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Reincarnated into a dungeon core beneath an island after losing my memories. I don’t yet know what happened to me, why I am here and the likes. But one day I will find out and then I will settle on my next actions. For now, I just have to take care of my little crabs.


Warning: the 'Grimdark', 'Gore' and 'Traumatising content' are not there for show. They may not be fully relevant in the first chapters, but they are definitely there for a reason.


Schedule: when I feel like it (usually between Wednesday and Friday night).


This story is not a really serious work, I will use it to train my writing skills before going back to my other stories (Jezoi, and Vlaryne) that are currently on hold.

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Bob le Poisson Rouge

Bob le Poisson Rouge

Blub blub blub.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 01 - What am I? ago
Chapter 02 - I'm a dungeon! ago
Chapter 03 - Hatching some eggs. ago
Chapter 04 - Claiming frenzy. ago
Chapter 05 - A starry night. ago
Chapter 06 - The first step on creating monsters. ago
Chapter 07 - Playing with the bugs. ago
Chapter 08 - Growing plants. ago
Chapter 09 - I'm sharing the mountain?
Chapter 10 - It's my mountain! ago
Chapter 11 - Preparing some stuff. ago
Chapter 12 - Evolution. ago
Chapter 13 - Queens. ago
Chapter 14 - Island's invasion. ago
Chapter 15 - Running underground. ago
Chapter 16 - I'm a Goddess... ago
Chapter 17 - Pirates underground. ago
Chapter 18 - The end of the invasion. ago
Chapter 19 - The pirates' departure. ago
Chapter 20 - Lucia. ago
Chapter 21 - First steps in the maze. ago
Chapter 22 - First loot. ago
Chapter 23 - Safe room. ago
Chapter 24 - Conversation with a dungeon. ago
Chapter 25 - Discussion about childbirth. ago
Chapter 26 - Discussion with the first Citizen. ago
Chapter 27 - Helgyra. ago
Chapter 28 - Hot baths. ago
Chapter 29 - Stella. ago
Chapter 30 - A new building. ago
Chapter 31 - Grundy. ago
Chapter 32 - Dave. ago
Chapter 33 - Future monsters. ago
Chapter 34 - Laura. ago
Chapter 35 - Birth. ago
Chapter 36 - Clara. ago
Chapter 37 - Arrival of the procession. ago
Chapter 38 - Bertrand. ago
Chapter 39 - Smithy. ago
Chapter 40 - Batrel? Squibat? ago
Chapter 41 - Discussion with Laura. ago
Chapter 42 - The Voice. ago
Chapter 43 - Evaluating the situation a bit. ago
Bonus chapter 01 - The first Dungeon. ago
Bonus chapter 02 - The first dungeon divers. ago
Bonus chapter 03 - The first Pixy. ago
Chapter 44 - Sleepers. ago

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It is one of the best dungeon stories here. Most of them are same. But this feels differect. We can see how how dungeon develops, how he finds out about himself. 

I red a lot of novels here. And barely 10 stories are in my top that are interesting and unique. This is one of them.


Finally, the story of a dungeon core without LitRPG and interesting traumatising content. A big plus for not applying in the world any skills and levels, much more reflects reality.

+dungeon core does not pull things out of the magician's hat and most all raw materials must be obtained by yourself


I find myself enjoying this story more and more as the chapters go on. Even though English isn't the authors first language, he makes a really good show of describing the world and characters in more depth than alot of english authors I do read from. I love the way your world is constructed and your takes on the way a dungeon builds itself and its creatures up from scratch.

I look foward to your continued writing and can't wait for the next installment.


Reminds me of a novel where theirs cities of monsters in a labrinth.

This is pretty similar but it intrests me a lot so I hope the author continues working on it


Style: I don’t know much about style, so 4 stars for you *pat* *pat*

Story: We all know that dungeon stories are pretty common but this is one of the more unique ones

Grammar: This is where the story takes a bit of a hit but it doesn’t make the story unreadable and mistakes are fixed as soon as someone points it out

Characters are believable 

Conclusions: I like😄


The author seemes to have made a mission how spin the divine dungeon series into a grittier fantasy (cultivation?) series with Crab Rave being a major point for the story. Honestly its good. The story has drama and humor. And mean humans that hurt the precious cat girls. So I give it some stars, hopefully the author revisits it. 

Adam Adam

Vive la France et vive le donjon!


J'aime la qualité d'écriture et de l'histoire. Les personnages sont intéressants mais pas extraordinaires il semble normal avec un vécu des rêves et des peurs. Le donjon comprend assez bien les humains pour ne pas être dominé par leur émotion et assez pour comprendre leur train de penser que je me suis fait prendre conscience que pour la première fois je l'ai raconté une histoire ou un donjon vraiment compris entre un donjon utilisé leur faiblesse et leur amour pour la force, les richesses et tous les potentielle moyen de domination mentale pour les guider comme il le veut dans c'est tunel maudit 


Désolé c'etais plus fort que moi ...


So far only 35 chapters, I am enjoying the story so far. Looking forward to more and how the island and dungeon evolve as your story progresses. Keep up the good work and thanks for the read. One last thing I see 3 stars as average and 4 stars as above average,  I could see this story becoming 5 stars for me with time.


It's a good story, but my really only problem with this one is the writing style.


Fun and interesting as of chapter 14 looking forward to more