From the Final World

by Acarnina

I have lived a long, long time. Longer than the universe knows; longer than any star has seen or traveling light records. My memories; that is all that is left that knows that length, and that which was seen within it. Then again, that is all that ever did. When I am gone, it will be forgotten, a truth and a history lost forever no matter who or what tries to find it. I think that is why I write this now. A record, or a lament, of the most significant being of all time. It is a prideful exaltation of endless triumph, or the dread condemnation of infinite evil. I don’t know which; I shall leave it for others to judge.

I could explain further, of course. I could list the sins that have been committed, the deeds that have been done. Yet for now, I believe this is enough. Her story will speak for itself. About the good, and evil, in the heart of a single girl burdened with more than her fair share. And how she reacted to it.

So, I will tell her story. Of gods and devils, mortals and monsters, of legends long forgotten and civilizations long turned to dust. And in the end, I hope she knows herself, whether it is salvation, or destruction, she should receive.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Awakening ago
Chapter 1: The Dark Beast ago
Chapter 2: Void Origins ago
Chapter 3: Shadow Negotiations ago
Chapter 4: The Great Desert ago
Chapter 5: Her Name ago
Chapter 6: Of Memories ago
Chapter 7: Cultivators ago
Chapter 8: Eight Paths ago
Chapter 9: Inconvenience ago
Chapter 10: Fate ago
Chapter 11: Twin Opposites ago
Chapter 12: Tidewalker Port ago
Chapter 13: Two Saviors ago
Chapter 14: Politics ago
Chapter 15: Strength ago
Chapter 16: Everyone's Human ago
Chapter 17: In Transit ago
Chapter 18: The Rose Kingdom ago
Chapter 19: Looming Crisis ago
Chapter 20: The Lives We Live ago
Chapter 21: I Don't Need Friends ago
Chapter 22: Investigation ago
Chapter 23: My Heart is My Own - 1 ago
Chapter 23: My Heart is My Own - 2 ago
Chapter 24: The Black Prince ago
Chapter 25: To Kill a King ago
Chapter 26: Flight or Flight ago
Chapter 27: My Last Gift ago
Chapter 28: ago
Chapter 29: War of Roses ago
Chapter 30: A Bit Like Me ago
Chapter 31: For This, You Have Created Me ago
Chapter 32: The Battle for Hel's Throne - 1 ago
Chapter 32: The Battle for Hel's Throne - 2 ago
Chapter 32: The Battle for Hel's Throne - 3 ago
Chapter 32: The Battle for Hel's Throne - 4 ago
Epilogue: Salvation ago
Afterword ago

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Interesting attempt that didn't quite work for me

As of chapter 33/Epilogue


The writing tries to be a bit more advanced than typically seen on RRL, which I appreciate, but particularily during dialogues it goes to far into a direction of somewhere along the lines of purple prose and overdone pathos.

It tries very hard to be dramatic, but apparently forgets that there's merit in simplicity, too. And too often seems to obscure dubious narrative arguments behind verbosity. 


Nothing much to complain about here. If there were more than very few errors, I didn't spot them (or forgot about it...).


It's a two-in-one story; one part "now" and one part "past". I'm not a huge fan of that, especially if those two strings of narration don't come together in the end in some sort of "revealing twists" - these here largely stay seperate (obviously one provides the background for the other, featuring the same main character, but that's not the same as being interwoven).

The heroine is OP, which I found was a bit of a problem for the "current" story. It didn't matter too much for the past arc, which I therefore actually liked better. 


The heroine is presumably meant to be some sort of very powerful, but nonetheless kind of tragic figure. Could have been interesting, but going back to style and the issue of overdone pathos I can't say she managed to convince me with her "arguments" as to why she's so "tragic". 

There's few other characters and most of them could have been plucked straight from the anime-stereotypes character-bin. There's some attempts to at least add depth to some of them, but I don't think it quite succeded. 


Has its moments, but unless you go with the heroine and suspend your disbelief the story just doesn't work very well. You'll also need to not mind OP protagonists.

Stands out a bit from the typical isekai/harem/yaddayadda stories on here, which is definitely praiseworthy, but didn't quite make the cut for me.


Left to be rewritten

I picked this story up in transit, wanting a quick read on the way back home from school. It's funny that I now find myself still awake at 2:40am (now 4:00am), writing a review for a book that kept me away from finishing notes for tomorrow's lectures. While I am not the best with words -and I'll probably be rambling like an idiot, it is 2:40am- I hope this review will be helpful for the author and new readers alike. No spoilers or nonsense, I'll write about what I thought of the story and nothing else. A good story deserves to be read, after all. Also author, if you're reading this, sorry, I'm writing this after reading the afterword, sue me undecided.


