As day approaches a certain Silver Antlered Jackalope worries itself to pieces. Somewhat halfway through the night it returned with another group of adolescent rabbits only to be shocked out of its mind. Somehow a kit had ended up sleeping on the human’s lap. At double speed the Jackalope grabbed any other kits that were in the area and returned them. No need to have anymore nonsense happen. After that though there wasn’t anything it could do. Under orders not to reveal itself to the human all was able to do was to continue its work. Now with all the rabbits returned home except for a certain kit the Jackalope fidgeted. They had already known the human knew the adolescent rabbits were there. However the two sides had kept up the illusion of ignorance. No way to keep that up now. Not with a rabbit sitting on him. As dawn drew closer, the Jackalope had no other choice, then to give up. More important was to report this incident and so with one final glance back the Jackalope bounded off.

Jason continues his cultivation a little later than usual. Still though the rabbit was on his lap. The kit would not leave so after a few more minutes he opens his eyes. There it was, sitting on his lap. The kit was even looking up at him. A quick look around shows nothing except his one Energy Herb missing a few berries. Looking back down at the kit he asks out loud, “Well little fella, how in the world did you get here? You're too young to be out and about on your own.”

With little else to do Jason picks the rabbit up and puts it down to the side. Now unencumbered he packs up his camp. As he does this the kit munches on another berry off the same plant before it gets packed up. Shaking his head Jason once again asks the rabbit, “What am I to do with you? Not that you can understand me but still.”

Jason packed the last thing and looked around once more. Still no other rabbits around to take back the wayward kit. With a sigh, he decides to see what happens if he leaves. A glance at the kit shows it to have hopped up next to him. Then he dashes off into the distance. After Jason crosses a couple hills he turns back. The young rabbit is slowly hopping towards him. Minutes pass and still no other rabbits. Not hard of heart Jason only lasts so long before he heads back. With another sigh he picks up the tired kit and pets it. He then gets one of the leafed berries and fed it to the kit. This perks it up right away. Though not able to use the Energy it still helps.

“I guess you’re going to be following me? Tomorrow night there should be more rabbits for you to follow home.”, having said his piece Jason cradles the kit and jogs off with it. When he notices the kit is not surprised by the speed, he ramps up until he is traveling at his best sustainable speed. The kit is unfazed by this. Then again, last night a certain Jackalope had taken it for a much faster ride.

As the hours pass Jason is both pleased and disappointed. Pleased because nothing came to attack him while he was carrying the defenseless kit. Disappointed because it seems this close to the town the monsters stay farther in after a clear. On the other hand the rabbit is having a great time. Unlike last nights Jackalope ride today it is kept safe and warm. There is even another of those delicious berries for lunch.

Then night comes once again. Jason sets the kit down on the ground before once again setting his camp up. All the while the curious kit explores this new area. Finished with his chores Jason settles in to cultivate once again. Though before he can start the kit hops right into his lap again. A look down and a sigh is all Jason has to say. Internally he questions what he will do tomorrow if the kit is still there. He should get to town by the next night and he can’t take a wild animal in with him.

A now very cowed Jackalope is back once again. This time focusing on his job. Oh, the scolding he received. It had pinned his ears back right good. Still it would occasionally glance at a certain kit as it slept content on Jason’s lap. A few times the Jackalope even dared to quietly call out to the kit. Eventually though it can only give up. The Jackalope had brought the last few warrens over and dawn was near. Its orders were clear. If the kit stayed with the human overnight again finish early and report back. With a rabbity sigh the Jackalope goes off while it hopes to not receive another tongue lashing.

After the Jackalope has made its report a normal rabbit can be seen hopping towards Jason. At least it would seem normal if it wasn’t for how far it is moving. If what Jason does with his Desolate traversal is seen as shrinking ground then this rabbit is shrinking miles. With a final hop the rabbit is next to Jason and the kit. Then a strange event happens. For the first time since he arrived at the wasteland Jason falls asleep. On the other hand the kit wakes up with a jolt. The strange rabbit the proceeds to snoot boop the kit. This seems to daze it before once again it slips into slumber.

With a satisfied nod the strange rabbit heads off. Though she turns back one final time and syas, “Goodbye young one. You don’t come from a special background but life has thrown a great boon your way. That young man has accidentally connected your lives through bounds of karma and tomorrow you will complete it. I wish you luck and a happy life!”


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