"...Being with a girl?"

Hikaru blinked at Aya. She didn't understand what Aya was talking about.

"Like... thoughts about... b-being romantic... with a girl...?"

Ack! What am I saying?! Aya was starting to get nervous staring into Hikaru's chestnut eyes, her heart pounding inside her chest.

"Um..." Hikaru stared at Aya blankly. "How do you be romantic with a girl...?"

"Like..." Aya glanced to her side, her warm breath coming out heavily. "Wanting to hug a girl... or kiss... or something...?" Her words got quieter at the end.

Hikaru shook her head slowly. "I... I've never had thoughts like that..."

"Ah, is that right?" Aya laughed, shaking her hands in front of her. "A-anyways, I was just joking! Please forget about it!"

"Oh, okay... I see!" Hikaru laughed too, seeing Aya laugh.

Ah, she's just so cute!! Aya stared at the laughing Hikaru with a blushing face. I'm sad that she doesn't have any feelings for me, but maybe it's better this way... I need to get my own feelings sorted out before doing anything crazy...

Little did she know, that she had already done a lot of crazy things, and was about to embark on a night where she would do even more crazy things.

Arriving at their destination, Hikaru stepped out of the limousine to see that she was in the driveway of a gigantic mansion with beautiful scenery surrounding her; blooming cherry blossoms, lush greenery, wooden bridges, a pond with a shishi-odoshi. The actual mansion was almost as big as Hikaru's entire apartment building, though not as tall, and was designed in a lavish modern outlook that reeked of wealth. Hikaru was stunned by the sight of Aya's 'house'.

Aya stepped out of the limousine after Hikaru, then glanced at the stunned Hikaru.

"Come on, let's go in."

Aya said, as she started walking ahead cheerfully. Hikaru's actually going to sleepover at my place tonight!! I'm so excited!!

Hikaru nodded, and started walking behind Aya. She felt like she was very out of place in her grey hoodie and pants.

Walking up the steps to the giant door of Aya's mansion, two bodyguards dressed in suits standing out at the front opened the door for them, smiling as they bowed their head.

"Welcome home, young mistress, Aya!"

They glanced at Hikaru, and smiled warmly. "Welcome young lady!"

Hikaru smiled uncertainly back at the bodyguards. Although, they were smiling warmly, they looked big and threatening, there was even what appeared to be a gun on the side of their waist. Following Aya inside the mansion, they arrived at a grand hall filled with butlers and maids lined up in a row, awaiting Aya's return. The grand hall was even more spectacular than the outside of the mansion, with giant crystal lights hanging at the ceiling, sending sparkling lights down at them.

"Welcome home, young mistress, Aya!"

The servants bowed their heads, as Aya walked past them nonchalantly.

"H-hello..." Hikaru didn't know how to act. She smiled as she walked past the servants, who returned her smile warmly.

"You have a very nice place, Aya..." Hikaru continued following Aya, staring around at everything in awe.

"Ah, thank you." Aya said. She didn't know that Hikaru was actually really shocked, she thought that Hikaru was just being polite. Aya only ever hanged around other rich people, so her sense of wealth was seriously skewed.

"Young mistress, Aya!"

A butler with gray hair and a more fancy uniform than the other servants approached the two of them, bowing. "Welcome home! How are you on this fine evening?"

"Ah, hello Koji. I'm very well, thank you." Aya said, then turned to Hikaru, indicating at her. "This is my friend from school, Hikaru."

Hikaru bowed back at the butler timidly. "I-it's nice to meet you, Koji."

"Ah, Hikaru. What a wonderful name. My name is Koji, I am the head butler here at the Kuramoto household." Koji said, bowing again to Hikaru, before turning to Aya. "Is there anything I can get you or your friend, young mistress, Aya?"

"No." Aya shook her head. "Try not to disturb us tonight, we're having a sleepover party!"

"Ah, a sleepover party." Koji laughed. "Very well then. I shall inform the rest of the servants to leave you and your guest in peace." He turned to Hikaru, smiling warmly. "Let me know if you ever need anything, young lady, Hikaru. It'll be a pleasure to serve you."

With another bow, Koji stepped away, walking into one of the many rooms in the grand hall.

"He seems very nice..." Hikaru said.

"Yes." Aya said. "Anyways, let's go up to my room!"

"Okay..." Hikaru nodded. She felt weird, seeing so many servants around the mansion. Inside Hikaru's apartment, there was only her mum and no one else. How does Aya live with so many people in her house? Hikaru thought to herself. I would feel so awkward!

Following Aya through the excessively luxurious hallways, Hikaru arrived at Aya's bedroom. Aya pushed open the intricately designed oak door, revealing an enormous room that matched the size of Hikaru's entire apartment.

"This is..." Hikaru walked into the room with Aya leading the way. She glanced around at the room. "This is really nice..."

Aya led Hikaru to the bed that was as big as everything else in the mansion. The bed had pillars at each corner, stretching upwards and silk curtains that could be used to cover the bed.