Not all novels are created equal. Some have your hero off on their quest ever upward doing god knows what for no reason other than for some adventure to exist. Others are just your rambling slice-of-life story on what the protagonist did that day. This one set itself apart from the others just with it's dense plot. I find myself wanting to read more, not just to drag myself through new chapters that get released, but because the story just makes sense. Other novels start out strong, then petering out as the story drags on, but this novel surprised me by how it kept it's dense meaning constant throughout the novel. There are no intermissions, no view shifts to meaningless characters, no down time during crucial sections. The vision of the story stays true till the end, which is commendable, and the highlight of this novel, really.


The author is a competent english writer, that's all there is to it. Now that's not an offhand comment or insult, it's just stating the obvious. The novel, and likewise author, demands an above average vocabulary from it's readers, made evident through the usage of uncommon words and phrases. The author is able to seamlessly transfer through different viewpoints and narratives. Tension is held nicely, and repetition is used to great effect. What can I say, a good writer is a good writer is a good writer.


Perfect, nothing is. No authors never makes any grammar mistakes, even with PRs and editors. Some errors slip through QC, and as long as it doesn't bar readers from understanding the story, that's that. Move on.


The best characters reflect their author's own thoughts and feelings (don't quote me on that). None of the characters in the novel exist just for the sake of existing. Each and every one of them -to me- has a purpose, whether if it's to progress the story, or to add another facet to another character. Characters, like real life people, have their own quirks, and those quirks are represented in the story very well. The secondary characters complimented the storytelling of the protagonist and that's really all that was needed of them. They did their job perfectly. The protagonist has her faults, yes, but that never bothered me. As long as her thoughts and approach on life were logical, that was fine by me. Too much coursing emotions? Not a problem. Stupid decisions made? Understandable. Honestly, considering all the stress and suffering she's been through in the past, I'm shocked that she isn't even more broken than how she is depicted. Then again, that just might be my liking for truly broken characterstongue-out.


It's a good story, a damn good one. I'm surprised that it has such a low viewcount, but that may be because of the horrendous font        -sorry?- on the cover page. Well, the cover page in general...

The novel is great across the board, and I have to say that it's one of the better novels on RRL. I have deep respect for the author for not being compelled to push updates. I, and probably other readers, would rather want releases in meaningful chunks every couple of months, rather than worthless chapters every week. And to be honest, I think that benefits the story as well. This novel is one that should be read through in one or two sittings. Any break in between would make the story lose efficacy. 

To the new readers that are hopefully reading this review, what are you doing? Go read this novel. It's got depth, character, and pizzazz, what more do you want from a story?

And to the author, just keep doing what you're doing. We wouldn't want this story to end the way it has, now would we? A good story deserves to be read, and you better do your darndest to keep it alive. Now, lets hope and see if this review helps.


A really good read, probably one of the best things I've ever read (and I read a lot). It'll give you healthy doses of seriousness, tears, giggles and a dash of Philosophy. And almost always follow the 'Show, not tell' rule. It astoundingly mixed Sci-fi, Magic and Xianxia. I also have lots of speculations about Arcane's secrets. I hope to be enlightened of these in Book 2(especially about what she is apparently looking for). 

The only problem I had with this was I realized this was a tragedy novel... though the tragedy part of Book 1 was milder than what I was expecting. It made me hesitate whether to continue this story or not, since I really don't like sad endings, those just feel... incomplete(to me, at least). The grammar was almost perfect, but I found some errors on it, some of the characters lacked depth, not that much but they need more depth. Arcane is blazing OP , but unlike the other stories out there, the author actually pulled this one off.


Some people said it's over "dramatic" sometimes and I agree BUT to only for those not relevant characters and stuff in the story like some useless background but its not consistent anyways, I don't mind if its consistent everyone had their style. Though please actually write about more on Arcane, or just simply Arcane. The other characters can come later or never but I guess that's not possible recounting for 2kkkkkk years is a no-no. I wish atleast I see Arcane and Fate closest appearance thou. Keep up the good work


An really amazing story. A story about an ancient being who has lived so long whe has faded from living memory. The grammar is excellent and the characters are interesting. 

I really liked how you merged technology into your story. One of the best scifi/magic/xianxia stories I've read.


Beautiful and logical story

At the start you'll think thatbit some cliched story about god and demon. But no it even beyond that about a being so powerful that even the word OP isn't enough to describe her but the story is done in such a beautiful way thtpat it's not boring at all. I really hope that the author will continue to write this story.


bretty gud 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Freud De Butler

Honestly, I didn't think I'll even like this story. I only found out about this while browsing the Yuri list. I'm not a very big fan of very OP characters in a weak world but this, this is on a different level. Her OPness is explored but not in a cliche and boring way, the story also doesn't revolve around her OPness and whatnot. It explores other characters as well. It also explores her inner turmoils and her past. And the ending. God the ending. It hurts but at the same time it doesn't. I don't know how to express this feeling.

I read this story 2 years ago and was to afraid to rate it(also because I don't have an account that time lmao). But not leaving a rating on such a good novels grates me so, here I am.

I don't know if the author plans to do a second volume or something but I'm waiting and always will be.