Oneshot - Jack of all Trades: Magical, Mystical, and Miscellaneous Services

by wercwercwerc

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Short Story Magic Supernatural

Brought to you by the same author who wrote "The Snake Report." This is a short story of fantasy and comedy, inspired by the following writing prompt:

Your car changes slightly to accommodate your day, the day it snows, it magically has snow tires, the day it floods, it becomes a four by four. Today you walked out the door, and it's a tank.


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A little lacking in action but still great!

This OneShot has a lot of little details that I really enjoy.

Things like being a gracious winner in monopoly to the fact that there's a Cold War between magic artifacts in Jacks closet.

If werc ever wanted to expand on this story I would read it immediately.