"And this is where we're going to sleep tonight!" Aya pointed at her bed that had been made into perfect condition since she left in the morning, with all the quilts rewashed. Yes!! Hikaru and me are going to sleep together! Aya was having ecchi thoughts running across her entire mind, staring at the bed while blushing wildly.

"Everything's so big..." Hikaru stared at the bed too, not seeing the expression on Aya's face. "You must be really rich, Aya..."

Even though Hikaru knew that Aya's family owned the Kuramoto Bank when Fumiko told her at school the other time, she didn't actually know that people could be that rich from owning a bank.

Aya wasn't listening, she was too busy thinking about all the things she could do to Hikaru at night.

"Anyways," Aya said. "Let's take a shower! You must be exhausted from being out the whole day!"

"S-shower?" Hikaru glanced outside at the sun that was still setting. "It's still kind of early, isn't it?"

"Yes, but then we can eat dinner afterwards and lie in the bed!" Aya said. "And cartoons!" She hastily added. Thank god, I checked Hikaru's phone that other time. Now that I know she really loves cartoons, I can keep tempting her with that!


Hikaru wasn't sure. For some reason, she was getting a feeling that Aya wanted to see her naked.

But that can't be possible, right?! Aya's a girl, and I'm a girl! Why on earth would she want to see me naked?! I-I'm just overthinking things... I shouldn't think such things about my friend...

Hikaru smiled at Aya, but her face said that she was embarrassed about taking a shower with another person. "Okay..."

"GREAT!" Aya pointed at a door inside her room, not believing her luck. "I have a bathroom inside my room, so we don't have to go out!"

Hikaru nodded shyly, then watched as Aya quickly headed to the door that they had entered from, locking the door and testing it several times to make sure it was actually locked. Then, Aya headed to the door where she said there was a bathroom, and opened it, showing Hikaru an expensive looking bathroom that was a dazzling white.

Aya clicked a button on the side of the bathroom, and the lights dimmed, turning into one of a dimly lit room, giving a romantic feel.

Then, Aya went to her wardrobe to take out two sets of clothing, which were presumably sleepwear. She also had some towels.

"Okay! Let's go in!" Aya was breathing heavily, her face red.

"Um..." Hikaru was too naive to know that there was anything wrong, but even she, had a faint feeling in the back of her head. "Okay..."

It's okay... There's nothing wrong... I'm just showering with a friend... I trust Aya... she helped me out so much at school... I can't keep doubting her intentions...

Hikaru walked into the bathroom with Aya. Hikaru had her eyes closed, her face flushed, as she tried to keep reminding herself to trust in Aya.

The door to the bathroom closed and Hikaru heard the door locking.

Ek! I'm kind of scared... I haven't showered with anyone since I was 6 when I used to shower with my mum... I don't know what I'm supposed to do... What if Aya thinks my body looks like a child...? She has a much better body than me... But she seems to just really want to see me naked... it was also kind of weird at the change room now that I think about it... oh no, I can't keep having these thoughts... I should trust my friend... I can't—

Hikaru felt someone trying to tug down at her pants, and Hikaru's eyes snapped open to see Aya holding onto the waistline of her pants.

"Ah!!!!!! I can do that myself!!" Hikaru said, quickly scuttling backwards from Aya.

"Oh... haha..." Aya laughed. "No problem..."

Hikaru sighed, turning away from Aya.

Then, slowly she started taking off her clothes, removing her pants, then her hoodie...

Hikaru was holding onto the bottom of her hoodie when she glanced back at Aya to see her standing there in the same position, staring at her.

"Um... what are you doing, Aya...?"

"O-oh, sorry!" Aya turned away from Hikaru. "I sometimes have these dizzy spells... you know... low blood pressure..."

But they said your blood pressure was fine! Hikaru thought.

Hikaru continued removing the rest of her clothing, until she was completely naked from head to toe. Hugging herself to hide her body, she turned around shyly to face Aya.

Aya was also completely naked, her long black hair tied up to a bun behind her head so that two streaks fell on either sides of her face. She had a perfect body, curves in all the right places, fit and tone from her Aikido training, and also her chest was perfectly sized; not too big and not too small.

Hikaru's face reddened, staring at Aya's chest. She has such nice breasts... meanwhile I have nothing... this is so embarrassing!!

Aya placed a hand to her face, trying to control her breathing. She couldn't stop her eyes from gawking at Hikaru's body. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, she's actually naked!!! Breathe, breathe, breathe!! Please don't faint!!

"W-we will shower first, before using the bathtub..."

Aya said, raising a shaky finger to point at the showers.

"Okay..." Hikaru quickly walked off, heading to the open shower that Aya had pointed at, so that she could rinse and scrub off.

She could feel Aya staring at her from behind her back.


After Hikaru was done, Aya did the same thing.

"Now, let's use the bathtub...!"

Aya indicated at a white bathtub inside the bathroom, adorned with gold. It was fitted onto the ground.

Nodding, Hikaru quickly walked to the bathtub, turning the water on. She just wanted to quickly get in the water so that Aya couldn't see her child-like body. She was really insecure about her chest.

