How to get lost: a wanderers guide

by reil-rhiil

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Most people have a really hard time getting lost.

They wander the same old haunts for years, never looking over that next hill.

Luckily, I have never once known where I am!

So come my intrepid friends, sit at my fire that I might teach you the wonders of wander.


(Cover courtesy of Not_A_Hat, writer of overgrowth)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 1 Day 1: The first trip ago
Day 1:The first steps a doozy ago
Day 2: Mistakes were made ago
Day 3: Is it possible to get even more lost? Answer: yes ago
Day 4: Look! in the sky it's... the heck is that? ago
Day 5: Hot to trot ago
Day 6: Introspection is hard ago
Day 7: Sharpen your knives ago
Day 8: You should always assume things can get worse ago
Day 9: I'm reflecting on it ago
Its natural ago
Beans, beans. ago
Mystery is mysterious ago
From the darkness... ago
Into the light. ago
Take off! ago
Focus. ago
Historical note: scout report of the forest fire ago
Dancing flames ago
A good hunt ago
At long last... ago
Choke ago
Historical note: Wanted poster ago
Regrets and rocks ago
Some things just won't burn ago
Kafizzle fruit ago
Hangover ago
Rain check ago
Fire rises ago
The long ears of friendship ago
Whistle while you walk ago
Historical note: Angus' Journal ago
We meet again ago
New things go pop ago
Diplomacy ago
Peaceful day ago
Civilization ago
Duel? Duel. ago
The Price of Peace ago
Priorities. ago
Stop it ago
A Smile ago
Historical note: Diary entries of Anders Gerdarn, Zygos of the dueling flats of the jeweled city. ago
Ninja pirate mountain ago
Iver ago
If at first you don't succeed... I suppose you'll fail won't you? ago
Maritime adventures begin ago
Lost to the waves ago
Rum and a song ago
Carnage is catharsis ago
Threats don't work on idiots ago
You've been busy ago
We got lost ago
The floating grave ago
Dream again ago
The Wave Waker ago
Growth ago
Boom ago
Against the world ago
Historical note: Myths of the Caged Sea by scribe Aryus Ezer ago
Rocket ship ago
Historical note: On Aether and Aethlings. By Stermantus Branck, Headmaster of the Wizardry Academy of the Magic Arts in Bleake ago
Wanderers wonderings. ago
Beach, please ago
Hidden eyes ago
The Witch in the woods ago
Asking for directions ago
The House of Dancing Wings ago
I saw a cat ago
Escape from mount boredom ago
Vomitiarrhea, it's a thing ago
What did the assassin say to the mark? Knife to meet you! ago
When will we wander ago
What was that! ago
Boiling waters ago
Up a tree ago
Oopsy-daisy ago
Historical note: Angus' Journal, The Papil Incident. ago
Writing in big bros book- by Lena ago
Shocking developments ago
Rage both enhances and diminishes ago
Super bird, and also a hat ago
A fall, a dip, a fight, and a feast ago
Way down we go ago
Shenanigans ago
The profit prophet ago
Perspective ago
Knock off ago
Kill it with fire ago
Planning is hard ago
Firestorm ago
Accidents happen, more often than I would like ago
Everflame Forest ago
Fun in the forest ago
The center ago
Historical note: Legends of Regale; Core the forewarned, the lost city of gold, the sage of fire. By traveling cynic Askor Wildens ago
Labyrinths are dumb ago
Getting to know one another ago
What is it good for ago
War comes in all the colors of the rainbow ago
Victory goes to the meanest ago
Nest of serpents ago
Clash of the brutes ago
Historical Note: Dancing in the woods, with Ranger Guyle WIles ago
Rainy day ago
Hide and seek, with knives ago
Lets go already! ago
On a scale of one to ten, how lost are you ago
Tension rises ago
The trouble with hats is they get a very high opinion of themselves, 'cause they are always on top ago
Mad Hat ago
Uninvited guests ago
Thunderbolt ago
Shit ago
Begin again ago
Seeking friendship ago
Manners are important ago
Rotguard island ago
Historical Note: The ballad of Remier Grace ago
Kindling, meet your match ago
Disappointment is disappointing ago
Delegation ago
Things really need to start happening soon ago
Move along, nothing to see here ago
Growing ago
News arrives ago
I got a bit carried away ago
A blank puzzle that is missing pieces ago
Here we go again ago
Release the beast ago
Lost and found ago
Ego ago
If I were an assassin, where would I be? ago
Calm waters ago
Not-nots return ago
Poisons and toxins for idiots ago
Jump scare ago
Mistress of the tides ago
The Adventures of Lena ago
Shhhh, be very quiet, we're going Emperor hunting ago
The fall of Fukai ago
A moment alone ago
Historical note: The Cause of the Crimson War, By Aldwell Threwt ago
Next on the menu ago
A play on the high seas ago
The Tower ago
How to make enemies and influence people ago
What is lost ago
Nothing like a lightning bolt to the back of the head ago
Lazy days ago
Over the lips, and past the gums ago
Harmless fun and games ago
The more things change, the more they stay the same ago
Take two of these, and call me in the morning ago
A think was thought ago

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This fiction has a randomly good start.

 Please continue this. I was scrolling through the fictions when I found this story with an odd title, so i began reading it on a whim, However soon i was hooked, from the randomness of the title and beginning of the story to the strange events that followed after, I genuinely want this story to continue as its very good so far.

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To anyone who's not yet read this novel, HURRY UP AND START! 

This one my favorite novels, I absolutely love the way the author writes and how he's built the characters.

And to the author, THANK YOU SO MUCH! for writing this story, I absolutely love it.

  • Overall Score
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This story has a certain charm that draws you in and makes you want to keep reading. With the help of a lot of humor and  fiery mayhem you get a great story of adventure and friendship that you don’t see a lot in most stories on RRL. 

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The content is unique as compared to the preset series you sometimes see on this site. Its a little bumpy but that fits with the style and theme. I love the chapters from other peoples perspectives as it provides another depth to the novel. The sporadic releases do make you cringe a little but its released often enough. 

norwegian man
  • Overall Score

fucking loved it. been looking for something like this for ages.

  • Overall Score

I actually found this through the random story generator, what luck!

It's an amazing, hilarious story, a few.typos and grammatical errors here and there, but they don't get in the way of the story, aren't too many anyway.

It's about a guy who's perpetually lost, story and world building is done in an offhanded way, usually mentioned only in passing. The mc is an amnesiac, so he can speak the language but he lacks alot of common sense, can't really properly relate alot of words.

The entire story is done from the perspective of his journal, so it can be a little jarring sometimes, like when something happens to him it can actually change how the chapter is written

Anyway thats it for my review, you should read it, it's awesome

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler
  • Overall Score

Im on chapter 39 and it seems that the main character will never get smarter. its annoying to read the ramblings of a mad man as he burns down the world.