fine." Aya interrupted her, knowing that Fumiko could spend the whole day talking about what she bought. "Thank you, Fumiko. You didn't have to do that."

"O-of course, I did!" Fumiko said in a genuine voice. "I really treasure our friendship a lot!"

"Anyways, the person you should be apologising to isn't me." Aya bounced herself out of her bed, but it was taking a while cause of how big it was. "You should be apologising to Hikaru."

"H-Hikaru..." Fumiko repeated, then glanced at Hikaru with an uncertain look.

"Anyways, I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Aya said, as she quickly headed off to the bathroom inside her room, locking the door behind her. She just really wanted to freshen up so that Hikaru wouldn't see her when she just woke up, although she looked perfect as always.

An awkward silence took place in Aya's absence as Fumiko and Sana glanced in Hikaru's direction, while she lied on the bed with a confused and disoriented look. Her black hair was sticking out of her scalp messily, having just woken up.

"Um..." Hikaru broke the silence. "You don't have to apologise... it's okay, Fumiko..."

Fumiko didn't really want to apologise to Hikaru anyway. "Oh, okay." She said non-chalantly, as she stood up, glancing around to avoid looking at Hikaru.

I can't believe that Aya invited Hikaru over to a sleepover and didn't invite me and Sana!! Fumiko thought to herself. Argh!! I'm so jealous!! I wanted to sleepover at Aya's place!! How come Hikaru gets to sleepover when she's barely known Aya for less than a week...?!

"We can't just not apologise." Sana laughed. "Seriously, we're so sorry about what happened." Sana glanced over at Fumiko, who was silently waiting for Aya's return. In an unsure voice, she said, "Fumiko is especially sorry, isn't that right...?"

"Yes, yes." Fumiko said, then walked over to the TV that was at the end of the bed, turning it on. "What's on the TV—"

A group of animated pigs appeared on the screen of the TV, holding hands and singing a song about the Japanese alphabet.

"What the fuck?"

Fumiko watched the pigs, startled, as they hugged one another, continuing to sing the song.

"Who watches these stuff...?"

Fumiko pressed a button on the TV, trying to change the channel.

Hikaru stayed silent, not wanting to be berated by Fumiko for her taste in television shows.

Not finding anything to her liking, Fumiko turned the TV off with a sigh, then turned to Hikaru.

Hikaru felt instantly nervous when Fumiko's playful brown eyes turned to her. This was the girl that had held Hikaru's arms together while ordering a guy that weighed twice as much to punch her in the stomach. She couldn't help but to feel slightly on the edge.

"Hey..." Fumiko plopped herself at the side of the bed, right next to Hikaru. "How did you and Aya become so close...?"

"Fumiko..." Sana said with an apprehensive look.

"Whaat?" Fumiko pouted at Sana. "I just want to know why Aya invited her to a sleepover. Don't you think that's weird?"


Fumiko turned back to Hikaru with a friendly smile, but in Hikaru's perspective, she might as well be holding a knife to Hikaru's throat.

"Tell me~!" Fumiko sang. "What did you do with Aya~?"

"Erm..." Hikaru glanced over at Sana, hoping that she would change the topic, but it didn't happen. "Well... we went shopping..."

Fumiko nodded, still smiling.

"Then, she asked me if I wanted to sleepover..."

Fumiko nodded again.

"And then I said yes... and then I went to her house and we showered together—"

"You WHAT?!"

The smile on Fumiko's face was wiped away, replaced by a stunned look.

"...showered together...?" Hikaru shrunk into the bed, holding the covers over her mouth. "...isn't that what you do at a sleepover...?"

Fumiko glanced over at Sana with a bewildered look, then back at Hikaru. "I-I never got to shower with Aya!" Fumiko exclaimed in an envious tone.

"Um..." Hikaru glanced over at Sana again.

Finally realising that Hikaru was secretly calling for help, Sana walked over, laughing in a weak voice as she grabbed onto Fumiko's shoulders.

"Fumiko..." Sana said. "You're being too close to Hikaru..."

Fumiko shrugged off Sana's hands.

"T-tell me more..." Fumiko said. There was no longer a smile on her face.

"Erm..." Hikaru glanced over at Sana again.

Sana didn't know what to do either.

At that moment, much to Hikaru's relief, there was a rapping at the door of the bedroom and Koji's voice could be heard.

"Young lady Fumiko, and young lady Sana. We have your requested breakfast ready for you."


Fumiko stared at Hikaru, thinking about whether to ignore Koji and continue interrogating Hikaru, or to eat her breakfast.

In the end, her hunger won.

"Come in..." Fumiko called as though this was her bedroom.

The door to the bedroom opened, revealing Koji and two servants behind him, pushing a food trolley. On top of the food trolley were two sterling silver plates, encased with a dome lid on each plate. There were also two glasses, the drinks that Fumiko had ordered.

Koji and his servants smiled warmly, as they set up the food on two moveable bed trays that were found inside the room. They pushed the bed trays in front of Fumiko and Sana, then Koji turned to Hikaru.

"What can I get for you, young lady Hikaru?" Koji said.

Something to defend myself from Fumiko. Hikaru wanted to say, but settled on toast with jam and a glass of milk as that was what she was accustomed to eating at home for breakfast.

Fumiko's eyebrows raised when Hikaru ordered her food, but Koji simply smiled and said, "As you wish." Then Koji turned around, disappearing with his two servants.

The door closed, and Hikaru watched as Fumiko stabbed at her food angrily as she ate.

"Why can't I shower with Aya?!" Fumiko grumbled between bites. "I asked her before and she told me no..."

"Maybe she will let you next time..." Sana said amiably. "Perhaps, she's had a change of heart..."

Hikaru shrunk away as Fumiko held onto her knife with a balled up fist, hitting the back of the handle against the bed tray repeatedly.

"It's not fair!" Fumiko said. "We're her best friends! And—"

The door to the bathroom opened, and a more freshened up Aya stepped outside, her perfect black hair tied up into a fashionable bun.

"Oh, you guys got food." Aya said, glancing down at the bed trays in front of Fumiko and Sana.

"You can have mine if you want!" Fumiko said. The angry look on her face had dissipated instantly with Aya's presence. It now seemed as though it wasn't possible for a frown to even exist on such a cordial face. "I'm not really hungry."

"It's okay." Aya waved away Fumiko's offer, then started walking up to the bed.

"Y-you should look at your presents!" Fumiko said. "I hand picked each one for you!"

"Later." Aya said.


"Hikaru..." Aya stopped in front of Hikaru, squinting down at her face. There was silence for a moment. "...You got dried drool on the side of your chin!"


Aya leaned into Hikaru to wipe Hikaru's chin, laughing hard as she did so. "You're so funny, Hikaru..."

Hikaru blushed as Aya wiped her chin, her fingers rubbing against her face. Then she glanced over at Fumiko.


Fumiko was glaring at Hikaru, her fork and knife shaking in her grip against the bed tray.



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