The water filled the bathtub quickly and Hikaru hurriedly climbed down inside the water, hiding her body, but through the water, Aya could still see glimpses of Hikaru's naked body.

"Is there soap...?" Hikaru glanced around her, her face red. "We need some for the bath..." She just wanted soap so that there would be bubbles on the water to cover her body.

"Sure..." Aya was light-headed but she was doing her best to keep breathing, remembering breathing techniques she had learnt in Aikido. She grabbed a bath soap from the sink next to her and handed it to Hikaru.

Hikaru grabbed the soap, pouring it into the water and bubbles emerged as she flung her hands under the water to spread the soap. She placed the soap next to the bath.

Aya climbed into the bathtub dazily, then realised that her bathtub was so big, that they didn't have to be close to each other. For the first time in her life, Aya cursed the size of her bathroom. Damn it, why does everything have to be so big? Now it's harder for me to try to get closer to Hikaru!

T-thank god that the bathtub is actually quite big... Hikaru thought to herself. Now we don't have to be awkwardly close to each other...


There was a moment of silence for a while, with nothing but the sound of water swaying.

"H-hey, Hikaru..." Aya called out.

"Wh-what is it...?"

Aya started heading towards Hikaru in the bathtub, and Hikaru edged away cautiously.

"Is that a mole on your neck?" Aya asked.

"Um..." Hikaru glanced down at her neck, though her eyes couldn't really see that place. She knew that she a tiny flat mole on the side of her neck. "Yes..."

"Oh, that's so cute!!" Aya said. "L-let me see it...!"


Aya was really close to Hikaru now, her body slightly raised above water level, showing her perfect chest. Hikaru was neck deep in the water, afraid to go further up. Her black hair was floating on the water, because she didn't tie it up like Aya.

"I-it's just a mole, nothing special...!" Hikaru laughed, trying to avoid Aya but it was futile.

Aya reached out with her hands, grabbing onto Hikaru's shoulders to stop her from moving away.

Oh my god, her skin feels so soft!! Aya thought to herself, then started gliding her hands on Hikaru's shoulders gently, while staring intently at Hikaru's neck, pretending that she was interested in her mole, which she actually was, but she was more interested in Hikaru's body. Her shoulders feel so nice... I want to keep touching her...

"Did you always have that mole...?" Aya breathed in warm puffs.


Hikaru could feel Aya rubbing her shoulders. It felt sort of nice but wrong at the same time. Suddenly...

Ek!! What are you doing, Aya?!

Aya's hands were sliding away from her shoulders, her fingers gliding along Hikaru's soft skin. Down her arms, then slowly back up again.

"Y-your hands...!" Hikaru said.

"Ah!" Aya laughed with a red face. "I-I just want to tickle you! I-it's normal! This is what girls do at sleepovers!"


Hikaru had no idea if Aya was telling the truth or not. She knew that there would be differences between city girls and country girls but she didn't know the difference would be this big.

Aya's hands were now touching Hikaru's collarbone, then going downwards...

"Ack!" Hikaru's face turned a bright shade of red.

Aya was now touching her chest, her fingers feeling her up.

"Um, um, um!" Hikaru's mind was going into overdrive. She felt like she was about to faint. Hikaru wanted to push Aya off her, but she was scared of touching Aya's body. She had never touched a girl's naked body before, besides her own.

"You have a really nice chest!" Aya laughed, trying to play it off.

"I-I..." Hikaru was really dizzy.

Aya leaned in closer to Hikaru, still rubbing onto her chest. She pushed her leg up against Hikaru's leg, and her head leaned closer to Hikaru's neck.

Hikaru could feel a strand of hair from the side of Aya's head falling down on her shoulder.

"You have really nice skin..." Aya whispered, her breath tickling Hikaru's ear.

Hikaru couldn't concentrate anymore. Her eyes were spinning in circles.

Aya moved one hand down from Hikaru's breast, then her petite fingers slid playfully downwards, running against her stomach, and then...

"AH!!!!!" Hikaru screamed, pushing Aya away, as she frantically splashed her arms around the water, trying to get out of the bathtub.

Aya realised what she was doing, her face bright red.

"S-sorry, Hikaru! I-I was just teasing you!!"

Hikaru turned back to Aya, biting her bottom lips, her own face was also bright red. D-did Aya just try to feel me up?!

"W-we will get out of the bath now." Aya said. "L-let's go eat dinner!"

Hikaru sunk deeper into the water, feeling really embarrassed. Her face was halfway submerged, blowing bubbles in the water as she breathed. She raised her head up slightly.


I-I can't believe Aya just did that... Is that really normal...?! It didn't feel like she was just playing around... she was actually rubbing me like she enjoyed it... Ahh!! I don't know what's going on anymore!!

Hikaru stared at Aya's back, as Aya got out of the bathtub, drying herself with the towel she brought into the bathroom.

Was it a good idea agreeing to a sleepover at Aya's house...?


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